The Godfather II PC Walkthrough Chapter 1 – One Night In Cuba

Hi, guys! It’s time to move on to the next game. This game is all about business, crime, family and violence. So, let’s get serious about this game. It’s tim…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • evilobelixable

    Wait you’v played the game and read the book but haven’t seen the movies…YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED TO SEE THOSE FILMS!

  • filon810

    thats because they tried to make dominic important in the story

  • ichkommeaus

    Playing Godfather 2 is like playing Godfather 1 but with graphics from the Sims 2/the Sims 3

  • ichkommeaus

    I think Godfather 1 game has a great combination of action and story. Godfather 2 lacks of story and more action oriented.

  • john laurinaitus

    Your character looks stupid as fuck y do u ppl make such stupid characters? ur guy doesnt even look like hes in the mafia. he looks like a gotdamned supervillian

  • spedo freerunner

    those grafics look crap

  • libindi1989

    Damn,those voice acting are so bad

  • CaseyDaBeaner

    Im sorry but, you must have a horrible graphics/video card bro

  • Paris Jones

    aldo trapani looks like vito from mafia 2

  • Balle McFittbög

    Didn’t Rocco Lampone kill Hyman Roth at the airport in the second film? Or no…

  • Balle McFittbög

    In the movie, he is declared dead after being an informal consigliere for a few years. He was then replaced by Tom Hagen once again. The capo’s after Clemenza were Rocco and Frank Pentangeli

  • Madara Zizo

    ja towe

  • Doofusinater


  • 23Dimon99

    обажаю эту игру

  • Manuel Seminario

    Yeah Pete Clemenze died laughing which caused the heart attack

  • Seth Baxter

    And actually, half of the movie is Vito Corleones origins, many good missions, why didnt EA thinked about first watching the movie, and then in the hole game we control all characters that do something not just one and ugly, like controling Rocco Lampone when killing Roth (In movie is more difficult) or maybe be young Vito Corleone while killing Don Panucci.

  • Seth Baxter

    The game is awesome, but it osmetimes doesnt accord to the movie, like: Rocco Lampone killed Hyman Roth, not Dominic, Al kills Fredo not Dominic and dont confuse, when Fredo prays its because he told Anthony (Michaels son) that whenhe prays, he catches a fish, he doesnt prays for his life.

  • videogamemagician11

    is this a game worth getting or shud i get mafia 2 or gta4

  • vxrock100

    This gqme rocks! Did u buy it?

  • vxrock100

    @dabuti350 when did aldo die?!!

  • thedarkwordofgom

    graphics are better on the 360 version.

  • thedarkwordofgom

    aldo is just a bit tanner.

  • thedarkwordofgom

    lol ikr? When i was playing Mafia 2, he reminded me of him.