• abostef moe

    Please next time if u can get a better quality that would help alot
    Thank you for this very helpful tut.

  • toan06051

    thx man this helps

  • keroro772

    As of the new version of unity the terrain button has been moved it is now located in GameObject>Create Other>terrain hope that helps.

  • MrTechmech1

    I’m guessing you’re using 4.2, I’m not sure where it’s gone but searching for it on the box on the left brings it up, hope that helped.

  • Yerduso Hvalman

    Game object – create other – terrain

  • Skaterdude1091

    you people really need to learn more about unitys interface before you try things like the terrain tool

  • MrIndiemusic101

    is this the pro version of Unity? Cause mine doesnt have terrain in the drop-down menu

  • IkeyYT

    Any tips on designing larger maps? Like, how to manage it – etc.

    The map I’m currently working on is 4x larger than the default 2000×2000 – and I’m doing it with Unity’s native scale – 1 unit = 1 meter. That means I’m working with an 8km by 8km map – and its pretty difficult to even think where or how to begin.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • IrishBorderGaming

    Nice one mate 😀

  • Tungadri Mandal

    are u using pro?????

  • Tungadri Mandal

    i cant make the terrain like u did when i click on the terrain with the brush

  • cavestory123

    the terrain button isnt there, i am using free version

  • joe ulloth

    You made the game dickman ah lolollololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol Mann that was so funny

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    thx you helped me!!!!

  • DeathbringerDrago

    Plant one and wait on it to grow then use it in unity lo

  • Kevin Canuck

    my unity doesn’t come with that tree. What shall I do?

  • zura amirejibi

    this video is good

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    thx man u helped me a lot

  • ShadeZeeker

    I agree.

  • camjoziboy

    Slendetubbies makes me feel sick when I hear it

  • TheDrumOrchestra

    When you put the main person in the map rasie him higher

  • ComSquad

    i just fall through the terrain

  • ShadeZeeker

    slendytubbies sucks.

  • Sandragon

    It says “All compiler errors have to be fixed before you can enter playmode”