What Evidence to Look For on Your Cheating Husband

If you have been reading my previous articles you will already know when is the best time to begin looking for evidence on your cheating husband, and also where the best places are for you to search for this evidence. Now I am going to tell you what type of evidence you should begin looking for.

In general, you should start looking for anything that you think will be able to lend support to your suspicion of his cheating ways. However, in my years of experience I have found that most clues leading to your husband’s infidelity will fall into one of four categories; telephone information, paper information, gifts, clothing and hair.

Paper information is probably the easiest one to you to start with, as this can include the bills and other mail that you can easily obtain. This can also include photos, letters or love notes, and even those small scraps of paper that you find in his pockets or stuffed in his wallet. This can often be an easy way to catch your husband out in a lie, if he has told you that he is doing something very specific, such as going to a movie or bowling with his mates, then you should be able to find receipts to back up his statements.

You must be very thorough, and make sure that you look at every piece of paper you find no matter how big or small. The tiniest piece of paper might have the most important piece of information that you need, for example a phone number of a lover! Your cheating husband is also more likely to destroy larger pieces of evidence before the smaller ones.

The telephone bill can provide you with a huge amount of information. You need to make sure that you can note down any strange numbers on the bill, including the time, duration, and frequency of the phone calls. Your husband may have been foolish enough to call his new girlfriend from your own home phone! And so this could be an easy way to catch him out.

There are numerous websites out there that can provide you with all the information you require on the owner of any phone number. However, this is the one that I have used with the best results. Reverse Phone. All you need to do is enter the number into their database.
This is only a very small list of the types of evidence that you should look for. If you want to know more about how to gather evidence on your cheating husband then you must visit my website to get all the information you need to prove that your husband actually is cheating.