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Brazil Travel Guide – Glory Days at Interlagos, a Guide to the Brazilian Grand Prix

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better known as the Interlagos circuit, is one of the most notorious and talked about Formula 1 tracks in the world. A place where all the adrenaline of Formula 1 racing mixes with the buzzing atmosphere of Brazil’s largest city; a spectacle that, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy, will immortalize any Brazil travel experience.

The Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo brings a carnival atmosphere to an already frenetic city. This is one of the biggest annual events in the South America travel calendar; the streets leading to Interlagos are thronged with motor sport fans, international supporters from across the globe and hundreds of flag waving Brazilians.

Interlagos sits within a natural amphitheater which offers spectators a clear view of the entire circuit, becoming a cauldron of noise and frantic activity during the build up to the race itself.

The track is considered unique for a number of reasons. Originally built in the 1930s on unstable land, the track soon acquired its characteristic bumps and inclines which put intense pressure on the precision engineered Formula 1 cars and their highly trained drivers.

The circuit is also one of the few in the world to follow an anticlockwise direction, putting even further demands on the drivers who are intensively trained to cope with strong centrifugal and gravitational forces pulling in the opposite direction.

As a result of the race’s special atmosphere, the physical and technical demands on racing teams and Brazil’s glorious weather, the Brazilian Grand Prix is unique in the Formula 1 season, guaranteeing to offer a constant barrage of entertainment.

The track is home to a number of challenging features, including the Senna “S,” a series of tight bends that were named in honor of Brazil’s own racing hero, Ayrton Senna after his tragic death behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Also on the circuit is a long, flat straight known as Reta Oposta, a dangerous and thrilling stretch on which the cars frequently top 180 miles per hour.

It is this combination of features that makes the race at Interlagos such a thrilling experience, and which has given the Brazilian Grand Prix legendary status among drivers and fans alike.

But for those visiting on Grand Prix Packages, Brazil vacations offer much more than three days of motor sport excitement. The city of Sao Paulo is perhaps the most cosmopolitan spot on the entire continent, with many of the world’s communities and cultures represented in its population of 15 million people.

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Travel Destination: Grand Baie in Mauritius

Grand Baie’s tourism has developed a lot recently, with the appearance of many infrastructure as well as some renowned hotels. Royal Palm is well known as an image of luxury, as well as the Veranda, Canonnier or Mauricia. To those who want to stay in cheaper hotels, it is still possible in this city of Mauritius. 


While living in the rhythm of a great tourist village, Grand Bay is amazed by the tininess of its territory. In addition, this exceptional coast of Mauritius contains an impressive amount of natural treasures.


Relax in Grand Baie

The warm sea which borders Grand Baie is favorable to all sorts of beach activities. Apart from water sports in the best conditions such as water skiing, windsurfing or canoeing, swimming and simply explore the seabed surrounding become genuine moments of ecstasy. The excursions that can be made are numerous and offer the opportunity to dive into the heart of panoramas dream. Finally, go regularly to the coast of Grand Baie, the most famous of the island, leads to relaxation. The beaches of fine sand, sun and coconuts promise long nap, away from stress and a perfect tan.


Grand Bay and its tropical atmosphere

If the day, tourism is undeniable, the nocturnal activity of Grand Baie is full. The nightclubs and bars take over the beaches and natural sites visited in the morning.


These popular places with night owls are constantly crowded and joyful atmosphere is palpable at any time until the end of the night, and more specifically, the “Banana Cafe, a must in addition to being the biggest club in the Grand Baie Village.


Nothing like the joy of living and the festive spirit of Mauritius to improve its swaying sega, the dance with the exotic local Creole inspires a natural sensuality. Before exploring another destination of Mauritius, the Sunset Boulevard is set to make its shopping and bring back some souvenirs. It is also interesting to see the side of the street vendors who also offer wonders for those who have the eye. The Sunset Boulevard is also home to some restaurants more or less of good reputation which will not only provide Mauritian specialties but also the most varied gastronomic. Do not forget that Mauritius has inherited a unique cultural mosaic, creating a bridge between Europe and Asia.


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Star Wars’s Hyperdrive- Faster Than Light Travel

The most powerful at the same time complicated part of the USS enterprise is none other than star trek’s warp drive. It is a boon to the humans. This unique device has helped to access deep into the space, to know about the alien life forms and make contact with them. The warp drive has made such challenging and distant things accessible and has very much improved the technologies for the Milky Way. Travelling in space is even faster than the speed of light by this warp drive. This outstanding device has been achieved by generating warp fields. Not only this will envelope the starship but also distort the space time field. Thus, this would result in velocities exceeding the velocity of light. These velocities are known as the warp factor. Warp drive is actually a form of interstellar propulsion in the Milky Way galaxy. The trade and warfare is made possible by this. The researcher Zefram Cochrane came up with modern warp physics. Cochrane did wonders in the mid-twenties along with his team mates on this theory after which he derived the mechanism of continuum distortion propulsion (CDP). Grabbing the potential required for higher energies is done by him. This concluded in practical operations that were even beyond the solar system. The task of intense review of all physical sciences was taken by his team efficiently. The team worked really hard and sincerely on this mechanism. The details about super luminal flight is described by complex set of equations and material formulae. Around 2061, the team finally succeeded in generating massive prototype field device that was called the warp drive. The informally dubbed warp engines i.e. the CDP engines were a success in that era and could be easily installed in spacecraft designs.

Of course it is inefficient according to today’s standard but it was an achievement then. Anyway it reduced the time taken by flights to travel from decades to years. The unit for measurement of velocity of the warp drive in star trek is warp factors units that corresponds to the warp field magnitude. Finding out the warp factor 1 is equivalent to breaking the light barrier. The actual velocity is computed by making use of uncertain formulae. The subspace field stress is measured by using Cochrane units and these are also used measure distortions of field generated by deflectors, synthetic gravity field, and tractor beam. Fields that are below one warp are calculated by microcochrane. The function of Cochrane value has a function which is power required for maintaining a given warp. The required energy to ascertain the field is recognized as the peak transition threshold. This threshold should not be crossed or else the amount of power required declines. The proficiency of the warp diver coil decreases electro dynamically with rise in the warp factor.

The most powerful and unique device Star Wars’s Hyperdrive and the Star Trek’s Warp Drive has the speed more than the speed of light. Grab more details about the above.