The New Content Of Final Fantasy Xiv

Graphics and fiction are not so much new, which improved as compared to the proven rule used by Square Enix. In short, the job system based on tokens, both in FFXI as well as FFXIV, is so unique that it allows you to change character classes at any time during the game. It is true that every profession, you start from level 1, but thanks to keep the specific skills of his previous profession and practice effectively creates its own class.

In FFXIV is done by changing the weapons: a sword and you’re ekwipujesz gladiator, the arc – and you’re an archer. The more time waving his sword in battle, the better you become at it and with the next level you gain new skills. Similarly, if you prefer to use the crafting game, just grab a pick and get away a stone to beat. It seems simple, but in its entirety is quite complex system, and at eighteen professions available to multi-classing is fast becoming a habit, which is difficult to break.

That was the GOOD NEWS …
In this regard FFXIV success. Square Enix took the best features from previous titles of the series and it effectively improved. But you know what, it’s the same in the MMO FFXI. Functions were also used, by which I stopped playing the title character from the FF, such as jednooprzyciskowy combat system, sophisticated controls and frustrating interface.

It should be stressed however, that the combat system was much improved znaczym compared with that of FFXI, but the struggle is still consists of pressing the one button and bezsensowanego jump from side to side in anticipation of this until your character will attack. We also have traditional quests ‘kill X of objects Y’, which often require the escape through areas full of monsters, we could settle with a single blow. As for steering, you do not have full control over the form, even with the connected gamepad, and the menu navigation is like a little bit like slipping on ice.

As for me, I think that MMO FFXIV is incomplete. Hardware is demanding, expensive and not particularly sophisticated, but it is wonderful, fresh and innovative. I was hoping that Square Enix will use these 8 years, which separates two consecutive series FF titles, to improve the interface and control, unfortunately, disappointed. Instead, the studio opted for a solution straight from the console, and when next year comes FXIV version of the PS3, we’ll see whether it was the right decision. So far the game has no rivals when it comes to dazzling graphics and innovative gameplay. Unfortunately, this puts a shadow on the obvious lack of refinement of detail and lack of intuitiveness. If you think you can handle it, go ahead. The decision is yours. But if you watch every penny issued, then before you spend money, you may wait and see if you are even the announcement of change for the better?

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