Why Men Cheat ? Number One Reason Why Men Cheat and What You Can Do To Make Them Stop

Think cheating is one of those things that happens to other women and that it can never happen in your marriage? If you never take the time to learn the number one reason why men cheat you run a serious risk that your husband will cheat on you. Keep reading to learn the number one reason why men cheat and what you can do to make them stop cheating on you.

Men will give you every reason in the book other than the real reason they cheat. Some men may not know the exact reason they are cheating but most men have a pretty good idea.

There’s a great comedienne named Debi Gutiarez who talks about how men’s emotions run deep and no matter how much women think you’d like them to open up, it’s really the last thing in the world you want. It’s true. You want your husband to be the strong silent type. You may want him to share his wishes for the future but you don’t want to know about the worries of his mind or what makes him sad.

You don’t want to unleash a tidal wave of emotion from your husband. You want that tidal wave of strength. Guess what? He wants to give it to you too. He wants to be strong for you. He wants your RESPECT.

He NEEDS your respect. Respect, or rather a perceived lack of respect, is the number one reason men cheat. If your husband believes you’ve lost respect for him or that you are trying to railroad over him (nag him for instance) then he is going to have a hard time finding strength and comfort in your marriage.

Now, this isn’t an overnight process. It generally takes years in a relationship for men to feel a decided lack of respect at home. But, once they feel the respect and admiration is gone from your eyes, then he will be ripe for the picking by another woman who offers him this thing he needs and craves in a relationship above and beyond all else.

How do you make him stop cheating? You show him the respect he’s been missing from you. Stop treating him as though he’s another child you have to pick up after and take care of. Let him feel like the man of the house again.

When you do this you’ll see what a huge difference it makes in your marriage. You can get your ex back and save your marriage in one fell swoop.


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