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Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons Can Improve Your Game Qucikly

Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole irons promise to help you improve your game without doing anything to your swing. Possible? Check out our review to find out.

Let’s face it: the average American male golfer’s handicap is 16; the average female handicap is 29. There are a lot of us who can use all the help our equipment can give us.

Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole irons join a growing industry trend to create a wide-sole, large-face, generously offset iron for the average golfer. The original Fusions were heralded as some of the most forgiving irons ever made. The Fusion Wide Soles took that forgiving design even further.

Tunite Sole Weighting
Heavy Tunite weighting in the sole of the clubhead dramatically lowers the CG to help get the ball in the air quickly and easily.

TPU SenSert Insert
The SenSert is composed of a chemically engineered thermoplastic urethane that decreases vibration and creates an incredibly solid feel.

Wide Sole Design
The wide sole design instills confidence and helps each iron in the set glide smoothly and easily through the turf to reduce clubhead digging on missed s
Design and Technology
The Callaway website says that the Fusion Wide Sole Irons “combine Fusion Technology – Callaway Golf’s innovative weight distribution technology – with an advanced multi-material design to create an oversized game-improvement iron. The result is an iron that plays longer and offers unmatched performance an playability.”

Looks and Setup
Callaway Fusion Wide Sole Irons  are big. You’ll notice the large topline, sole, and face are a clear departure from tradition iron design. You may never have seen a pitching wedge quite like this. Sitting being the ball they are definitely bulkier than your average irons. Their appearance took a little getting used to.

The irons are long from heel to toe which means the face has a lot of ball-striking real estate. The mid- and long-irons are definitely confidence inspiring as each iron, from the pitching wedge up, looks like a little hybrid. If you’ve ever stood over a blade-like 3-iron and started to tense up, these might be the irons for you.

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Internet Cheats Abound on the World Wide Web

One of the great things about the Internet is that it opens up an almost infinite number of new ways to make money from home. However, one of the downsides of the Internet is that it also opens up to a practically infinite number of scam artists looking to rip off people interested in money-making opportunities online.

Internet scams are no joke. They can be quite serious, sometimes costing people thousands of dollars before they realize they’ve been conned. It’s a natural tendency to judge those who have been victimized by scams on the Internet and think that they could have avoided it if they were a little smarter – but that’s not always the case. Internet scam artists can be quite tricky and convincing. Major scams are easier to fall for than you might think, especially if you’re not paying close attention.

Always be extra-cautious of any money-making opportunity online, just because of the possibility of a scam. Of course there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn profits online. You just have to be careful to weed out the scams from the real thing.

If any company asks for an up-front fee, be very careful. Sometimes this is necessary, but often it is a way to rip people off. Sometimes you will be gouged in “membership fees” or “subscription dues” that are completely unnecessary; that is another way that money scams often bilk people for their money. Also be careful when responding to any business opportunity that requires you to pay a lot of start up costs to get materials and so on.

These red flags don’t mean for sure that you’re seeing an online scam, but they should signal you to be very careful. Use extra caution when giving out your money for any purpose or to anyone.

And the bottom line is that if you have a gut feeling that something’s wrong, you should stay away.

Article was written by Jeffrey Frasco. For more information about avoiding online scams and how to earn online look at the makemoneyonlineforyou.com website.