Thief: PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison

Thief: PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison

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  • vitaaas96

    2:17 Look at the textures!

  • Mackenzie Cambell

    i hope no one mentions anything about the AA(anti aliasing) since 1080p has
    a higher pixel density then 900p the same aa setting wont look the same on
    either console

  • midnightshade32

    Look at the ground at around 2:12-2:14… the Ps4 has parallax occlusion
    mapping, which makes the bricks stand out in 3d, either that or it’s using
    Tessellation. XBone had none, its just a flat texture on the ground, and
    the walls are probably the same damn way. So 900p and less effects on the
    bone, and 1080p with more graphical niceties for the PS4… Why would
    anyone get a crappy bone from that crappy company, I wouldn’t even give it
    to my dog, and he loves bones! lol 

  • MhmedProductionz

    Ps4 for the win and why are people saying that the ps4 has frame rate
    issues for all its games lmao all the games ive played have had no frame
    rate issues butt hurt xbox fan boys :/

  • WetwotTV

    They look da same

  • Rai TheNoblesse

    I expcected the XO to run smother, but they run the same.. 2:39 the XO loads the textures wors of some box’s (under the
    “Hangman”..), at 2:24 the chimney smoke feels a bit more realistic the PS4
    (but very mior), at 2:49, the “Deep blue” colors feel better than on the XO
    Edit: at 0:22 the lighting of the gem is better on the PS4.., at 1:39 you
    have a leave effect more on the PS4… and between 2:35 and 2:45 it runs a
    small tick smoother on the PS4

    otherwise they look very idetical.. and the game is great if you love
    stealth games or the Thief franchise.. (it’s stealth plays better than
    Disnonored, and has more atmosphere, bettter level sturctures and more too
    loot than Disonoreod.. must play thief on Master with 0 alerts, stealth
    takedowns only, 0 Damage and no fokus…, at least…)

  • arcykaplanhehe

    next gen my ass -_-

  • Fps Wizard

    +Curtis Briley Well..Congrats man you just shown EVERYONE how big of a
    retard you are.I dont care which console is better or not.I am not a fanboy
    i just buy the one which fits me the most.Your stupid yt comment will not
    earn you money or make people buy ps4.So shut your fanboy mouth.And stop
    wasting your time by wrighting fucking paragraphs on youtube.Get a

  • Rich Homie Wolf

    Look at 2:13 why doesn’t XO have the bump mapping like ps4. Yet some people
    are saying xbox is better LMFAO

  • projectdarc

    Xbone version has better texture filtering 

  • ElCastigadorHD

    PS4 WIN

  • Tyler Bono

    2:18 xbox one wins for me.

  • GorganZillaTV

    you guys are dumb NES is obviously better! duh

  • cristi1990an

    No tessellation on the XO. The ground at 2:08. 

  • Mitchel Vander Poel

    There is a huge difference in 1080p and 900p. I’ve talked to professionals
    about the difference between the two and 1080p is Highest HD quality you
    can get.

  • Kinky Minky

    Pretty much the same, even though the xbox version has better texture

  • Razor The Psycho Killer

    to me they both look the same, They both have framerate issues and the same
    textures so I cant tell the difference

  • Justicizms Cobbs

    Great job, they look the same are I would be happy with either one of them.

  • MrSixshotsfired

    This is Mich better than igns comparison

  • tron daft

    Now whoever say PS4 is clearly better is a fucking fanboy.

  • MarineSldrX

    Has anyone seen the ign comparison vid? The xbox one version was darker and
    the ps4 was as light as this but how come this one was lighter?

  • DanZGaming

    pause at 2:48 more color on xbox

  • Kevin Caldwell

    I didn’t notice any real difference, except they both lag (I was actually
    surprised the PS4 lagged as much as it did), and the textures not loading
    on the PS4 for a very noticeable time.

    Hopefully the Xbox One will improve with the next devkit update, as it
    ensures the esram is actually used, and this will hopefully push the
    framerate up. Though I have to say over all, considering how much more
    powerful the PS4 is meant to be, and how it doesn’t have any more potential
    to be tapped, its not really looking much better than the lowly Xbox One…

  • J.Martinez

    same bs

  • BrbZrk

    2:17 ground stones, PS4 better