• Liamnerfdude1

    She’s so easy

  • streetfighter ken

    dawn thats gud skills

  • TheBhelmer08

    i’m already on 2500

  • Pandaspineapples

    Honestly, Lucia isn’t very good. The only time CPU mii players are hard are when they are in Superstar class. My mii, for example, is level 2500, (The max) so the people I play are actually hard.

  • paleface8

    nice 🙂

  • Aaron Nuske

    haha i love the hand rages when you lose a point… i did it too when i played lucia

    Watch my video aswell , youll love it =]

  • ultislasher1

    Ur missing out the fun, dood xD

  • dinoattacker234

    what happen

  • Adi Tohanean

    i want a wii!!

  • joshisthebestthompso

    WTF?! On table —–> 1:12

  • thebigall21


    Did you thought Lucia would win since she was the champion?

  • Paolo Aliermo

    I didnt know PITBULL play table tennis ….

  • rossmeroe

    really? Shes good at table tennis but rubbish at tennis? So wierd..

  • FootMen07

    Beated her yesterday! Wohoo!!

  • RustinHieber246

    Lucia is so easy

  • RustinHieber246

    Lucia is so easy

  • esmalls94

    I played this little bitch like 47 times and have not beaten her yet! Fuck you nintendo!

  • Ytremz

    No Spin. High Serve. Defensive Play. No chance.

  • darkrai2951

    whoever the hell designed lucia’s AI needs to realize that not all of us are professional asian ping pong players

  • MrHello2500

    how did you record this?

  • Perhaps

    press 5 and look…

  • TDWPfanZA

    how did you beat her? ive been trying for a year

  • TheRowanlol

    Well done this person!!!!!!!! I’m only on level 846 ;(

  • The A ok Player

    i hit the champion in the face

  • Alice Roberts

    thats not fair her skill level is 1500 for me lol