Why In The World Do Husbands Cheat On Their Wife?

Has your life partner ever cheated you by having an affair with someone else? And have you ever tried forgiving him for the same? How did you feel after forgiving him for his mistake? Were you happy? Or the feeling of you forgiving him started to kill you each second of your life?

The later happens because we have not forgiven our loved one completely. You can say on your lips that you have forgiven the mistake but true to your heart only you know that you consider this as an unforgettable and unforgivable situation and that you want to part with your life partner for this lifetime and end your relationship.

But I would say that you are wrong, under these circumstances is when you will have to give your whole heart to your bonding and further sweeten and nurture your married life and cut out the unwanted extra bonding and strengthen your present bonding and give new life to it.

When you forgive someone for their mistakes and the harm or pain given to you because of their actions, you tend to wash away the unhappy and unwanted emotions and clear your minds from all the evil done. If on the other hand we don’t do these cleanups, our mind will be filled with rubbish and it will ruin our happiness forever.

In order to achieve this cleanliness in our minds we have to be in the rightful health both by body and spirit so that we can convey the message to our loved one clearly and plainly. Only if this task is done can we really forgive our partner for his wrong doings.

If we have to forgive someone then we will have to stop thinking about the damage done already again and again. We have to try to stop mentally visualizing the sexual act performed between our spouse and some unwanted thorn which has crossed our path.

We might start thinking how the other person is better than us? Is there any fault with us? Was that sexual act enjoyable for them? And so on and so forth.

If we keep on pondering about the damage done, the damage is going to eat us up one fine day. So the best thing to do is, instead of worrying about something which has already happened and destroying our well being, we should start taking care of ourselves even more.

If we are confused within our insides, full of sorrow and anger and self pity because of the act of an unfaithful partner, we cannot forgive the person. The same applies with loving each other also.

Love and nourish yourself before you bestow your love and care on another. Make yourself aloof from unnecessary worries and pains. As rightly said in the bible, “Turn the other cheek” and let go of all the bitter feelings and emotions.

Letting your emotions control you will further aggravate you and will not let you to forgive. Only if you let go of these negative feelings will you be able to think positively and find ways of reestablishing your family bonding. It is easier said than done, we feel left alone, unnoticed, unwanted by someone we love with all our hearts and fell the pain of being deceived even more and immediately want a divorce to punish our spouse.

This feeling in the beginning is understandable, because of the deep cut and the hurt in our hearts, but mind you this might make you a victim of evil for someone else’s wrong doings which is unfair for us. So avoid doing it to yourself, divorce the unfaithfulness instead of your partner. Work with your partner to rebuild your marriage again and cherish the root with love and affection.

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