The US – A World Of Cheated and Betrayed People

The US has spent a long  hard 3 years. The avarage family are despoiled by the credit crisis playing. Bank failures and lies from Obama. This country is flooded in a world of corruption, lies, cheating and betrayal and it is broken down and it is impossible for the government to repair it. And the good people of the US must now recognize that their obligations are paying the bill, firther adding pressure.


While banks have been bailed out, and trillions have been spent on stimulus packages we have to ask what does the future hold for the US and the future world economy? The US went from one of the greatest entrepreneurial empires in the world to one of the biggest financial scams and biggest bailouts that the world has ever seen before


While some people say the crash of 2008 has recovered. We tend to think it is still half way through. The collapse of the US is here and continues. Interesting that it has hit some barriers along the way and appeared to have recovered. That is not the case at all. This crash and collapse will continue.


So if this was so bad, why didnt the the US government, banks, and congressmen warn that such an event would play out? If look at how things are run, top officials do not care about the future or future trends coming. All they do is look at the history, or what has gone past and deem that as important. The future to them is off limits, because it is bad for business. They don’t want to make people panic.


If you are big, and fail, you will get bailed out. That is not the American way. People are sick of paying and rewarding the companies that do the wrong thing. It is wrong morally and fundamentally also. Bailing out the big guys on wall st, while the little guy on the street is suffering. That is not how an economy and society should be run.


People are angry, tense and exhausted. They feel cheated and betrayed. That is why there are many people enraged and forced to do bad things. But can you blame them? This has been going on for too long. The capitalism system has been made up to rise and fall on your own merit. How long and how drastic will things have to become before people see the real truth?


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