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How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating Online – 5 Warning Signs And 3 Ways To Catch Internet Infidelity

Did you know that online affairs account for more than 30% of all divorce litigation in the United States alone?

That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to learn exactly how to catch a cheating spouse online and on the computer, because if you don’t, then you’re making it a lot easier for yourself to be cheated on.

And we don’t want that do we?

As you read this article you’ll learn:

1. The Most Common Signs of Online Infidelity
2. How to Get Proof on the Computer
3. What you Should Do to Catch Your Spouse Cheating (Trust me, you’ll want more of this!)

I’m sure that at least one of those options sounds good do you, so let’s go ahead and get started…Just keep on reading!

Suspicious Signs Your Spouse is Having an Online Affair

Have you ever gotten a sinking feeling in your stomach after your spouse told you what they were doing online?

You know what I’m talking about…That feeling that you just KNOW you’re being lied to? Well, to tell you the truth that’s one of the most powerful signs that something suspicious is going on.

Don’t worry if you’ve never experienced that particular feeling before, it doesn’t prove or deny your husband/wife’s innocence, it’s just a tool.

Fortunately, there are some other options too:


Your spouse quickly closes out of whatever he or she is doing when you enter the room

You notice that your spouse is always looking over your shoulder when you get on the computer

You found out that your husband or wife has a FaceBook account you didn’t know about

Your spouse is easily irritable when they’re online

I’m guessing that you’ve noticed one of those signs, but if you don’t then there are still more choices for you. Now we’re going to start digging deeper into this investigation of your partner’s fidelity.

How to Get Proof of Cheating Online

Think about the last time you saw an episode of CSI or some similar crime show…

Even if that’s not your type of show, I’m sure you’ve seen some news story where the police dug into hidden files on a computer to find evidence for some crime or another.

Well believe it or not, you can do something similar. As you continue reading I’m going to tell you how you can find out what your husband or wife has been doing behind your back.

– First, Check Internet History –

This is the most basic investigation that you can do…Check your computer’s internet history as often as possible, preferably at least once a day.

I’m sure that you know that it’s possible to delete internet history, but to do so without leaving obvious holes in browsing history is really hard to do.

What I mean is this: Even if your spouse deletes any and all evidence of their online cheating, then you’ll still be able to see the HOLES where their browsing history SHOULD be.

Does that make sense? Here’s another tip for you:

– Second, Check Cookies –

Did you know that most websites automatically install a tiny tracking cookie on your computer every time you visit their website?

Rarely are cookies harmful; They’re purpose is to keep track of returning visitors and visitor behavior, also occasionally for advertising. As I’m sure you can guess, cookies can be very helpful for you as a suspicious spouse.

What you should do is Google “how to check cookies” + “[your internet browser]”; since each browser is different, I can’t outline a specific process for you here (sorry guys and gals).

– Last Resort, Use Tracking Software –

You can also use something like a KeyLogger or some other Spy Ware like program to track your spouse’s activity on your computer.

Basically, you install a small undetectable program on your computer, and in turn you can remotely track anything and everything your spouse does behind your back. It’s astonishing how much information you can get.

To tell you the truth, not much is easier than using tracking software to get proof of cheating, but I still recommend that you try and catch your spouse the ‘old fashioned way’, if you want or if you have qualms about privacy. (scroll down for Free KeyLogger Download):

Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating Online? How to Catch Cheating

The Most Typical Warning Signs Of Cheating In Ladies

It is alarming to know that a lot of women these days are cheating on their partners, and as a matter of fact, this is now considered as one of the common reasons of divorce. Although most people say that men are born cheaters, but women actually have the tendency to cheat on their partners, too without them knowing anything about it. So guys, you better take time in knowing the most common signs of infidelity among women before everything will be too late.

Mentions A Person’s Name More Often

Sometimes, girls would share about this certain guy she met at her office, at a party or at a gym. While there’s really nothing wrong with her talking to you about her fondness of this certain person, but if she keeps on mentioning this person’s name, then you better be cautions, because this might be something else. So if you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you with this guy she met, then you better get to know that person well and if possible, know his whereabouts because you might catch him with your girl.

Going Out Late At Night

There are times wherein men would busy themselves with their work and end up staying late at the office, not knowing that their partner is actually out with someone else. If you feel that your partner keeps on asking you about the time you would go home, and if you often catch her going out at night with friends, then beware. This could be a sign that your girl is seeing someone else.

Becoming Conscious of Her Looks

Although it is normal for girls to prettify themselves and would exert efforts to look good, it can become alarming if your girl tend to be too conscious with her looks and act like she is dating you for the first time. So keep an eye with the way your girl would dress-up whenever she goes to work or when she’s out meeting up some friends. Also, tell her that you do not really care much about her looks, because you love her no matter how she would look like. But if she’s still persistent in prettifying herself and making herself look good all the time, then this is a sign that she is probably seeing some other guy.

She Does Not Care If You’re Not Around

While most women would crave for their partner’s time and attention, women who are cheating would not care much if their partners do not spend time with them. If you feel that your girl would not insist on spending time with you like she used to, then your girl might be enjoying her time with someone else. Another common sign that she is seeing someone else is when she will not care if you tell her that you will be away for several weeks or months due to some work commitments.

There are various reasons why women would end up cheating with their spouse, but the most common of all is their partner’s lack of time to spend with them. Therefore, before you put a blame on your girlfriend or wife for cheating on you, it is best that you first assess yourself and see if there are things that you fail to do. If you really love your girl and if you care about your relationship, then you must be willing to sacrifice some of your time in order for her not to look for someone else to fill in her needs.


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3 Warning Signs Of A Cheating Wife

Acheating wife can cause much emotional trauma, not to mention the harm it could cause a family. That being said, it is very important that you are able to recognize warning signs of infidelity and cheating while it is early. Only then can there be any resolution to the problem – and that in a way that the relationship and the family are saved.

Here are some signs of wives that cheat. You have to be observant to be able to notice them at all. This problem is especially compounded when you put into consideration the fact that most men are too busy at work to be able to notice subtle trouble at home.

(1) Suspicious Minds

In a normal relationship, most everything that happens around the home can be explained. However, most wives that cheat sometimes forget to cover their tracks and leave clues to something serious that should be given attention.

If you notice the sudden loss of your wife’s clothing or the unexplained presence of contraceptives then you may have to perk your ears further for clues. Sometimes mysterious messages on a phone or mysterious letters can give away an illicit relationship.

While you should not jump the gun with only these clues in hand, they at least tell you that you should at least worry a little bit about what your wife is doing when you are not around.

(2) Lessened Intimacy

If in the past you used to share everything with your wife and then suddenly she seems distanced and clams up when you try to discuss intimate things, it could mean that she has already distanced herself emotionally and mentally from you. Ask whether this is the case and dig for the cause of this estrangement.

Some wives suddenly lose interest in doing anything with their husbands – another testament to an increased sense of estrangement. If you wife is suddenly frigid, then it truly is cause for alarm. However, you may want to consider whether it is also only due to fatigue or hormonal changes in menopausing women.

If your wife suddenly seems uninterested in family oriented things or if they begin to go about their household duties with mechanical disinterest then there could be a problem with her. You should try to sort these issues out immediate so that they do not have to necessarily escalate beyond reasonable proportions.

(3) Decreased Excitement

If your wife is no longer excited to meet you at the door from work or if you have less and less passionate sex, then there may be a problem with your relationship. Although this does not automatically translate into a case of infidelity, it still is cause for alarm.

This kind of problem should be addressed early on so that it does not persist to the point where it is almost without cure. Professional help is greatly advised in such situations.


If you are having trouble with your wife on these accounts, it would be best if you went for expert advice. Again, any of the signs mentioned do not automatically translate into infidelity, but they do indicate the possibility of such.

And in any case, if any of these signs surface, it should be dealt with immediately as the problems underneath these signs could very well lead to relationship problems.