• Teddy Parker

    This smithing method is less effective now because Bethesda fixed the XP
    gains of smithing items. It goes by value. The most ideal way is to run
    through Dwarven ruins and collect tons of their metal. Spam Dwarven bows.

  • Eli Digirolamo

    you can spam leather bracers also

  • Djordje Momcilovic

    First drink enchanting pot then make fortify alchemy armor then make
    enchanting pot then make alchemy and simiting crafting armor that gives 32%
    better not 29% (100 enchanting, alchemy and smithing needed) and make
    daedric armor its good looking and strongest also put for example burn and
    shock demage and on armor put one or two handed and heavy or light armor
    enchants to get best legit weapons and armor

  • None YoBusiness

    They patched the dagger shit, yet they still didn’t patch the skill potion
    If you do it for a really long time it will stack up for huge amounts.

  • Djordje Momcilovic

    And you must use grand soul in grand soul gem or black soul gems

  • William Koch

    I’ve seen the numbers stack up to over 100,000% when done for an obscene
    amount of time.

  • bob manly


  • hellsingalucard22

    Unfortunally they patch the smithing with the daggers, it still increases
    the smithing but just a little bit. For those that want to do it they need
    to delete the update

  • Martian Manhunter

    This guy knows his shit! Awesome video! I never paid much attention to the
    smithing and enchanting potions, gonna do that

  • DaKa AlIvE


  • Harley Summers

    this really does destroy the game, my friend got the game then watched this
    straight away, then he complained the game sucks and to eazy


    The Restoration Glitch wasn’t patched on the Ps3


    Sad I had 179619263 Armor Rating on just my helmet FYI I used the
    Restoration Glitch

  • xArobainx

    bro, 537 is the max protection, anything higher doesn’t count

  • xArobainx

    subscribed and liked

  • Daniel Gibbons

    I’ve seen 4 giants in one camp

  • qwertyabsurd

    The way he used the term exploits in this video does not fall under your
    generic definition. When someone says “exploits” within a video game, it’s
    akin to hacking or not playing the game it’s supposed to be played. In
    theory one shouldn’t be sitting there buying iron ore & power leveling
    their smithing, it should be something that increases over time because you
    craft often. Your opinion of what farming is also leaves out farming for
    levels which is neither an item or a source of income.

  • Michael Wright

    exploitation – the action of making use of and benefiting from resources.
    farming – to stay in one specific place in order to aquire more of a
    certain item or money

  • kylapso38

    *Master with Skyre

  • Calum Little

    only 9 tril? you must be on adept…

  • 4katapi

    i have made the best possible archer character, and i kill ebony warrior
    with 2/3/4 arrows, im serious! i am also killing a legendary dragon, with 2
    arrows, check the video in my channel if u dont believe me.

  • qwertyabsurd

    They’re not exploits, it’s called farming

  • Jeremy Jones

    Now that I’ve put hundreds of hours across many different characters I want
    to try this, but I’m sure I’d probably screw this up somehow.

  • AquaSkull13

    The thing I love about this video is it’s how to make the best non glitch
    gear it’s completely legit good job trendkill, sick of all the fortify
    restoration vids

  • David king

    Black sole gems are reusable I think