• ThatKid0_0

    I just picked up my xbox 360 and I have been playing dead rising and cod
    ghost for a long time

  • Ps4maniacs

    You chose xbox over Ps4????????????

  • Axel Carrasco

    You fucked your ps4 controller already dayum what a good men LOL

  • Jesus Garcia

    The xbox one costs $500 . $100 more than the ps4 because of the Kinnect

  • HardICoreIGoat

    hey hike, what is that red mic?, reply or pm me the name of it please?

  • Khennie Francois

    Xbox one gives you 2 weeks of xbox live gold if you scan the paper to your
    connect. playstaton does not have that paper

  • Chris Axel

    thank you for the awesome video

  • Lance terry


  • Yusuf Tizani

    Hike you have to buy a “charge and play” pack

  • DJ Johnson

    Is the green xbox one box the real one??? Cause i have the black box and it
    says day one 2013 on my remote please reply cause i m confused…

  • lazygamer johnson

    yolo we fucking know what your face looks like ha

  • Simon Salmonella

    Dude how did you even pay for dis?

  • GhostSilent21


  • Terry Salazar

    play forza 5

  • Josiah Sidle

    Hike me and you have the same PS3 controller :D

  • Daniel Svendsen

    i did have a ps3

  • XGN Gorem

    I choose xbox and ps4

  • Young Rocker

    may i have a shout out?

  • assault gunner

    Are you from Europe if you are I’m Albanian

  • Daniel Falkenthal-Smith

    Please can I have a shirt I am your best fan

  • jose mata

    Xbox one is better then ps4

  • Xavier Tau

    play forza

  • aF Clan

    please check our channel if you like mw3 we play mostly snd and there is a
    teamtage please also subscribe

  • tyler Dallas

    I thing I have seen young rocker

  • Joshua Raba

    So beautiful