XBOX One unboxing: UK first look and out of the box with XBOX One controller and XBOX One Kinect

XBOX One unboxing: UK first look and out of the box with XBOX One controller and XBOX One Kinect. We’ve (finally) got our hands-on the XBOX One! For more on …
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  • Gilbert Agius

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    That’s very good news.

  • ReanimatedShad0w

    How long is kinect wire?

  • deanfarnaby

    Does anybody know what is on that white sticker and why it is covered up with black sticky foam on all the other videos I’ve seen

  • Quinn Dang

    I can see your reflection on it. That means it’s not a matte finish.

  • projekt98

    No it doesn’t.

  • Wes Jerentosky

    they are! i think both consoles are respectable and powerful, but i do prefer sony right now because microsoft tried to screw gamers with the DRM policies! and the xbox one is too big for my storage area under my tv! Lol

  • Wes Jerentosky

    I’m still on my first controller and i game on my ps3 about 1-2 hours a day it last’s 4 days without needing to charge…. i don’t see you’re point btw i bought my ps3 in late 2008

  • Meha Dinosaur

    They changed that, if I remember correctly.

  • armando1is1great

    Controller still has batteries? Geez, guess they made a bundle selling battery packs seperately on the 360.

  • rob powell

    how can anyone go on record saying xbox one is shit, or ps4 is shit…. have you played them? Have they lived there full life-cycle of updates?… IMO both systems will be great for their own reasons

  • fireclaw2

    are you shitting me? I’m still on one and I got the ps3 when it first came out.I don’t know what your smoking but trying to make the whole AA battery thing look better than internal is just a task of a remedial fool. obviously you suck with controllers period

  • rob powell


  • fireclaw2

    that thing looks big as fuck! look at the ps4 unboxing and then this. xbox1 really is a cable box

  • Bahwhe99

    Xbox 1 sucks its needs to be connected to the Internet every 24 hours to run Ain’t nobody got time for dat

  • nick pierson

    xbox one will never ever beat ps4 not in controller not in gaming not in box not in this world ever ever will xbox so fuck you microsoft go sony

  • chgotbanned

    Can you fucking american consumers stop fighting about which console you like and don’t like Christ. You fucking fan boys are nothing but a bunch of whiny bitches I swear Lol

  • Joshcoshbagosh

    I know it was pretty annoying. all he could talk about was how big and heavy it was

  • Jack Dawson

    I’ve had the same controller since 2007. Still working now and I’ve used it extensively.

  • Kareem Berumen

    its looks like the first xbox it fucking big just like the first xbox its 2013 the ps4 is like 50% smaller then the xbox one
    you pay $500 for a box that hogs all the damn space in your living room while you can buy a box for $400 that 50% smaller and does the same thing

  • Josh Bailey

    I went through 6 controllers on the ps3 over the years not through them dying through raging at COD playing BF now so…

  • kamenrider megazord

    the xbox one is shit coming out from a buffalo