• stingrayjjc


  • gopitsbowler

    @xXiaolinXx dude how is this comment spam???

  • Havoc AM

    @Recster88 my high score is 165 🙁

  • gopitsbowler

    lol on the fifth frame

  • MKF30

    I beat the last one spin challenge on wii sports 1. This one looks much
    more difficult lol.

  • spongefreakman

    1st ball 5th frame: you chipped the first one then nailed the second one

  • billykins1245

    dood that character is more ugly than the miz!

  • MKF30

    Yeah dude, I can imagine lol. I want this game! 🙂

  • DuckTruck17

    hmmmm i dont even no how to spin properly :L

  • kuteKUPCAKElover010

    Your Mii’s face is cute!

  • pj1145

    tch so? lets see.

  • Trevor Davis

    y is everything jappenese????

  • perpy1234566789

    @billykins1245 so true

  • tmactiger

    ninth frame boards are really annoying

  • SonicBleach09

    It is harder! It is more like real bowling, all the movements, I was doing
    horribly lol!

  • spongefreakman

    WOW!!!!! that was a nice one on 4th frame

  • Henke Thorsson

    the last one are truly the hardest one O.O

  • gamersonica1

    Yes, I have it.

  • Recster88

    my high score on this is 208 i got the first 5 frames all strikes

  • koopatrev

    lol. i have lucia on my mii just to check out table tennis champion vs

  • Havoc AM

    3:35 : there i did a strike! but it was expert!!

  • pj1145


  • spongefreakman

    first 2 frames were both gutter on the pick up then came back at it with a

  • stingrayjjc

    My sister says your mii’s rubbish

  • pj1145

    Can we see you do this?