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Ps3 Console – Yeah Baby Yeah!

Okay so I have had a computer for 20 years (I am 26) and used to program my own games using GBASIC. I have played Nintendo since I was 8 so I would say I am a gamer, better at some games more than others. Over the years I have become less likely to spend two or three days on defeating a game and will maybe spend an hour or two. I haven’t had a PS for awhile but have continued to play. Even though I think we have come SOOO far with games there is so much further that we can go. With that said I LOVE MY PLAYSTATION!! I am currently playing Gran Tourismo Prologue (which I haven’t played since PS2) and I am still very excellent at the game.

The prologue is condensed so I am not sure whether or not you can sup up your cars. The racing experience changes with each fix you make but since it’s not available I had to buy a Ferrari (oh darn) to SEE what the different was between my Subaru WRX, Nissan, and Ferrari. You can definitely SEE the difference but you can also FEEL the difference. I literally FELT lighter in the Nissan and Ferrari then the Sub. Both the Sub and Nissan are 4WD so there is less resistance but the Nissan is lighter. But back to what I was saying, I FELT it. Not because of the vibrating control or ease of movement, maybe a combination of that and the amazing detail or perhaps a Jedi mind trick.

Whatever it was I nearly peed in excitement but remembered I was in a Ferrari :-). Other consoles have more games but PS3 Console will catch up. Also some other consoles are built to not last by overheating, that is there corporate brand business model and how their founder became so wealthy. If you don’t buy this you are setting yourself up for failure. Oh besides almost peeing because I got to experience a Ferrari, this console is a blue-ray player with wireless controls. Wasn’t expecting that when I bought it, it was a nice present for buying the console.

You can also use your PSP to connect remotely to your PS3 Console. How sic is that? My only regret is not getting the 250 GB. The only flaw is wired internet connections are too complicated to set up, stick with wireless if you can. ROCK ON PS3, MAY YOU RULE THE GAMING INDUSTRY!!

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