• DigitalBlawks

    This video did come out like a month before the system was actually
    released. Could be a Gates kid.

  • Keepskatin

    nice work kid

  • incognitoninja89

    is this kid actually bill gate’s son?

  • calebandkylerock

    Go PS4!!

  • Tauntcandy8

    Your not bill gates son boy, he has no kids, you could go to jail for this

  • Elizabeth

    LoL, Xbox One still has that gigantic power brick…

  • Daniel Robertson

    This is the xbox one eeeeeeeehhhhhhmmmm it has a controller and
    eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhmmmmmmm buttons.

  • maskedhood102

    You wish fan boy.. watch as Xbox will win slowly but way more better again
    this year the shit 4

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Bill gates has a son ? and your bill gates son ? 

  • Danial Davoodnia

    If your bill gates son then where is bill gates?!

  • OGhippieD

    ehhhhhhhh ehmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhh so fucking annoying 

  • Connor Forsdike

    The only word this kid knows is “ahhhhhhh”

  • Jason Zakrajsek

    He’s not Bill Gates’ son. Why would he have that accent?

  • Magsat Dixs

    This isn’t bill gates son

  • DeathBoxJPD


  • LAKEN Games

    i like xbox one but really microsoft when are you guys ganna upgrade from
    crappy made in china batteries to recharchable sheesh always so cheap

  • JordyYT

    ummm ummmmm EVERY 2 SECONDS 🙁 DISLIKED

  • Raymond Bartlett

    bill gates does not have a accent so if that was his son then he wont have
    a accent.

  • Soul Commander

    U like the shitbox none u n00b? U keep saying uh yeah thingy. Come on u r
    Bill Gate’s son. U should be ashamed

  • Frank V

    this fuckn idiot got the xbox one cool stupid mumbling 12 year old 

  • senseblend

    EHMMMM, Kewl.. EHMMMMMM.. The Xbox one..

  • Ezio da Firenze

    Really not a unboxing xD

  • Samili Younis

    You not Bill gates son 

  • Sam Gough

    Stupid fuck

  • alonzonoe97