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Dominate Facebook Mafia Wars – Cheat Your Way to the Top Like a True Mobster

Mafia Wars is quickly becoming the most popular game on Facebook. Almost everyone with a Facebook account has played it at one time or another, even if they don’t want to admit it. In fact, I bet a lot of you guys even have a grandma or grandpa that plays this game!

For those of you that are hardcore players, it doesn’t feel good to spend hours and hours of your time each day playing this game, only to see your friends advancing twice as fast and in half the time. Stop wondering how they are doing this. It really isn’t a secret. It’s actually very simple, they’re cheating!

The key to being successful at Mafia Wars is networking. The more people you have in your mob, the more powerful you are. To increase the size of your mob, you have to send invites to your friends. The more friends that you can convince to join your mob, the more powerful you will become. However, this can be a very tedious and very time consuming process, not to mention it can start to annoy your friends very quickly!

So what are the alternatives? I’ll be honest with you, if you try to gain mobsters legitimately by just inviting your friends, you will never get anywhere. I know this may sound bad, but cheating is the only way you’re going to get anywhere in this game. There are certain methods you can use to quickly increase the size of your mob automatically while you sleep.

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BlackBerry Application Development – BlackBerry a true Business Smartphone

Blackberry is getting more popularity in mobile market. It is most selling Smartphone in the market these days, because it has excellent features and function that is really helpful to the business for various purposes. Some of the best features and functionality that blackberry has, such as navigation maps, address book, email access, GPS capabilities, Wi-Fi connection. All these features can be useful in palm sized Smartphone.

This advanced technology has forced users to pack up the laptops and go around without any difficulty in their hands. Live chat and real message throughout the Blackberry Smartphone has turn into a very secure and proficient way for the business users. The more the device is being admired; the applications are getting accepted among the users as it offers salient features. Blackberry is more acceptable by mobile users so obviously its application demand is increasing with its sales.

With the launched from this device, many companies have been jumping in the blackberry applications development solution sector. We have seen incredible growth in BlackBerry apps development in current days. Blackberry app development companies are also rising. A number of mobile application developers have connected this development sector, with large growth by creating innovative blackberry application for the users. In startling situation, third-party applications development for blackberry is on trends in the market.

Choose that professional mobile app development provider, who can offer custom blackberry app development services in all the area and Weblineindia has dedicated  blackberry development team which provide all kind of blackberry development services like blackberry app development, Blackberry Playbook development, Blackberry Smartphone solution, blackberry game development and Blackberry programming solution as per clients needs.

Our Blackberry app developers have expertise in JAVA ME & MDS technologies and development tools and using this skill they can develop any kind of web application for various areas like entertaining, games & fun, travel, business/office, health and many more.  We have successfully completed 100+ applications for blackberry. Also, you can hire blackberry developers or blackberry app development team for quality based application development solution at daily, weekly and monthly basis at most affordable cost, who/which works only for your project. We allow facility to the clients that can connect with our developers through email, live chat and instant messenger. Our developers provide 24×7 hours technical and non-technical supports. They also suggest you if you required, because we know clients resources and time values.


Dave Sprint is a professional Blackberry developer in Offshore Software Development Company, which offers wide range of Blackberry App Development and Blackberry Game Development services and solution at most competitive market price.

True beat making software for true stars

There are many young people that want to start their carrier in the music business producing rap or hip hop music. Too many kids too often these days try to make their way in the music business. However, talent is not the only thing that you need in order to succeed in the music business. You need to have the proper equipment and the right beat making software to make your music to sound as you want. When it comes to the rap and the hip hop music, the thing that really matter is the proper beat making software.


Even though that many people think that creating hip hop beats is the easiest job in the world, the true professionals that are seriously involved will tell you that there is a lot of work and effort to be done if you want to make the beat that everyone will want to hear.


There are several things to consider before buying beat making software. You need to consider first what type of beat making software you need. There are hundreds of software programs that claim that can get the job done. But, only fractions of them are good as they are advertised. Some are over – priced, some are over – rated and some are too complex to use. The most important thing is to be fully aware of your own capability and technical knowledge.  If you are musically educated you will be able to recognize and distinguish the features that you need from a beat making software. If you are not than you will need to consult with someone with more experience in the area.


The best way to get to know which software will suit you most is to talk to some of the people that are creating similar music as you do. If you don’t know anyone than you should go online and read what people say about certain beat making software solutions.


Also, it is good to know that some of the top quality beat making software’s such as the Dub turbo come with a tutorial that will significantly help you to turn your idea into the beat that you want. Also, you need to be aware that some of the beat making software use less quality samples that won`t help you to make your beat to sound the way you want. Therefore, you should pay attention to that before you buy the software.


Combine the right beat making software with your talent and you can easily become the next music star. A smart choice at that point could make a big difference between an average and a cool beat.

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Star Tattoo Designs – The True Essence of Star Tattoo Designs

When it comes to tattoos we all know that we have millions of options to choose from when it comes to designs, so what do we do? Well, with tribal designs you can choose a design that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to you, but it just looks absolutely awesome. There are hundreds of different tribal designs that can be used, or you can make up your own, whatever you think will be best. You will find thousands of award winning tattoo designs here, ones that will get you so excited you will want to make an appointment with your tattoo artist right away.

Star tattoo designs are also very popular, but you can make it unique by the number of stars you have, where you have them, and the design they are in. You could even combine your tribal tattoo with your stars to make it even more unique. With star tattoos you can put them just about anywhere – on your ankle, wrists, back of your neck and anywhere else you think it might look good. Tribal tattoos can be any size and any shape. Some people have a big tribal tattoo going from their back right over their shoulders and even sometimes right down to their stomachs.

Star tattoo designs can look very elegant on a lady and many ladies have the tattoos on their hips, some coming down to their pelvis area. Stars on the lower stomach also look good, and going up past the belly button is a popular design too. Stars like these look best when they are small, but if you want to have them right up the side of your body then you might want to go for the bigger stars as then you won’t require so many. You can have black stars or colorful ones, stars around hearts, butterflies, flowers or stars in between/with/around a tribal design.

Star tattoo designs go well with tribal designs; you just have to put the two together. You can find your own designs online, but it would depend on where on your body you want them to feature. This is what makes it slightly difficult as you have to choose your design according to where you want the tattoo. You can have a tattoo on any part of your body. Wherever you want the ink you can get it, as long as you are prepared to deal with the pain associated with inking unusual areas of the body, but that shouldn’t be too difficult!

Be wise when you are combining the two designs; the star tattoo designs with the tribal design. Remember that this isn’t something that can easily be removed, so make sure you put it in the right spot.

Star tattoo designs are there for you to make use of, so what are you waiting for? You have so many options to choose from, but make sure your final decision is what you really want. Make your stars something special. Design, color, number and size make it all worth it!

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Are Ghosts TRUE? How Can You Tell If a Ghost Story Is True? (No Bull!)

Are ghosts real, or just all imaginary silliness? How can you tell if a ghost story is really true, or is simply the byproduct of a person with a hyper active imagination or someone who craves attention? (or just likes to make stuff up!)

The truth is, there is NO substitute for personal experience, and no amount of ghost stories, if you haven’t had something strange, bizarre or unexplainable happen in your own life, will convince you.

For example, in my own life, I’ve had many crazy things happen, and when I’ve tried to communicate some of these experiences to others, they ALWAYS have a good explanation as to what “really” happened… even if their explanation is MORE far fetched, or unreasonable than the idea that there are things that happen in this world we simply can’t explain.

For example, last Fall I was doing some research on a certain type of psychic experience. It was 3-am, I couldn’t fall asleep, and I walked into the kitchen of my house to think about what I wanted to do next. Make a sandwich? Have a glass of wine to help me fall asleep? Or just sit back down at the computer and try to get another hour of work done.

All of a sudden…

I noticed a strange light emanating from a small room that I never use. A room that only has a small couch, a little cocktail table and a TV. I slowly walked over… peeked in (with my heart in my throat!) and saw that the TV had come on.

I hadn’t turned the TV on in this house in a good year. There was no timer, no maintenance mode, no anything that would have caused the TV to come on by itself. It just did.

Was this a “ghost”? Who knows? When I tell the story, everyone has their own explanation of what “really” happened. I had set the TV. Or my favorite… I “accidentally” turned it on and forgot!

The truth is, any experience that is personally significant to you, and that opens your mind, your heart and your spirit to the idea that there is MAGIC and mystery in the universe is important! And that alone is MORE “real” than anything else you’ll experience, even if others laugh it off.

Look for HONESTY, integrity and imagination in your own extraordinary experience and those of others. Therein lies the truth… or at least as close to the truth as ANY of us will ever get, I promise!

Have YOU had a really Cool GHOSTLY Experience? Share YOURS, or read more Paranormal Stories HERE!

Gamers Not Sure If PlayStation 4 Arrival Due In 2012 Is True or False

There is much speculation about the launch of PlayStation 4, Sony is not one to rest on its laurels, and with intense competition in the video game world at present, it is believed that PlayStation 4 is already at the starting blocks and will make an appearance in late 2012, but gamers are not sure whether this is true or false.


Although PS3 has not been fully put through its paces, and to stress that point Sony have stated that games currently on the market are not even close to pushing the system to its full potential, so just imagine the possibilities of what a new console will be able to pull off.


Sony wants to keep one step ahead of the game, and although no official information concerning the PS4’s launch, it will probable follow the trend of Sony’s previous console generations.  PlayStation 1 was released in 1994 in Japan, and then throughout the rest of the world in 1995, going on from that the PlayStation 2 hit the stores in 2000, which gave the PS1 a retail shelf life of 6 years from its launch, then along comes the PS3 in 2006, and if this trend is followed it should be late 2012 seeing a PS4 release.


Sony have a reputation of being the trend setters and they will want to get their system out the door first, as seen with PS1 and PS2 which dominated their generations of the console wars.  It is not known for sure how Sony plans to play their hand, but what we do know is that the PlayStation 4 is coming sooner than we think, and it will take gamers to a whole new gaming level.


It is however hoped that the new generation console will not suffer the faults that the PlayStation 3 has suffered, faults of which have been discussed, written about, and the do-it-yourself merchant tried to solve, prime examples are the YLOD (yellow light of death), freezing, hard drive errors, not reading games or movies, these faults have tested the ardent gamer to the highest level of exasperation.


Research will show that there are many PlayStation 3 repair service facilities out there, so no need to panic and be worried that you will be left without your buddy for long, if you should need such a service.


A spokesman for Ps Pros a same day PlayStation 3 repair service said “yes we can help, we have repaired thousands of PlayStation 3s, so come to us if you want a professional PlayStation 3 repair done, and at a cost that you will not believe, post in, or walk in if you live local to London, and whatever the problem we can sort it out”.


Speculation is running high on the launch of the PlayStation 4, but nothing has been confirmed, so hang in there and wait, if you do need it, ensure a PS3 repair is done on your current console to keep it in great working order until you can check out the PS4.


For further information visit:  www.ps-pros.co.uk


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