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How To Easily Track A Cheating Spouse – Super Effective Tricks You Can Not Ignore

Technologies like the Internet have given cheating spouses with more means to carry out their affair and better ways to cover their tracks. But the benefits of technology work both ways since it has also made the tracking of cheating spouses easier. With the help of a few gadgets and a little technological know-how, you can now easily tail and track your spouse and discover his or her affair. Here are four ways guaranteed to help you gather evidence of your spouse’s infidelity, if not catch him or her red handed.

Use a GPS tracker – A global positional system or GPS tracker is one of the easiest and most effective ways to track a cheating spouse. Just have the system secretly installed inside your spouse’s car and you can track where he or she goes during any given time of the day. You can also try and install a less sophisticated GPS tracker to your spouse’s purse or briefcase to be able to tail him or her closer.

Online trackers – A lot of extra-marital affairs nowadays are conducted and maintained over the Internet, so you might want to monitor your spouse’s online activities. Since you cannot be with your spouse whenever he or she accesses the Internet, you can just discreetly install an online tracking software program in your computer at home and in your spouse’s personal notebook to do the job.

Track your spouse mobile phones – The mobile phone is another popular tool of a cheating spouse because call records can be easily arranged and messages deleted, or so your spouse thought. There are software programs you can use to retrieve each and every phone record and message in your spouse’s phones even if he or she promptly deletes these.

Track your spouse finances – This does not require any high tech gadget but it works just the same. Just go over your spouse’ bank statements or credit card bills and take note of suspiciously large withdrawals or expenses of gift items you never received.

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Sure Shot Signs Of A Cheating Spouse! Here Is The Fastest Way To Track Down A Cheating Spouse

Are you feeling that something is awfully wrong with your marriage? Is there a sinking feeling in your stomach that maybe, just maybe, your spouse is seeing another man or woman on the side? While all of your doubts about your spouse’s fidelity to your marriage vows may just be figments of your imagination, there is also a high chance that there is meat behind them. How can you tell if your spouse is cheating on you? The best way is to check for the four sure shot signs of a cheating spouse listed below.

Your spouse becomes suddenly fond of his/her phone. Spouses who cheat usually maintain their illicit affairs through cell phones because of the apparent security and discretion that messages and calls made through mobile phones provide. So, if your spouse begins to hold on to his/her cell phone as if it were a life line and never leaves it unattended, chances are you have a cheating husband in your hands.

Your spouse races you to bills and bank statements. Another sign that your spouse is cheating is if he/she races you to open bills, credit card statements, and bank notes. Rushing to get and pay for credit card statements may be your spouse’s ruse to cover his/her tracks since these bills may point to motel or restaurant bills and other incriminating expenses.

Your spouse begins to obsessively clean up. If your usually lazy spouse starts to clean up after himself/herself and even rushes you to the task of it, he/she is likely to be hiding something -most probably evidence of his/her wayward tryst.

Your spouse spends a lot of time with friends and colleagues. If your spouse is rarely home or stays out late, you might want to investigate where he/she really spends her/his time. Don’t buy and settle for his/her excuse that he/she was out with friends or co-workers, especially if the night-outs happen almost every night.

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Tracking A BlackBerry – 5 Tips On How To Track A BlackBerry Phone

Tracking a BlackBerry phone is something that many people want to do (for a variety of reasons), but not many know how to track a BlackBerry phone. The good news is that tracking a BB is actually an easy thing to do using any of the numerous BlackBerry tracking applications that are sold online and within the BB app store, but in order to do it, you must first follow a few simple steps.

1) Ask you self why tracking a BlackBerry phone is important to you. Are you doing this in order to keep an eye on your family? Do you want an easy way to locate your BB in case you lose it or someone steals it? Do you want to secretly track a spouse to find out if they are having an affair? Regardless of your reason, the very first thing you must do is clearly identify the “why” before you do anything else. Once you identify your reasons, keep this fresh in your mind to be used in step 5.

2) Make sure you can get access to the phone. In order to install any type of tracking software, you will need to have physical access to the BlackBerry cell. If you are not sure if you can get access, or if getting access to the phone is out of the question, then stop here — because tracking a BlackBerry is not something you will be able to do. Keep in mind that having access to the phone means “FULL” access, so if the BlackBerry is protected by a PIN code, you must have the PIN number as well. The reason being is that there is absolutely no way to install a BB tracking app without complete access to the phone and operating system.

3) Make sure the BB has a data connection. The other thing you must do is to verify that the BB is on a data plan.

This is easy because all you have to do is open up the built-in browser and go to an external website such as Google or Facebook.com. If you can without any problems, then you are good to go.

4) Know your budget. Now that you know what your reasons are for wanting to track a BB, and you have verified that you will have full access to the phone, PLUS the phone has a data connection, now its time to think about your budget. Some tracking apps cost as little as a few bucks, while some of the more powerful stealth tracking apps can cost as much as $ 350. If you know what your budget is, then it will help determine the type of tracking app you can focus on, while eliminating the ones that are outside your budget.

5) Stealth or Non Stealth? The fifth and final step involves determining if you need a stealth or non stealth BlackBerry tracking app. The difference between the two is one is completely hidden from the user (stealth) and the other is visible (non stealth). Stealth tracking apps are commonly used to catch a cheating spouse, monitor family members who don’t want to be monitored (teenagers), while non stealth tracking applications are for people who want to monitor family members who know they are being monitored or for employers who want to monitor their staff.

IMPORTANT! The key difference between the two is that the stealth is hidden and the non stealth is visible. This is why it’s important to know your reasons for wanting to track a BlackBerry phone. If your reason for tracking a BlackBerry is to catch a cheating spouse, then you obviously don’t want a BB tracking application that is visible to the user.

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Get Your Marriage Back on Track After Your Husband Cheats

Do you believe you can get your marriage back on track after your husband cheats? It’s true. You can. But, it’s going to take a serious amount of elbow grease, from both of you, to make that happen. Here are just a few of the things you can do to really get your marriage back on track after your husband cheats.

1) Spend 30 minutes a day talking to each other. Relationships evolve over time but they need a certain amount of care and feeding in order to evolve in a positive manner. Spend a little bit of time every day talking to each other. This gives you time to learn new things about one another and to stay connected. Talking is part of the intimacy that is so important in marriages.

2) Do things as a couple. Too many couples fall into a pattern of going your own way and pursuing your own interests. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are doing things together as a couple too. For every hour you spend apart you need to commit to spending an hour together doing something you both like (television time doesn’t count).

3) Keep the spark alive with a weekly date night. Money gets tight at times and the first thing to go in many family budgets is the date night for mom and dad. Even if you have to trade babysitting duty with other couples to make it happen, this is important together time for the two of you that you really can’t afford to miss. It’s a chance to recharge, reconnect, and converse as grownups away from the house, the kids, and the responsibilities of being parents.

4) Tell your husband he’s your hero and then let him know why. He needs to feel as though you respect him. Nagging him about cleaning out the garage, fixing the leaky roof, or painting the house are signs to him that you’ve lost that respect.

Tell him that isn’t so and find new ways to encourage him to do the things you want him to do. Exploring those possibilities can be fun for both of you.

5) Flirt! It’s important. Dress to impress your husband. Tease him mercilessly and bring the spark of passion and the light of laughter back into your lovemaking. Now is not the time to let things get boring or stale. Let the excitement build and then make it worth the wait.


When you do these things your focus won’t have to be on how to get your husband back but on how to make your marriage stronger instead.


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