Theft cases up with the poor economy


Theft cases seem to be in the news more and more with the poor economy. Most recently, Democratic Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was charged with felony grand theft. The Castro Valley assemblywoman was allegedly caught on video surveillance stealing more than $ 2,000 worth of merchandise from San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus. The Assemblywoman has been in office since 2006 and she is also married to Judge Dennis Hayashi (Alameda Superior Court Judge).


The Assemblywoman was stopped by Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention on Tuesday after she left the store. She was carrying a shopping bag with three items worth more than $ 2,000 that did not have a receipt. The items were a black skirt, leather pants, and a white blouse.


The Assemblywoman is facing grand theft charges. The maximum exposure for these charges is three years of state prison. However, it is likely that she will not be facing the maximum because this crime is her first arrest.


Theft crimes are serious and can carry many years of prison depending on the number of priors that a defendant has, the cost of the items stolen, and the status of the defendant (whether he is on parol or probation…).


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