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Earn double rewards in GTA Online now through February 25

Earn double rewards in GTA Online now through February 25
You know what they say: mo' money, mo' experience points. Okay, so maybe I'm the only one saying that. I doubt it'll stay that way for long though, because Rockstar is giving GTA Online players double cash and double RP. Mo' money, mo' RP! The whole …
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Cheat Your Way Through Final Fantasy VII on PC

Cheat Your Way Through Final Fantasy VII on PC
Square Enix will re-release its classic 1997 role-playing game Final Fantasy VII through its downloadable games store, it said on Thursday. But it's not just dumping the previously existing PC port of the game. It's adding a few new features, including …
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Of course you have to jump through hoops to access Bloodborne's Old Hunters DLC

Of course you have to jump through hoops to access Bloodborne's Old Hunters DLC
Good news then, it's almost time for Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC. The expansion to the PS4 … The League feature means you can access ranking screens and because this is Bloodborne, there's a task to do first. In order to get onto the boards you …
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LEGO Dimensions will be supported with new content through 2018

LEGO Dimensions will be supported with new content through 2018
LEGO Dimensions will be around for the long haul. Publisher Warner Bros. recently announced that they plan on supporting the upcoming NFC toy title with new downloadable content and new physical expansion packs for over two years, at least through …
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Discovering And Developing Stars Through Youtube Media Tool

To answer for the question why Youtube is an effective video marketing tool, we have several ways. Youtube is a great way to help discovering aspiring entertainers, stand-up comics and many other celebrities. With the position of the number one and most popular video sharing website in the world, Youtube developed not just a celebrated website but a vehicle for future stars.


How is it possible for YouTube to create stars and celebrities? The answer is very simple: YouTube is a popular and accessible choice. This is a social community where everyone is encouraged to upload videos for the rest of the world to see. And anyone who is interested to watch the videos is not required to become a member. Its openness allows us to reach other people through their video posts and we don’t even have to be friends.


YouTube is the go-to video sharing platform of at least 45 million internet users worldwide. Any one of those 45 million could be a Hollywood talent scout, celebrated movie producer or a business tycoon. These days, the entertainment industry relies on the selection of YouTubers to pick new talents to add to their roster. It is not surprising how a lot of talents have been pushed forward from obscurity.


However, talent scouts do not sift through hundreds of videos every day to find a gem. They do filter their search and most often, they search for popular videos made by unknown persons. And there are a lot, which makes the competition stiffer. Remember that YouTube has millions of members and billions of viewers every day who most likely aim for the same thing, internet fame.


Those who are interested in internet fame put in so much effort in their videos. They do a certain level of research and take time to retake their scenes and think about their backdrop. Although they all seem impromptu, most are actually rehearsed, it is just that they want to do more than just be online, they want to be effective. And they are marketing their talent in the best and modern way they can.


Originality should also be considered. There are thousands of videos uploaded daily on YouTube and there is a constant want to be in the Most Viewed category. The videos must possess a uniqueness that would say something about the creator’s imagination. The idea must be unique yet it must be able to blend in with other videos, otherwise it would be difficult to appear on the related videos suggestion tab., which is also an important factor in gaining viewers.


You can call them ‘wannabes’, but those who upload videos of themselves showcasing their talent are the ones who make YouTube a very interesting and entertaining website. They make YouTube even more effective for video marketing because they make themselves seen, heard and talked about. People who do not know them personally spread their video link out to their friends to share the entertainment value. Videos are uploaded free without obligation and the end user gets it with the same ease.


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The Top Five Guaranteed Ways To Never Get Through Cheating Within Marriage

Every marriage has its share of peaks and valleys but few things are as devastating like finding out that your spouse was carrying on an extramarital affair. You just cannot bring yourself to believe this person you trusted and promised to share everything with would do something so terrible.

Then comes the stage where you have to decide whether to stay married but more importantly start the process of recovering from the affair. It’s not going to be easy of course yet if you want to ensure healing never takes place then simply complete the following:

1. Continue To Keep Feeding The Pain

You hate what your spouse did so you go the extra mile to continue revisiting it over and over. All of the the negative thoughts and feelings which you ought to be dealing with in order to eradicate are put on a non-stop tape loop in your mind. Any time it looks as though it will disappear you make sure to throw some more fuel onto it by picking a fight with your mate or by grabbing hold of your favorite negative image and giving it great deal of thought until it runs on cruise control.

2. Continually Asking Yourself Why?

You sit down and think about this question every chance you get. Even when the spouse tells you exactly why they did what they did you keep asking. It’s not that you want an answer . It’s more like you cannot bring yourself to accept what happened and begin your healing process.

3. Plotting Revenge

Your spouse had an affair therefore you will certainly make them regret it if it’s the last thing you do. And then what happens? You devote all of your time and energy trying to figure out methods to make sure they feel the pain you are feeling but the goal will be to cause them to feel it a lot worse. The problem is retribution is not just of waste of time but also an exercise for losers. If you really feel that strongly about what they did then go ahead and file for divorce. And even with this it’s best not to practice a scorched earth policy.

4. Sharing with Everybody

You turn into a  blabbermouth and broadcast to anybody and everybody what your spouse did. This happens all the time now. You cannot help but do it every time you converse with someone. All this accomplishes is make sure the marital affair stays in the center ring. Just remember not everybody needs to know what’s going on in your personal life and furthermore you cannot get on with your life as long as you rehash it again and again.

5. Keep It Inside

At the opposite end of the spectrum you do not share anything with anyone. No counseling, no support group. Truth be told you do not even discuss it with your mate. What’s done is done and you just wish it would all go away. That’s not going to happen until you take concrete steps in order to ensure it does occur and a  big portion of that is communicating with the right people.

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Reliving the Civil War through Art

No one can deny the Civil War’s status as a critical period in American history.  Its impact continues to be felt to this day with the United States still in existence as a single, undivided country and with slavery being outlawed.  As such, the Civil War has been taught for over a century in schools, and not just in the United States.  In many other countries, the American Civil War is taught in classrooms with special emphasis on the fight for freedom and equality.

Historical accounts are often the means for people who want to study the Civil War, but entire volumes full of words and maps can only do so much to inspire a person’s imagination, especially when you consider events that took place well before anyone living today was born.  Many people want to see for themselves the events highlighting those four years that shaped the nation like never before.  Civil War art is simply a way of recapturing those moments down to the last detail.  People will appreciate what life was life in America in those days by giving them a visual representation that would hopefully evoke the feelings prevalent at the time of a particular event.

The most common depictions in Civil War art nowadays are any among the more than 10,000 vicious battles that took place between the armies of the North and South from 1861 to 1865.  The pictures sought to recreate everything about specific events, including the terror, fear, honor, triumph, and other feelings of the people who were actually there, particularly the fighting men who risked it all.

Civil War art first came into existence during the conflict itself when a small number of soldiers, artists, and other observers on both sides sketched pictures of battles past or as they happened.  This was originally intended to show families and loved ones back home how their fathers, brothers, and sons were faring at the front lines more than mere words can ever describe.  Most pictures completed during the war were actually of the combatants’ relatively quiet moments whenever they were at rest in between fighting.  Other art pieces were portraits of personalities such as soldiers, politicians, and other people whose participation in the conflict was worthy of recognition, if not praise.

Art depicting various events during the Civil War continued to spread in the century and a half that followed, especially in the years since the conflict’s historical significance first gained the appreciation of the public.  Many original pieces are still being produced every year to remind the people of today of the long-ago war that became a turning point in America’s existence as a nation.  Just like other pieces of American history, art pieces commemorating the Civil War are found in museums, galleries, and retailers across the country.  Rare, expensive pieces, particularly those as old as the war itself, are either on display for public viewing or kept in private collections.  Less expensive pieces such as prints based on original paintings are available for sale through art dealers and auction sites with some selling for as low as $ 20.

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My Husband Cheated ? Do We Have To Go Through A Divorce?


My husband cheated on me, is divorce the only option I really have to set things straight? It really depends on what you mean by setting things straight what the answer to this question will be.

If you want to save your marriage and work things out with your husband, then there are quite a few definite possibilities. If you’re thinking of something along the lines of skulls and cast iron skillets, maybe that’s not the best solution in this day and age.

Marriages today have more distractions and disruptions than ever before. Work, kids, social commitments, volunteer work, and then both parents generally work in order to make ends meet month after month. It leaves a lot of room for problems to arise and one problem that is increasingly common is cheating.

Cheating by the Numbers

If you can forgive your husband for cheating on you, there is no reason at all to feel guilty or allow yourself to be bullied into a divorce by other people in your life who feel that is the only viable solution.

The numbers show that most women who are cheated on actually do not get divorces as a direct result of their husband’s cheating. How do we know that?

We understand this because nearly 50% of all married men admit to having affairs on their wives. Not earth shattering as far as revelations go but noteworthy nonetheless. The thing is that 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

While it’s safe to assume that not all divorces are the result of cheating husband’s it’s the fact that the most commonly cited reason for divorce is actually disagreements over money that’s the real kicker in this situation.

What Do You Want?

Here’s a thought. Perhaps it’s time that you really sit down and focus on something other than the fact that “my husband cheated” and see if you can figure out what you WANT to happen next.

Do you really want to leave your husband for cheating on you? There’s no shame if that is what you want but most women really do find that they want to work to save their marriages if they are given a choice in the matter.

Guess what?

You do have a choice in this matter. You can fight for your marriage if that is what you want to do. In fact, you should fight for it if that’s what you really want.


It’s easier than you think to get your ex back after he’s had an affair. Most men learn very quickly that the grass isn’t any greener there are just new problems in that lawn that are often worse than he believes he has things at home.


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Breaking Through Black

In the early years of oil painting, the field was dominated by white European men. Both women and persons of African decent were given little notice or chance to gain fame for any canvas paintings they created. Despite the challenges, there were some men of African decent who were able to gain fame and adoration for their works of art. While these men may not be well known today, their pioneering work as black oil painters was important to the many that have followed in their footsteps.

Robert Scott Duncanson

Duncanson was born the son of a white Canadian and an African American woman. Because of his parentage, Duncanson was considered a free person of race. Duncanson was born in 1821 in New York but spent the early years of his childhood in Canada with his father. When he was 20, he moved to Ohio to live with his mother and become an artist. Until his time in Ohio, Duncanson had only painted houses, but his determination to be an artist drove him forward despite the fact that he could not get formal painting lessons. Duncanson undertook his own painting education by painting portraits and copying the work of others. This method proved successful and by 1842 three of his paintings were added to an art exhibit in Cincinnati, Ohio. This art exhibit gave his career a need boost and for many years he was well respected as a portrait painter.

Duncanson expanded his painting to include landscapes, which is what he is most remembered for today. 1848 was a fortunate year for Duncanson; he was commissioned by a Methodist preacher to paint and landscape view of Lake Superior known today as, Cliff Mine, Lake Superior. This commission improved his skill as a landscape artist and also created more clientele connections. During the early 1850’s Duncanson traveled with other American artists to gain new inspiration for landscape oil paintings, which resulted in several canvas paintings depicting the Ohio River Valley area.

With the start of the American Civil War, Duncanson fled to Canada in 1863. He continued to create landscape paintings for the next two years. In 1865 he put even greater distance between himself and the Civil War by traveling to England and Scotland. The Europeans were delighted with his skill and praised him as one of the most able and talented landscape artists of his time. After a great many tours, Duncanson returned to Cincinnati, Ohio, around 1867 and continued to paint the many Scotland landscapes that he had seen during his travels.

Between the years of 1867-72, Duncanson continued to create landscape masterpieces that reflected not only the beauty and calmness of the lands but also his growing skill in oil painting. In 1872 Duncanson became ill both physically and mentally and succumbed to death in December of 1872. The beauty and serenity displayed in his work is a testament to his love of the American landscape and landscapes in general. Despite his race, Robert Scott Duncanson was able to become a famed painter, earning him the respect and admiration of his white fellows.

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