• cookiesdomain2

    I remember playing this little bitch, I could hardly get any sleep, I tried beating her like a million times and suddenly one day I tried and I beat her 6-2 xD

  • Joshua Fajardo

    do you get anything like a pro ball in bowling if you beat the champ

  • ryan fairhall

    ive got 2020tie

  • Jason Crawford

    I just beat her last night! 7-5! You shouda seen the victory dance I did

  • Joshua. CP

    i’m near to the rating to challenge the champion and once i defeat her i complete the stamp collection

  • mauiboyz333

    you make it seem easy

  • streetfighter ken

    practice makes perfect

  • Ben Davis

    try spin it properly next time

  • wanted151

    the worst part is when you’re trying to make defense and your mii is at the wrong side of the table and stays there.. :@

  • wanted151


  • aCo1231

    After 30 trys i beat her, the match i won was 6-4 😀 gz for beating her and btw ur playing nice 😛

  • hareth9hmoud

    me too i lost 6-4 

  • superdog895

    i lost 19-20

  • Justin75618

    i beat Lusie to 6-2

  • KiwiSoldiersED

    I’m stuggling beating her, any tips? :

  • Quilava42

    Lucia hits very fast and runs very fast, I almost beat her once!

  • iHaxerz

    (after 3 months of 0-6 losing) XD

  • iHaxerz

    i beat lucia 6-2 just today 8D

  • classingamer

    you are waiting at the right time to hit the ball but to slam faster hold the paddle fruther up ward

  • 8000Rock

    You can hear a little.

  • 8000Rock

    Don’t Matter if you can’t hear. It’s Still Nice!

  • Ben Robertson

    sound would be nice 😀