• StickGuy100

    thanks a lot i now have that stamp. yes

  • EckoAP91

    @micillo07 Bitte

  • laughoutloudability

    @TheMrSuperrohan you beated all the levels did you?

  • luckiezz802

    woah awsum waves. i wuld be there surfing rite now.haha. newayz thnx i got
    the stamp.

  • Tyler Pope


  • william Tucker

    what country are you from

  • micillo07


  • Mariah Becker

    I got all 4, then went back to get the queen peach and missed it within the
    last millisecond! I popped it right as it said “finished” so, i don’t have
    the stamp.

  • EckoAP91

    @Bockadilla LOOOOOL

  • micillo07


  • iaro1996

    jaja, those waves were very strong

  • EckoAP91

    @mentalsquirrel it is german

  • EckoAP91

    @taylorONtheTUBE you always starts with five minutes.

  • htomsirveaux42

    I noticed the sword fighting platform is missing

  • Lightning Derp

    I Beated All The Levels In Power Crusing !

  • PrinceGale

    Thanks, I was only able to find three of those pink bastards on my own.

  • Taylor Mott

    How do you start out at 5 mins?

  • Cheesecake889

    Thanks, I really needed this!

  • borobengal

    And it makes you wonder why Nintendo still hasn’t released a new Wave Race

  • EckoAP91

    @Mrutubemagic1 germany

  • porgiblob

    i have waverace 64

  • Bockadilla

    I got the first two then wasted my time going all the way to the red gate
    bridge cause I thought there’d be one there for sure but it was closed up.

  • porgiblob

    Ich habe Wave Race 64

  • mentalsquirrel

    what language is this

  • TOOMtheRaccoon

    erinnert mich immer an waverace.. das spiel hat auch wahnsinnigen spaß
    gemacht 🙂