The Star Of David As One Of The Most Common Jewelry In The World

Type the word “pendant” in Google and chances are, you’ll see either heart pendants or cross pendants topping the list. Scroll down, though, and you’ll catch a glimpse of numerous sites on the Star of David, which ranks third as the most popular search for the word “pendant” in search engines.

There is good reason why the Star of David is one of the most sought after jewelry in the world. Not only have Jewish men and women become more proud of their religion and tradition, even non-Jewish people have started to learn more about the strength, the power and the symbolism of the Star of David, most probably through the resurgence of the Kabbalah.

The Rise of the Star of David

This symbol is also called the Magen of David, or the Shield of David, and is composed of a six-pointed star, all sides and points of which have their own significant meaning. Going back through time, records show that in ancient Hebrew, the name David is made up of three letters: “Dalet,” “Vav” and “Dalet.” The Hebrews used to write the word Dalet in the symbol of a triangle. Two triangles put together formed a six-pointed star, which David used as his signature. Some historians say that the top triangle, which points upwards, is a symbol for man’s efforts to reach up toward G-d, while the lower triangle, grounds man to the real and the physical world. Some say that the two triangles also represent the opposing forces of good and evil, spiritual and physical, G-d and man.

This popular symbol, though isn’t only important in Jewish tradition, but in other religions as well. The Star of David was also associated with Christianity, since this six-pointed symbol was used to represent the birth of Jesus Christ. In the bible, it is written that the three Magi (wise men) followed a star to search for the newborn King. The Book of Revelations, also referred to Jesus as the “Morning Star.”

This unilateral symbol is also a good representation of Sacred Geometry, wherein sacred universal patterns, mathematical ratios, proportions and equations are seen in music, light, the cosmos and the universe. The mysticism and the power of the Star of David is also suggested strongly in the book, The Da Vinci Code, wherein the two triangles is said to represent the union of male (upper triangle) and female (lower triangle) energy and also as a representation for the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. In the book, the Star of David is said to be engraved on the floor of the sacred Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

The Star of David in Modern Times
Now, this sacred symbol has become very popular in Latin America, a predominantly Christian country, where people have started to realize and understand the magic and strength of this symbol.

Cosmic Jewelry artist, David Weitzman, has even relayed that his beautiful and exquisite creations of the Star of David, have enjoyed tremendous popularity in countries and regions such as France, Latin American and the U.S.

“People have realized that this symbol isn’t only important for Jews,” says Weitzman. “It actually encompasses all religion and race. Its mysticism stems from ancient times, even before the Star of David became one of the symbols for Judaism.”

One such piece of jewelry is Weitzman’s Star of David pendant for protection, which is set in silver. This well-designed pendant features a turquoise stone at the center of the six-pointed star, with a passage from Psalms 91 engraved on it. His silver Priestly Blessings Star pendant incorporates the Star of David with Moses’ Priestly Blessing to provide protection and spiritual abundance to the wearer.

Although most people think that the Star of David is solely a Jewish symbol, it is, in fact, a strong and powerful sign that encompasses all faiths, religions and races. The Star of David carries a universal meaning of the union of opposing forces, man and woman, as well as man’s eternal efforts to reach and connect with the Higher Being. It is a symbol that all of us can use and relate to.

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