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What’s the difference between Grand Theft and Petty Theft?

Beyond the fact that the law stipulates that stealing is illegal, a surprising number of citizens don’t know the applications and criteria of petty theft versus grand theft. Examining, comparing and contrasting the two will give a comprehensive understanding for anyone who needs clarification.

The following information is provided as a reference only, contact a Dallas Felony attorney where required.

Grand Theft

Grand theft is the unauthorized stealing of property of a certain value. The threshold dollar amount at which theft is classified as grand theft differs across state governments, as do the considerations of the various other circumstances surrounding the crime such as the use of force. Most people think of grand theft auto, or the stealing of a car, when they hear the term, but it can apply to anything at or above the threshold dollar amount. Often times there have been extenuating circumstances in which the plaintiff and defendant had a relationship or a prior agreement that went awry, or that a monetary value of the stolen property could not be determined. The general premise, however, remains the same: the word “grand” marks grand theft as more severe than petty theft, warranting felony charges and longer sentences.

Petty Theft

Petty theft is often dismissed as a lesser crime, simply because the items that are stolen are almost always of lesser value than with grand theft. There are a number of pretenses that accompany the charge of petty theft once it has been raised. First, as it is distinct from burglary, petty theft involves the unlawful stealing from an establishment when one is permitted to be there. This can be a retail store, house, or anywhere else. If forceful or otherwise unlawful entry onto the premises were an element of the crime, the charge would be burglary. Although it isn’t universal, a very common threshold for petty theft is any item or items amounting to $ 500 or less.

Similarities and Differences

Both instances involve the same premise: the unlawful stealing of an object or objects, with the obvious difference being the issue of monetary value. Both grand theft and petty theft are charges issued at the discretion of the presiding governing body, whether that be a judge, jury, or a combination. This means that individuals who committed petty theft while also committing another heinous, violent act may be charged for grand theft. Conversely, extenuating circumstances can allow for someone who committed grand theft to be charged with petty theft. Essentially, both charges are similar in their premises and the fact that they can be used flexibly, while different in their application and specified criteria.

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Nintendo don't want you to see this trailer – so whats the big secret?

Nintendo don't want you to see this trailer – so whats the big secret?
Destiny Crimson Days cheat exposed – Players are committing su… PS4 PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR leak may have just revealed … Star Wars Battlefront reveals bonuses for gamers and hints at … PS4 GTA V. Rockstar slashes the cost of GTA 5 as new …
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Catch a Cheating Spouse ? What’s the Fastest Way to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Believe it or not there are some ways to catch a cheating spouse that work faster than others. The thing is you want to not only catch your spouse in the act of cheating but you also want to do it in a way that is undeniable. You want there to be no room left for doubt and/or questions.

The fastest way to catch a cheating spouse is to follow your spouse and catch him or her in the act. One way to do this is with a GPS device that can be left in your spouse’s car, purse, or even briefcase. Follow the coordinates from the GPS and find your spouse and whomever he or she is with at the time. Just remember to stay out of sight and don’t play your hand until you have the proof you were looking for in hand.

Another quick method, though expensive, is to hire a private investigator. A good private investigator will get the goods quickly on your husband and whether or not he is cheating, who he is cheating with, how often he is cheating, and if it seems to be a series of one night stands or a long-term affair.

If you suspect an affair with a coworker, things get a little bit trickier. It’s more difficult to prove these types of affairs but one way to do this is to track cell phone usage. If you have joint cell phone accounts this is much easier to do as far as call logs are concerned. But you also have the option of purchasing cell phone software that allows you to “spy” on what your spouse is doing on his cell phone. There are different types of spy programs that will allow you to read all texts, track numbers dialed, and some even allow you to hear conversations.

Finally, if you suspect a “cyber romance” or even that your spouse is communicating via instant messages online or email, you can always use a key logging program on the computer your spouse is most likely to use. These programs only allow you to see one side of the conversations, the side that is types on the computer the program was installed on. It can however provide email passwords that enable you to get the full picture about what’s going on in email conversations.

The thing is, the fastest way to catch a cheating spouse is relative to the type of cheating that’s going on. For most people following will be the fastest way to catch a cheating spouse in the act but it can also be the most difficult to recover from. Fastest is not always best at a time like this no matter how good it sounds on paper.


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What’s Missing in College Football? Defense – 7 Games Generate 703 Points, 100+ Points Per Game

Copyright © 2010 Ed Bagley

You see it in college football games every Saturday – missed assignments, missed tackles, players throwing themselves at runners and hoping they will fall down. Guess what? The runners do not fall down so much anymore. They are bigger, much bigger, faster, stronger and more elusive.

So why don’t more college players square up and tackle runners? The answer is simple – too many of them are too slow or too forgetful in filling their gap assignment and/or they are scared to tackle.

The net result of all of this is what we saw last weekend. The 7 highest scoring games produced 703 total points, or an average of 100-plus points per game. This may be exciting, but it is lousy football.

So how bad can it get? This bad:

Michigan beat Illinois 67-65 in triple overtime (132 total points), Navy beat East Carolina 76-35 (111 points), Duke beat Virginia 55-48 (103), Kansas beat Colorado 52-45 (97), Tulsa beat Rice 64-27 (91), 3rd-ranked Auburn beat AA Chattanooga 62-24 (86), and 19th-ranked Oklahoma State beat 22nd-ranked Baylor 55-28 (83).

Haven’t had enough evidence? Try the next 8 highest scoring games. To wit:

No. 25 Nevada over Idaho 63-17 (80), Florida International over Louisiana-Monroe 42-35 in double overtime (77), Southern Mississippi over Tulane 46-30 (76), Troy over North Texas 41-35 (76), Arkansas State over Middle Tennessee State 51-24 (75), Fresno State over Louisiana Tech 40-34 (74), Central Florida over Houston 40-33 (73), and North Carolina upsetting 24th-ranked Florida State 37-35 (72).

That’s 15 games with total scores of 72-plus. Fifteen games that generated 1,306 points, or an average of 87-plus points per game.

So you saw a lot of offense, lousy defense, and not a lot good, solid football. Suspense? There was virtually none. It was just a matter of who had the ball moving down the field with little resistance.

Not to bore you, but to make a point:

The top 5 scoring offenses in the country are Oregon (54+ points per game), Boise State (47+), Oklahoma State (46+), Nevada (44+), and Stanford (42+).

The worst 5 scoring defenses in the country are Eastern Michigan (gives up 43+ points per game), Memphis (42+), New Mexico (42+), East Carolina (41+), and Louisiana-Lafayette (40+).

This is just a bit of a problem for a lousy team like the Eastern Michigan Eagles, who give up 43+ points per game and only score an average of 19+ points per game. No wonder they are only 1-8 on the season. They did manage to beat Ball State 41-38 in overtime.

All right Ed, give it a rest. OK.

Who has played the toughest schedule among the AP Top 25 teams? I am glad you asked. Read them and weep if you do not find your favorite team.

Arizona has played the toughest schedule; the Wildcats are ranked 12th nationally. Next is LSU (15th), then Stanford (16th), Missouri (18th), and Oklahoma (19th).

Who has played the worst schedule among the Top 25?

Try Central Florida at 95th, followed by Ohio State (87th), Nevada (86th), Virginia Tech (80th), and Utah (79th).

Wins do count, but it also helps to put it into perspective.

Oregon is 9-0 and has played the 36th toughest schedule. Auburn is 10-0 and ranks 40th in schedule strength. TCU is 10-0 and ranks 62nd. Boise State is 8-0 and ranks 72nd.

Since there are only 120 Division 1-A teams, both TCU and Boise State are piling up victories against the bottom half of the field (61st to 120th). Despite their protestations otherwise, both TCU and Boise State love playing in mid-major conferences, as does Utah.

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CV Wars What’s the Best Format to Display Your Media CV?

The lowly CV has progressed leaps and bounds over the last few years. What was once a straightforward sheet of A4 – a few if you were feeling flash – has now mutated into a dizzying range of media formats. If you’re applying to media jobs, it stands to reason that you may want to present your CV using a format that is in keeping with the industry you want to enter into. So, if you’re aiming for a digital media job, you might wish to show your CV digitally via an online hosting website. Similarly, if you’re applying for a job in TV or film, you could create a video resumé. After all, showing what a natural you are in front of the camera won’t do your employment prospects any harm. Even if you do have the gravitas of a news reader and the public speaking skill of a president, that’s not to say you should just record your CV straight away. It needs to be carefully thought out.

When applying for jobs – in particular in new media – the temptation is to display just how at ease you are with technology. There’s nothing incorrect with that, but don’t let the point get lost in the medium: if you’re truly the wonderful applicant, with the most appropriate skills and experience, you could probably scribble your CV on the back of a matchbox and still get hired. On the other hand, even the most polished digital CV will not survive examination if there’s nothing on it worth examining.

Another ground-breaking take on the traditional curriculum vitae is The Social CV. This web portal aggregates data from your various social media accounts into a single webpage, enabling potential employers to collect a measure of you at a glance. The difficulty with this, of course, is that people are used to to blurting out the sort of status updates and tweets that they would never dare mention in work. The Social CV is a new innovative concept, but one that may come back to bite you.

While video CVs, digital CVs and social media aggregators can get you so far, it’s what you say – not how you say it – that will eventually decide if you are successful and obtain that special media job. In spite of technological innovations, the CV, in paper form, is still going strong and is quite popular. If in doubt as to the value of a new format to display your CV, you could just take the safe option and stick with what you know.

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What’s Up With Call Of Duty Black Ops For Xbox?

cod black ops- The game COD Black Ops for xBox360 is one of the most played games of 2010. It’s a follow up to the 2009 blockbuster game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It’s a first person shooter with both stealth and tactical play aspects which puts the player right in the role of a shadow soldier who is fighting in a large amount of historically represented but fictional Black Ops missions set during the Cold War era.

Call of Duty Black Ops xbox 360- A really neat addition of call of duty black ops xbox 360 is that it was created with the input of actual Black Ops soldiers who served during that time period. The game mixes the traditional tactical shooter gameplay with newer gameplay options that are designed to really make you feel like you’re in the game.

buy call of duty black ops xbox 360 today; The basics of gameplay and features of call of duty black ops xbox 360: Campaign – The setting is in Vietnam during the Cold War. Nazi Zombies – There are endless waves of zombie forces to battles. Multi-player – This is included in all gaming formats. Split-screen is featured only on Xbox 360. Weapons – There is a full array of weapons that include those from that era. Examples of these weapons include AK-47, M16, Commando Sig assault rifle and a ballistic knife. There are also many perks in this game including the following… Penetrate walls, Weapons class selection, Weapon attachments and various camouflage options, Reticle customization.

This is your opportunity to fight in the cold war of the 1960’s across the world including Cuba, China, Russia, Laos, and Vietnam. The player becomes involved in many CIA activities and leads forces against the enemy. There is a single player game and there is also a multi-player game with several different version offered.

The real pleasures of the call of duty black ops xbox 360 game are the great plots and scenarios that live up to being interesting, fun, and intriguing. If you are a gamer who likes going through campaigns and operations that are realistic then this is the battle plan that makes it come real. The events are plausible and the objectives are fun to accomplish and tackle. You will not grow tired of playing this new version as you amuse yourself through each operational campaign. It is time to join the battle with this new game and feel the call of duty.

What’s Up With Playstation 2 And 3?

The Playstation Systems. As number three in a line of Playstation products, Playstation 3 ($ 599.99) boasts new parallel processing that enables broadband multiplayer action. It’s built in Blu-Ray disc drive promises high definition gaming, tons of media storage, streaming videos, music and an online service leaving you little to desire.

A Guide of What’s Available for SCEA’s Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and the PSP System

It’s predecessor, system number two, sells for only $ 19.99 and networks as well (just not as fast as system number three). With over 1,400 games to choose from, it’s hard to argue against this bargain.

PSP is hot again ($ 169.99) and integrates 3D gaming on widescreen with high fidelity stereo music, full motion video, communication and wireless networking.

Playstation 2 Accessories. If you are still “old schooling” your Playstation, then you’ll take pleasure in Playstation’s Dual Shock 2 Analog Controller ($ 24.99), Wireless NERF controller ($ 29.99), or it is 8MB memory card ($ 24.99). But the music doesn’t quit there. It plays on with the SingStar Pop game and accessory pack ($ 49.99) or the Guitar Hero II ($ 79.99).

Playstation three Accessories. What’s necessary? The Playstation 3 system sports two various kinds of controllers: a standard Chillstream controller ($ 39.99) and a Sixaxis Wireless controller ($ 49.99). Combined with the Blu-ray remote control ($ 24.99), you can have complete domination over your system in no time.

PSP Accessories. By no means interrupt your game play again having a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo ($ 69.99) or 4Gb Memory Stick Pro Duo ($ 109.99). Carry your handheld in a Platinum Pack ($ 19.99) or Traveler Case ($ 19.99). And don’t forget a carry all for your media ($ 14.99). PSP’s Media Manager ($ 24.99) will keep you organized as well.

Playstation Games. Looking for games? We’ve separated this part of our guide into two sections: 1 for children and one for adults. Use caution when purchasing Playstation games for players under 18 years of age.

Playstation 2 Games
FOR Youngsters:

MLB 07: The Show $ 59.99
ATV four: Off Road Fury $ 39.99
Meet the Robinsons $ 29.99
Dance Dance Revolution: supernova $ 39.99
Durnout: Dominator $ 39.99
NBS Street Homecourt $ 59.99

Shadow of the Colossus $ 19.99
God of War $ 19.99
Gran Turismo four $ 19.99
Socum U.S. Navy Seals Combines Assault $ 39.99
Rogue Galaxy $ 39.99
God of War II $ 49.99
Destroy All Humans! 2 $ 39.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories $ 19.99
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas $ 19.99
Medal of Honor: Vanguard $ 39.99
Dawn of Mana $ 39.99
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion $ 59.99
Resistance: Fall of Man $ 59.99
MotorStorm $ 59.99

Playstation 3 Games
FOR Children:

MLB 07: The Show $ 59.99
NBS Street Homecourt $ 59.99


Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion $ 59.99
Resistance: Fall of Man $ 59.99
MotorStorm $ 59.99

NOTE: Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion is works with all Playstations and is really a game

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

PSP Games
FOR Children:

Ultimate Board Game Collection $ 39.99
Street Horizon $ 39.99
MLB 07: The Show $ 39.99
Rachet & Clank: Size Matters $ 39.99
Midnight Club three: DUB Edition 19.99
Full Auto 2: Battlelines: $ 39.99

NOTE: Street Horizon brings both turn-based and real-time strategy game play.


300: March to Glory: $ 29.99
Socum U.S. Navy Seals Combines Assault $ 39.99
After Burner Black Falcon $ 39.99
Dragonball Z Shin Budokai An additional Road $ 39.99
The Warriors $ 19.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories $ 29.99
Prince of Persia: Rival Swords $ 39.99
Rocky Balboa $ 39.99

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

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