• LordXaero

    A link to the item?

  • Mr.polarsquid

    What brand are they? I’m getting one and I’d like too know if it will be
    like this

  • Anthony Davis

    Does it have a cut out at the mic port? I would get these but I have to
    make sure I can use the skin with the mic

  • Tonys Channel

    I just ordered my red cover and can’t wait to put it on my controller 

  • cory kearney

    I just ordered one of these because when I play after a while my hands
    start to sweat and makes the controller slippery.

  • Levi Adcox

    The black looks the same as without it but I bat it still fills better

  • thatguy473

    Do they make these for 360?

  • TheBadAssNcrRanger

    Why does anyone want one of these? I’m curious about that because well the
    controller already has a good grip to it. Plus the buttons are harder to

  • Rekcut99

    do they make something like this for the 360 ???

  • Stereoshock Craft

    Is good but the ps4 are better because the y Will more games and is for
    pure gamer !

  • steven mullin

    I just ordered mine from Amazon 

  • HDxxVanz


  • Cesar Carnevale

    send to Brazil?

  • Leo Broadbent

    only some have day one on them

  • Monica Santos

    I’m a ps4 fan, don’t even know why I’m here.

  • Briana C

    I was thinking should I get a blue controller or should I just get this
    case also just to let you know this is a boy

  • Daniel H

    This blocks the IR blasters on the controller. 

  • William Yanez

    I got a white one

  • Vortex HD

    Cut out for the day one..?
    Who the fuck cares about this

  • ImmZoomy

    Lol and pure gamer? That’s why Xbox has always been leading in console for
    MLG and launch titles, come on. 

  • ImmZoomy

    +stereoshockcraft lol, ps4 launch titles are not very amusing to anybody
    which is why I choose Xbox over ps. Your not making any since kid either, I
    suggest getting better facts about both console’s game exclusives lol 

  • Birchall 117

    I’m gonna get one cause my hands get a bit sweaty when I play 

  • Neymar Jr

    I’m getting the red silicon cover

  • Neymar Jr


  • Alyyse

    The last time i heard someone get something Xbox One related off ebay, they
    paid $700 for a print out.