• iamgadgetman

    For those who think I am getting paid for this…I’m not, nor do I work for
    any company affiliated with either system. Just my opinion folks. So I am
    not being persuaded. Thanks for watching.

  • iamgadgetman

    Hey guys, I’ve been reading all of the comments and I appreciate everyone’s
    feedback, both the good and the bad. I’m amazed by the response this video
    has generated. To reiterate, I did not modify the PS4 or XBOX ONE images
    to make one better than the other. Each system has their own strengths and
    weaknesses, it really comes down to the games, developers and franchises
    you are most interested in. If there are other comparison videos you would
    like for me to elaborate on, I would be happy to do more.

  • Karl Slicher

    Waste of time, move on.

  • Zack Fawley

    Yep.…. you really shouldn’t do a graphics comparison based on terriblly
    compressed youtube videos and then import them and upload to
    YouTube…compressing them again. Get a capture card…and a console or two

  • Jrod truthtwothree

    +iamgadgetman Great or should I say Perfect review Im going to get an Xbox
    One one and this is the same deal with the last systems on PS3 when I was
    playing Madden football it seem dull and washed out but when I got an Xbox
    360 its like the colors were more alive and they just poped off the screen
    the detail was slightly better on Microsoft Xbox 360 so thats what Im
    seeing here also thanks man once again.

  • d rexius

    I think the brightness and high contrast of xbox one gives you a certain
    adrenaline rush because its so beautiful

  • badboy51826

    ps4 ftw too much contrast takes away from the realism

  • iamgadgetman

    Hey all, just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and feedback. Of
    all the places I’ve been; forums, websites, other articles/videos, you guys
    have been the most civil commenters around (I appreciate it). We all bought
    the systems we wanted and that’s that. It’s hard to tell the difference
    with third party software, it’s the exclusives that will show the true
    power (strengths/weaknesses) of the systems. Time will tell. 

  • farrypro

    Ps4 is a little blurry Xbox one clear image better texture

  • iamgadgetman

    Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it.

  • Habs H

    To be honest no sense in comparing without raw footage with croped images
    download raw files here and you will see a huge difference

  • Adam Schmidt

    It’s directx vs open gl that i think we are seeing here. It was the same
    way with ps2 and xbox and ps3 vs 360. Ps always uses open gl to render.
    Almost always. Ima dx man. Ever since dx8 I have thought dx popped more in
    the detail department. Resolution is not everything. In some games on pc we
    used to be able to choose our render path and Dx has looked better than
    open gl since like 2002 or so I feel. This is why I went with xbox one
    first with this gen. Yea ps4 has more under the hood but they dont have the
    software ms does.

  • marco boij

    A friend came by with hes ps4 and we made a perfect try….yes xbox wins

  • Man Kasban

    PS4 adopted the “Softness” effect much like in movie making they adopted a
    less contrast approach for that movie-like effect.

  • TheClanKillers Clan

    no, mate you cant compare the ps4 tot he xbox 1. the ps4 is better anyways
    and 2. you need to have bothy consoles to decide for yourself really, my
    opinion was deffo ps4 but thousands of ppl have chose the Ps4 over xbox 1
    and the xbox 1 is a compleate mess! i mean look at it even the remote is
    fucked up. seriously guys , if you want to compare this vid is good but
    what im tryimng to say is no matter wht the graphics are like the ps4 would
    floor the xbox any day. 🙂 thx

  • zto101

    This debate is pointless, just shut it and play the damn game! I can’t
    believe we’re observing the minuscule pixels of video game frames. Is this
    what gamers have become? For crying out loud, go to a fckin art gallery! 

  • Guilherme A.Alves

    xbox one wins!

  • warzone lob

    ps4 has a more natural image while xbox u can see bwttet

  • MrAlien

    Xbox One > ps4

    (to any sony fanboys that means the microsoft xbox one is better than the
    sony (better stick to making tv’s) ps4)

  • Redridge07

    you contradict yourself to much

  • da green

    i would like to see side by side for ”FIFI14” n ”MADDEN25” from you
    because my brother-n-law has a ps4 and has not played it n about a week and
    he wishes he would have got a xbox1. hes on craigslist everyday trying to
    trade a ps4+ps-vita for xbox1 and cant

  • Pollo83Loco

    wow wow you guys need to check real proffesionals comparing games.
    Eurogamer.net has all comparisons and real gameplay footage of the games.
    Battle field 4 does look better and runs better on PS4. Not making this up
    go check it out by yourself.

  • Ricardo Barsanelli

    Nice iamgad…..

    But i thought you would use some photoshop features to count how many
    colors have each picture, more colors mean more details that information
    would show more tecnically the hardware differences i bet ps4 uses less to
    keep the game in 1080p, and by the way, more resolution with less colors
    and clear image is good for nothing… Just a marketing strategy.

  • Eric Schlegel

    Holy shit my dude you look like a white Dion Waiters

  • Luke Whyatt

    Urm basically the lighting