Xbox One Voice Commands

Using voice commands to instantly change channels, menus, and more on XBOX ONE. Watch the Xbox Reveal LIVE:…

  • TheGuigui2011


  • DCUOGamingFreak

    Hey guys, Xbox one fans please don’t believe this man. He is using a
    clicker in his pocket. Don’t believe me? 2 Reasons, 1, he keeps one hand in
    his pocket, 2, check out stonefoxmedia he will also tell you the truth. I
    was pissed off when I heard about it. But it’s true it wasn’t commands he
    was using a clicker.

  • Jacob Stringer

    got my xbox and half the Kinect shit does not work no voice commands work

  • Blake Rivers

    XboX your gimmicks are pathetic, unnecessary and don’t work properly.

  • Jonathan Garcia

    I bet one day somebody will say xbox on and it will blow up

  • Blake Rivers

    Too bad he only uses voice commands while his left hand is in his pocket.
    What BS.

  • James Burns

    Yeah, same problem as the guy below me.. Not recognising my voice

  • Paul Garcia

    Never owned an XBOX. But I’m sold on the new version coming out this month.
    Just need to sell it to you know who.

  • MasterNerf10


  • saint2sin

    after using the xbox one and being a fan of the 360 for many years, I can
    honestly say the XB1 system itself is a seriously solid console which plays
    and performs well from a gaming perspective…. but on a negative note,
    the voice commands are incredibly frustrating to use, having to repeat
    yourself endlessly in order to get the kinect to recognise your request is
    incredibly annoying and also using the hand gestures is equally
    unresponsive and frustrating…. this video and it’s presenter merely
    represents fancy gimmicks and you need to ask yourself as a consumer why
    you would pay more with microsoft for circus acts when sony provide a more
    genuine experience and more bang for your buck

  • TriZzy monkey

    He got his hand in his pocket EVERY time he does a voice command. that
    dosent look legit in my apinion

  • Tokubetsu Kogeki-tai

    “XBOX…..TURN ON PS4!!”

  • luffy435

    xbox shut the fuck up

  • 2primoslocoss

    xbox switch on ps4

  • Furious

    probably somebody switching it faster in the back when it releases it will
    not be that fast obviously…

  • TomW344

    Enjoy your vcr.

  • mbeamon11

    Now the kinect makes you the controller & remote? My remote works pretty
    good & just as fast.

  • masterpatricZeta3

    are you serious, how can a person can be such a fanatic and deny
    reality?voice command is a reality .lame fanboys either one xone or ps4,
    both systems are awesome,but Ps4 does not offer nothing like this,not even
    a camera, want a camera then it will cost 99 dollars and where is the
    difference in price?hahah fanboys are lame.never played any system but they
    talk like they know anything.

  • WhiteEmerald1991

    Will Xbox One listen to just the user’s voice? If not, i see a major
    problem. Like for instance, what if your sister wants to watch the tv…and
    you are playing your game? All she has to do is to “watch tv” and if you
    are playing, well that is bull shit. Also what if the characters in a game
    say something and your xbox will think it is a command? What if you
    accidentally say something like “mom, dad, can you please watch tv in your
    bedroom?” and your xbox will go to tv.

  • JLiRD808

    U must live under a rock to not know that there is a $100 difference in
    price now between PS4 and XB1. And I’ve heard that the PS4 camera (with mic
    and voice command integration) will be available for only around $60. Not
    that most users I know even care about sh*t like that and wont buy it LMFAO.

  • Ofentse Modiselle

    okay you jst lied and you knw it….. ey i with you thow im going ps4

  • gamelifeboss

    i didn’t see speilberg representing anything for the ps4. and xbox gets all
    exclusive content first. for a reason. psn has its good parts but
    apparently not good enough. live in denial all u like. sony’s time is over
    at the top. i like both is better. ps has alot of power and just
    like with ps3 thry will not use it. as a gamer i hope they do but i doubt

  • CaveManCobb

    Its not fact actually. That’s your uninformed opinion.

  • Kazzimoab

    …I’m excited because now I can act like Tony Stark when he plays with

  • Yog Sagath

    Fuck it I’m not getting a PC gaming computer.