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The Three Dimensions of Trust

Webster offers numerous definitions for trust but the first one you would see if you were to look is: “total confidence in the integrity, ability and good character of another.”

That definition offers a fine starting point. At the same time something I read recently in the book, Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler (McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 2002) set me to thinking about all the nuances that contribute to or detract from our ability and willingness to place out trust in others.

According to those authors there are two key factors that enter into the degree of trust we place in an other person. One of those is the person’s ability (read: skill, knowledge and experience) as it relates to the performance of a task; i.e., can we trust them to perform in a competent fashion? By example, it’s the challenge for the parents of a newly-licensed teenage driver. The teen may be highly trustworthy as to their character but invariably they lack the experience required to handle the variety of risks they will face behind the wheel.

Actually, that facet of trust is what lies behind our ability to trust objects to perform as expected. I trust my truck to get me where I want to go. I trust the bridge I cross each day on my way to the office. I trust the roof over my head. Such trust can even extend to the performance and reliability of entities as in I trust my favorite Mexican restaurant to deliver a consistent quality meal.

When it comes to people, that sort of trust is a key determinant in our decision to delegate. Specifically, do they have the experience and technical ability needed to perform the task in a timely and effective fashion?

Many organizations spend small fortunes trying to convince you and me that we can trust them and their products. For instance I still remember from my childhood the tag line to Texaco’s commercials, “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star…” What about you? What advertisements can you recall where trust was (is) central to the message?

Yet when it comes to people (as well as some entities) there are two additional factors we must evaluate starting with motive or motivation. In that aspect of trust we are called upon to make a judgment about do we trust their commitment and integrity when they promise they will do something or behave in a certain manner. The authors of Crucial Conversations suggest this element of trust is (or should be) largely situational. That is, if their motive (motivation) is aligned with mine, then I should be able to trust them to fulfill their promise(s). Conversely, when the other party is operating with a different agenda it might not be so wise to place our trust in their pledge to perform.

Unfortunately, Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler stop there in their discussion. However I think there is a third, equally important element that almost always enters into the equation – that being our past experience with the individual (entity or object as the case maybe). Have they proven themselves to be dependable, reliable, a person of their word and therefore someone who is trustworthy? Or, have they violated the trust extended to them at some point in the past so that the evidence suggests a measure of risk? Having failed us in the past, can they be trusted now?

Personally, I believe this third dimension comes into play more frequently than does motive in a lot of settings and decisions if for no other reason than true motive can be difficult to judge or detect.

Of course past behaviors is a problem that could haunt just about all of us since who among us hasn’t managed to break trust with someone else at some point? Certainly I’ve been guilty more than I care to admit. And once that trust is violated or lost it is a very hard thing to re-establish.

Early on in this piece I stated that the decision to delegate a task to someone else involves placing one’s trust in their ability to perform as expected. In the workplace an act of delegation is most often thought of in the context of boss to subordinate. However, just as in the context of teams, family or the volunteer environment trust really must be a two-way street. For the employee to be effective he or she must have (earn) the trust of the supervisor. At the same time so too must the supervisor be worthy of the trust of those they would lead. Inconsistency on the part of the leader between walk and talk or talk and talk quickly calls into question the agenda (motive) not to mention the overall sense of integrity.

And though the road back from that place where trust has been lost may be long and arduous, I hope most would agree it is a road worth taking.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” Luke 16:10-11

Keith Hughey is a management consultant with over thirty years of experience in helping client organizations solve problems and improve performance. Based in San Antonio, Texas, his work with client organizations focuses on helping them to better leverage their peoples’ time and talent. Specifically, he helps clients get the best thought, effort, creativity, commitment and teamwork from their people in order to improve organizational results. Keith is an accomplished facilitator, working with organizations of all sizes in the areas of organizational design, strategic planning, leadership development, team building and problem solving. He is the author of the widely read weekly e-letter, Monday Morning Musings. For information about his services you may contact him at 210-260-0955 or by writing to him at keith@jkeithhughey.com. You may also visit his web site: http://www.jkeithhughey.com to learn more about the nature of his services, for a list of clients, to sign up for Musings or to read any of the previous issues of his commentaries.

An Assessment Of Super Mario Bros three

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 is an American animated tv sequence based on the video clip game Super Mario Bros. three. It aired on NBC with Captain N: The Sport Master in a very programming block titled Captain N & The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. three from September 8, 1990 through December 1, 1990. After NBC canceled their Saturday Morning lineup in 1992, the show was split from Captain N, and aired on Family Channel and as part of the Captain N & the Video clip Sport Masters (VGM) block along with Super Mario World (TV sequence), Captain N, and time-cut versions of The Legend of Zelda. When it aired on VGM and PAX, the episodes ran slower than the NBC versions to fill up more time. For example, the NBC version of “Kootie Pie Rocks” ran for approx. 10:18 and when it aired on PAX and on DVD, it ran approx. 11:20.

The episode of Super Mario Bros 3, named Kootie Pie Rocks featured Milli Vanilli and the songs “Blame it around the Rain”, and “Girl You Know It’s True”. Shortly after it aired, a scandal broke out about Milli Vanilli lip-syncing to the songs. The master tape was probably wiped, and was replaced with an edited version without the songs (which were replaced with the Mega Move, originally heard on Captain N). Several lines were removed, such as when Koopa is kidnapping Milli Vanilli from a concert and remarks “Blame it to the rain? Blame it on King Koopa!”, which was changed to “Blame it on King Koopa!”.

At the end of Super Mario Bros three, Milli Vanilli dedicates a song to Princess Toadstool, and play “Girl You Know It’s True”, with Mario, Luigi, and Princess looking from the side, and try to get Princess Toadstool to snap out of a trance like state, which was cut out in the later version. Also, when Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toadstool think of a plan to rescue Milli Vanilli from Kootie Pie, they form a fake back-up band (“Back Ups R We”), parodying Toys R Us, and try to perform “Girl You Know It’s True” so Kootie Pie doesn’t throw a fit. However, since no one in “Back Ups R We” knows how to play their instruments, it sounds horrible and results in Koopa’s guards and minions fleeing the castle.

When this scene appears in the second version of Super Mario Bros three, the Mega Move replaces the song that also plays at the concert. The second version is on DVD, but various copies of the original uncut version are floating around the internet, from off air video recordings made by viewers during the original airing. Other episodes also played covers of various songs (Baby Face, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Wipe Out, & Great Balls of Fire), which were usually not played in later airings or video clip releases. These scenes also had the Mega Move that was used in the 2nd version of “Kootie Pie Rocks”. However, some episodes of Super Mario Bros three with the songs intact were released to the “King Koopa Katastrophe” VHS/DVD in 2003.

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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Three Release Date Coming Later This Month, Says
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Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Version Has Three New Cheats

White Mage_1
Final Fantasy cheats
Image by OrigamiNate
Little doodle

Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Version Has Three New Cheats
The recent release of the Final Fantasy VII remake – and no not the one running on the Unreal Engine 4, the other old PC port made for the PS4 – has some nifty cheat codes available for gamers to use if they want to speed through the game or skip some …
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Sichuan Star: Gaining A Decisive River To The Big Three – Five-star, Dazhong And Suning – Hc Network

Five Star and Best Buy reached the anniversary of the joint venture, in terms of market share and brand awareness at present in terms of possession, five-star and has been initially completed the appliances in the same city competing with the total rivals to contend with Yetai, broken appliances of Chengdu market, owned by the original pattern. In a joint venture with the international advanced one year after the home appliance chain, five-star will take over the competition to make moves to become the focus of industry attention, with questions, May 31, Morning Post, general manager of the dialogue to grace the five-star segment in Sichuan forever.

Close contest
Chengdu at the end of a perfect ending
According to the Prime
that competition in 2005 were caught in the cycle appliances, home appliance chain enterprises have been reckless, crazy circle city treetop, resulting in 2006 to become truly integrated, the five-star in this year also optimize the door shop structure, the local stores for a strategic adjustment of disadvantage.

This year, launched a strategic five-star headquarters westward shift of development strategy would increase the Sichuan five-star strategic investment in the market. Introduction to Ernst & Young, in 2007 the first out of the soaring bridge opened in popular malls as much as five-star performance of the first flagship store opened Eight cases, experiential marketing, consumer and market are generally recognized, the next star in Chengdu region soaring bridge opening new stores will be the standard shopping mall, that is to ensure the “port” under the premise, following the five-star business area selection based in large stores on the idea of competing with rivals get together, close contest.

Present, three five-star property has reached a strategic cooperation intention, negotiations are continuing and effective to carry out, such as no accident, 11 before the five-star will gain another victory, in the south of the first six to open the store, its business area will exceed 10,000 square meters, as the largest star in Chengdu, facilities, equipment, the best stores. The other in October to December period, the star will be the shop’s tentacles into the city and north of the city, to complete the 07 five-star market in Chengdu, east, west, south and north, the strategic layout of the perfect ending. Meanwhile, in the second half, several stores will be full of Chengdu area adjusted by introducing fine, high-end, affordable, experience of market position, completed three of the transformation of the old stores, so the five-star market in Chengdu, more competitive . As the work progressed smoothly, Five Star will adjust the strategy to speed up the pace of expansion, the second half of the surrounding cities and counties to conduct site in Chengdu, Chengdu strategy for the deployment of large lay a solid foundation.

Core concept

1000 million in total customer segments

To Ernst & Young believes that the domestic appliance industry is in the homogenization of retail competitive situation, each chain wants to change from different sources for solution, but in terms of actual effect, the market and consumers are not recognized ideal, service innovation has become the focus of Five Star the past two years of work. In December 2005, Five Star was first introduced in the industry, “appliance consultant” concept, its core concept is to provide consumers more personalized free consultation service, lowering consumer costs.

06 Five Star and Best Buy marriage, five-star appliance consultant model and Best Buy “customer centric” notion which is not only a simple change of a service model, it is diluted operators of parochialism in the sales process, home appliance chain store sales on the overall pattern of healthy competition played an effective role in promoting. To Ernst & Young said that at present, five-star mode appliance customers have more than 1 year, Five Star will continue to improve the future work of this service model, rising, he said Best Buy invested nearly 10 million customer segmentation strategy project is also the core concept of customer-effective extension.

Next store

Concerned about consumer shopping experience

Unprecedented homogeneous competition severe, five-star open a new path. New this year, soaring out of the store made the bridge “experience”-style shopping concept, at this point, five-star fully learn the foreign home appliance giant “experiential marketing” strategy, the customer-oriented business activities in the first place .

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How to Seduce Beautiful Women – Three Methods to Boost Your Dating Game

Attraction involves creating a connection with women. Most men seem to believe that seduction is a superficial game because they are bombarded with so many different routines, methods, and ‘lines’. The fact of the matter is that seduction works on a much deeper level. It works very closely with self-development. Read on.

How to Seduce Beautiful Women – Three Methods to Boost Your Dating Game

1. Build Your Life

To really become naturally attractive to women, you will need to be operating from a place of core confidence. In other words, you will be coming from a place of full self expression rather than trying to impress women.

But how does a man build this core confidence?

Core confidence comes from being on your path. A man who is on the path to achieving his potential, his vision will be operating from a place of core confidence.

2. No Need for Validation

Again, if a man seeks to impress women, he will come off as needy, desperate, and insecure. The reason is because his need to impress is communicating that he does not believe he is good enough for the women he’s “gaming”.

A naturally attractive man will never try and impress women. Instead, he will freely express himself without any need for validation from others. This strong sense of reality becomes magnetic to women.

3. The Right Routes

I really hate the saying “just be yourself”. While it is true, it is way too vague for it to be of any help. We all know that there can be many versions of ourselves, and it can be hard to really pinpoint which one we are exactly.

Let me tell you what you are…you are naturally an Alpha Man. You naturally want to dominate your reality, achieve your desires (goals), and live an exciting life. I have never met a man who did not want to do this.

You need to uncover this man for he his at your very core. Once you have done this, simply find the right routes to communicate him to others.

And remember…if you want to make women crazy with lust, you MUST master your body language. This will give you an unfair advantage over the MILLIONS of men who are completely CLUELESS about its power!

Dharamshala Hotels: Best Of Three Star Properties

Home to the Dalai Lama and the exiled Tibetan Government, Dharmshala is a town studded with densely snowed mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Hotels in Dharmashala are oasis to comfort and peace providing ideal base to the visitors on spiritual journey to the region. The region is a hub of culture and religion with the presence of various temples and pilgrimage centers and with a backdrop of pictorial green valleys it oozes out serenity which is almost surreal to the soul. Dharamshala hotels capture the same sense of serenity and tranquility inside their premises offering a soulful and peaceful ambiance to their guests. Overlooking the lush Kangra Valley and with Dhauladhar ranges as their backdrop these hotels are ideal base for a rejuvenating vacation in the lap of Mother Nature.

There is an abundance of three star category hotels in Dharmshala. This category of hotels are simple entities basic in nature and yet well appointed with all the comforts of modern world. The best way to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings and to soak in the nature’s bounty is by staying in these low priced properties in Dharmshala for a pocket-friendly, comfortable and rejuvenating holidaying experience. Some of the best bets amongst three star properties in Dharamshala are:

Asia Health Resort: Cool breeze stroking your skin gently, soothing shelter of pine leaves waving to the snow-capped mountains and birds chirping from the trees outside your window; experience a treasured world of mighty Mother Nature at Asia Health Resort. The resort caters to all the requirements of its visitors and offer best of culinary, accommodation, health and recreation services.

Spring Valley: The hotel is ideally located at upper Dharamshala which serve as the starting point for all amazing treks up in the snowy hills. Other than the locale the 26 tastefully appointed rooms and suites are fashioned to match with the flawless services and beauteous view outside.

Blossom Village Resort: Sights of descending clouds and vast greens from your hotel room plush with modern architecture and interiors the effect of stay in Blossom Village Resort is very soothing. Marked by natural extravagance, international standards of hospitality and flawless quality of services. At its well spacious cottages and suites guests can relax at the contemporary furnished rooms offering modern comfort and superior decor to the visitors. Choose to settle in Superior Room, Premium Suite, Cottage with exterior view and Cottage with interior view as per your preference. With gamut of amenities and unmatchable comfort Blossom Village Resorts reserves its place in the list of one of the best hotels in Dharamshala.

Be it three star or luxury class Dharamshala hotels always impresses its guests with their interesting exteriors laced with natural exuberance and with quality services. However, three star category of hotels in Dharamshala remains best accommodation option for all due to their affordability. These properties irrespective of their star category offer the luxuries of lavish hotels and yet are reasonably priced which is the reason it attracts maximum number of visitors each year. Book your stay in one of these properties for a hassle free vacationing experience.

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Xbox 360 Repair Guide ? Fix Xbox 360 Three Red Lights Error

One of the most common problems on the Xbox 360 is the 3 red lights error. Other common issues include heating problems due to insufficient ventilation. Your Xbox 360 will display 3 red lights to indicate a system problem and will shut down automatically.

How To Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Because this problem is so common among Xbox 360 units, there are a variety of Xbox 360 repair guides online that can help you fix the problem yourself instead of sending it back to Microsoft for repair.

If your Xbox 360 is still under warranty, I would recommend you send it back to repair since you don’t need to pay anything. However, bear in mind, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for your gaming console to be repaired and shipped back to you.

If your Xbox 360 is out of warranty, then sending it back for repairs can cost you several hundred dollars depending on which component is faulty. For example, if your Xbox 360 system board is faulty, then it can be quite expensive to repair.

Furthermore, you need to wait weeks for your Xbox 360 to be repaired and returned.

If you want to save money or not willing to wait weeks for your Xbox 360 to be repaired, then the best option is to get hold of one of these Xbox 360 repair guides and fix the problem yourself.

Before you think it is impossible to DIY repair the Xbox 360 yourself, do know that there are many people who have faced with the same problem and has figured out how to repair the Xbox 360 3 red lights problem themselves.

In most cases, it usually takes about a hour and the spare parts can be brought in your local electronic stores such as Radio Shack for less than $ 100.

Some of the best Xbox 360 repair guides now comes with step by step videos to show you how to repair Xbox 360 yourself. So it is actually not as difficult as you might think.

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Get Your Wife Back ? Three Massively Effective Tips To Get Your Wife Back After Cheating

Want to get your wife back after cheating? It’s possible. You can definitely get your ex back if you’re willing to put in a little effort to make it happen. These three tips will help you win her back in no time and can help you get your marriage started on a better path than you’ve ever been on before. Keep reading, all the way to the end and click on the link at the bottom for even more amazing information that can not only save your marriage today but also keep it out of danger in the future.

The first thing you need to do when you’ve cheated on your wife and want to get your wife back after cheating is to sit down and write a nice long letter of apology. This letter needs to be sincere and complete. You need to not only apologize for the infidelity but also for the pain your wife is feeling as a result of the fact that you cheated. Don’t try to shift blame. Accept complete responsibility and ask for her forgiveness.

The second thing you must do is forgive your wife for all the things you’re holding against her. Chances are there are quite a few problems in your marriage that keep cropping up. You need to decide to let those be the end for your marriage or forgive them and move forward. Chances are some of the very things you are holding against your wife also happen to be some of the things you love about your wife too. You have to learn to make peace with who she is, was, and has always been if you really want to get your wife back and save your marriage.

The Third thing you need to do is to make your wife feel as though she really is the center of your universe. You have to make her feel as though she makes your world go around. The good news is, she probably does so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince her.

How do you do this?

You let your wife see how much you appreciate the little and not so little things she does for you each and every day. Don’t let her feel as though she is taken for granted. Show your appreciation with thoughtful gestures, words of thanks, and small tokens of your appreciation. You do not have to spend a great deal of money to make your wife feel like the queen of your world.


If you want to get your ex back and save your marriage, these three tips will get you on the right path fast.


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