Xbox One Unboxing for the awesome

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  • Melonie Mac

    I’m just sitting here loling at how many of the comments are from Kingdom
    Hearts fans who don’t know that KH3 is getting released on Xbox One. xD

  • Melonie Mac

    ZOMG I am on the front page of r/cringe! 😀 😀 😀 :D

  • FaZzy Games

    This is the most cringeworthy thing since the VGX

  • Deathwish026

    somebody deserves hate for being excited about getting an xbox one… is
    there more to this or is it just sony fanboys with a nappy rash ?

  • m3tr0id86

    I have three guesses for the many dislikes, either 1. They are fucking PS
    fan boys, which I for example play on either one whenever I want and don’t
    care whatever one I play on or 2. They are jealous of not getting one or 3.
    They apparently don’t like unboxing like this, which she makes a redundant
    looking thing kinda look like fun.

  • Trec93


  • castiland1000

    I think I’m in love.……………… With you not the Xbox 🙂 lol ur so
    goofy cute and u like gaming and anime ….. Sigh :/

  • Braven Blood

    Hey what’s up been along time Sence I have commented on here just dropping
    by to say hello and nice video 

  • ChiefSlayer101

    Love it, 10/10. Most derpy unboxing eva, subscribed.

  • marq185

    Please add me if its not too late but my gamer tag is marq485 awesome

  • Inferno Burns

    i got this i got this wuts behind ur back wait i kno dont tell me aaaa
    ummmmm a vcr no no the cia im so close i kno it an over size paper weight
    orr a ummmm $500 being set on fire ……………..i got it its all of

  • Rhio Pajaron

    i like because u have a battlefield 3.behind you….

  • GreenBulletProd

    How come no PS4 unboxing? You said no bias… :P

  • Frshmachine

    sounds like you drank a dozen energy drinks o.O

  • Joe Blow

    I can see that you need need gaming to help you exude all of that excess
    energy, +Melonie Mac. From a fellow gamer, screw the haters and continue on
    as exuberant as you are. 

  • stanley kubrick


  • Aaron C

    whats with all the dislikes?

  • Crazyagent

    Happy b day

  • Deseagle07

    Great unboxing and I think you are awesome!

  • Garrett Hicks

    Do you still work for razer

  • UltimatelyHeroic

    When are you gonna get the PS4

  • vovik ukr

    melonie has switched over to dark side we must go to war!

  • ethoxyethaan

    32 seconds.

  • Kevin Swish

    Why so many dislikes? I dont get it? Someone tell me please haha

  • Gameial Rankin

    She has the best unboxings. Lol