• Youcef Zaboub

    There should be another Wii Sports Resort but u can have the chance 2 play in 1st person

  • stewart hunt

    The cheat code

  • stewart hunt

    Please can u tell me what the cheat in!

  • Raymond Hou

    My name is Raymond dude.

  • karmen daniels

    that isn’t hard

  • Ryan45ty

    buy it at a store.

  • TheKirbyTeam1

    Xbox BETTER

  • legoluke2003

    You are beast at swordplay

  • ozman2001

    how to u get wii u resort?

  • 11MDProductions

    actually how do you be a player with a purple blade

  • 11MDProductions

    how do you fight someone with a purple blade

  • KALVIN2019

    your player dont have arms? ( 2:59 3:15 )

  • Ryan45ty

    wii is so fun, people dont like it because they have to move and they are to lazy to.

  • TJCoolzD

    If You Think That Matt Is Hard, Watch Some YouTube Videos of Raymond And Kevin, Barolb And KirbyCrossing. Then You’ll Get Used To Him.

  • andrew watkins

    he is hard to beat this time and i bet after you dethrone him in boxing he found a purple sword outside the boxing areana and traveled to wuhu island and gone undefeated since

  • ankit200ful

    i am on 1902 points its pretty annoying cause all they do is block

  • andrew watkins

    you can do it young grasshopper offense is the best defense what im saying is hold b the entire time wait for the opening and strike

  • andrew watkins

    thats all you got raymond can beat anyone with his special move the jackhammer

  • andrew watkins

    that is my special move the side swipers

  • pimpendude

    did you even watch the video?

  • pakkycs1

    I got to be a pro!

  • hasnen shakoor


  • hasnen shakoor

    Hey Cheatbob i used the cheat code and it worked

  • sumanimeup

    He was a champion

  • ikpakuwmoeder

    i faced him over 100 times now and it was ALWAYS…sunset,you’re not feeding me at all