• ilovechickon lam

    i think ordering online, or maybe finding it in your computer, might also be in your toilet!

  • ilovechickon lam

    i have one~! but mine is white instead of black, ( not being racist, just specifying colors ). 🙂

  • AfterDeath85

    Can someone explain me how to add codes in this version of action reply?

  • superxxx60

    I got a question. Do the codes that you show in the video, are they already in the action replay?

  • PlaySchoolAttack

    How do yo get that cheats?

  • googa372

    how do you add codes to this. i have one and i want more codes

  • Thomas Clarke

    Imagine 100 dark stones then 100 level 50 zekzoms would appear

  • Thomas Clarke

    Super cool does it only work on ds

  • Dallas Faverus

    Will it works when you have internet

  • Dallas Faverus

    Is action replay that good how manifiqueand yes angelleata89 it come with that cheats already

  • Angelleata89

    did this action replay come with the cheats on it?

  • mjspud97

    thank dudette u should put same video on utube

  • scarletruby2002

    well I’m not sure i want to get a special action replay for ds sooo… i will just watch u

    but this is cool! get any pokemon u want to!!! lol ty dude ( ima girl just cuz ima girl doesn’t mean i can’t say dude >.<)

  • mjspud97

    Iam only doing this for something to do as mate its better than strolling the streets and like everyone else is doing taking drugs and drinking !!

  • mjspud97

    Iam fair from a nerd but thanks for your feedback mate!!

  • Nicolas Ticchi

    You talk like a nerd, i believe that you are chewing something but i believe that you are a nerd

  • Karla Aragon

    Pokèmon:blak,white,nero,bianco,negro,blanco,كهذه زعل نع,