War Between Women and the Luxury

It is said that women are nature adorers of three things: they are jewelry, perfume and high-heel shoes. The Highest Gift of hot swimwear Are Launched, Get one Piece! Oh, if there is anything more, count handbags in. Actually these things have always been the darlings in the world of fashion. When lacking one of them is tolerable, lacking all of them is miserable. I’m really sorry for that. LV bags, Chanel No.5, Tiffany jewelry, you just name it. While not all the women can afford them, all the women want them and dream to possess them, at least one of them. So it seems to be justified to draw the conclusion that women have the luxury complex. No, no, no. You don’t need to be ashamed of it. It’s just natural and the fact of luxury admiration doesn’t necessarily mean you are a material girl. Although Madonna claimed in her second album Like a virgin, that money can’t buy happiness (she may have a point here); having enough green bucks on your bank account is no harm. Anyway, Madonna herself doesn’t have to bother about where her next meal would be. What she concerns is which brand bracelet she should wear, GUCCI or Tiffany? Then she just chose Tiffany. For the rest of us, we just stand by with green eyes. Also, no shame to admit it. And many girls secretly wish their husbands-to –be will present them a dazzling Tiffany ring on that big day. How to Reinstate sexy adult costumes

Women adore luxuries. Yet sometimes, it’s a feeling swaying between hatred and love. Yes, women are prone to be victims of luxuries. They sometimes can blind your eyes and cajole you into the pit of vanity. A case in point is the heroine in Maupassant’s classic novel, The Necklace. And recently when I saw the movie, Devil Wears Prada, again I was convinced that while the luxury might give women a sense of superiority and privilege, didn’t let them block in the way to your pursuit of true satisfaction. Surprise!! Hairdressers all Show Affection to sexy lingerie underwear

Maybe there is no fault in the luxury itself; we women just keep a sober mind when facing them. While a diamond ring can add luster to your marriage, remember your love is what really matters.