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Protect Your Ferrari From Theft

As a Ferrari owner, you know that after you have added this valued car to your portfolio, it pays off to look after it correctly. Routine Ferrari upkeep, acceptable insurance, careful driving and care all perform a part in how well your Ferrari drives into the future. one vital side of Ferrari care that you are going to not need to forget is shielding your automobile treasure from burglary.

Much will depend upon how you use the Ferrari car. If it’s a show piece that stays inside, then the protection is much simplified. If you drive the automobile outside, then some steps are so as to make sure that your auto remains safe from harm.

Simple measures can help stop massive crimes , for example car burglary. When you leave the automobile, always secure it, and make efforts to park in well-lit areas where there are a large amount of people walking around. When you park the auto, turn the wheels quickly toward the curb, to make it harder for auto burglars to drag away the car. Don’t leave Ferrari accessories in open view within the car. Also don’t leave the registration or title within the automobile.

Other steps that will help stop burglary include adding tangible and audible anti-theft devices to the car. Brake locks can be useful. Wheel locks that keep the wheels still make your auto more theft-proof. Tire locks and deflators can deter a burglar, because they take too much time to cope with, therefore making your auto less interesting to a wannabe burglar. VIN etching, when the VIN number is etched onto the tumbler of the window and windows can be one choice you may consider in shielding your auto. Loud alarms also let a thief know your auto’s protected against burglary.

PC chips can help deter a burglar from pinching your Ferrari. Some ignition keys come provided with chips that don’t let somebody evade the vehicle’s ignition. Preventative car devices like a cut off to the fuse; kill switches; disablers that deactivate the fuel pump, ignition and starter; and wireless ignition authentication all help to stop burglary. Tracking devices are awfully helpful in aiding police in finding robbed automobiles. A number of these blend wireless capacities with GPS systems, so that if the automobile is moved, it can be tracked on the PC. Many Ferraris also come supplied with peripheral interior monitoring anti-lift anti-theft protection, which is a camera system that is utilised in the auto to see movement within the car. Even when you’re not with your new Ferrari, your vehicle’s PC system is working round the clock to guard your auto. Employing one or two or all these concepts can keep your automobile safe.

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Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas Tips & Tricks

Lear Jet or Dodo Plane

If you go down to the Los Santos international airport there will be a gate. Right next to it will be a hut like building with a man inside. He will say only people with flying liscences can get in. If you park a car of any size parallel to the gate you can jump over the gate and once you are over you can fly a dodo plane or a lear jet.

Find the AT-400

Go to Las Venturas airport, then go to the biggest hanger of the runway, stand next to the garage and it should open, and the is the AT-400. Note: You must have a pilot’s license to be valid to get in the plane.

Helicopter – Los Santos Beach

Hint helicopter on the beach in los santos go to the beach where you have to do the mission for og loc and somewhere around that area there will be a fire department helicopter you can only drive it if you did all of the missions and unlocked Las venturas.

Helicopter – Los Santos Beach

Police helicopter go to los santos and let the police catch then you will end up by the police station and put in the jet pack cheat and fly on the building and sometimes a police helicopter will be there to turn on the spotlight press L3 at night.

Dating missions Finding Barbara

You can find Barbara at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking lot between 16:00 and 06:00.

Dating missions Finding Helena

You can find Helena in the Blueberry area of Red County, taking shooting practice on top of the Ammu-Nation store from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 02:00.

Easy Missions

When doing a mission where you have to chase someone in a car or boat, use the blow up all cars cheat and the mission will be complete.

Pass your Driving Test

When doing your driving school test do the health cheat while doing the test you will have 0% on your damage penalty.

Find Vice City and Liberty City

This cheat has been reported inaccurate. Take a plane and fly east or south-east and you will find vice city and liberty city.

Fly Faster

When you’re in a plane move up and down and you will go fast.


Go to Blueberry In Red County. Keep going and you will find sheds and chopped wood. Go to the tree that’s cut in the middle at 0:00-2:00. There you will find Leatherface. Be warned, he can’t be killed!

Sniper Rifle Pickup

Go to the Los Santos hospital, then jetpack to the top of it. There will be a sniper rifle with 20 bullets.

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Theft cases up with the poor economy


Theft cases seem to be in the news more and more with the poor economy. Most recently, Democratic Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was charged with felony grand theft. The Castro Valley assemblywoman was allegedly caught on video surveillance stealing more than $ 2,000 worth of merchandise from San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus. The Assemblywoman has been in office since 2006 and she is also married to Judge Dennis Hayashi (Alameda Superior Court Judge).


The Assemblywoman was stopped by Neiman Marcus’ loss prevention on Tuesday after she left the store. She was carrying a shopping bag with three items worth more than $ 2,000 that did not have a receipt. The items were a black skirt, leather pants, and a white blouse.


The Assemblywoman is facing grand theft charges. The maximum exposure for these charges is three years of state prison. However, it is likely that she will not be facing the maximum because this crime is her first arrest.


Theft crimes are serious and can carry many years of prison depending on the number of priors that a defendant has, the cost of the items stolen, and the status of the defendant (whether he is on parol or probation…).


If you have been arrested for theft crimes, it is important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to minimize the amount of exposure you could be facing. If you have been arrested in Northern California for a theft crime, give Ginny Walia Law Offices a call for a free initial consultation (510) 887-5910.


In addition to theft crimes, the attorneys at Ginny Walia Law Offices also handles numerous other crimes that have been on the rise with the poor economy. The most common crimes that we see are DUI’s, battery, domestic violence, traffic tickets, and theft. Feel free to call us any time at the above number or check out our website at Walialawfirm.com 

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How to Prevent Wallet Theft During Shopping

Although it is very difficult to detect thieves who are usually wandering all around to steal the wallets of people in different shopping malls but there are some ways that can be helpful for preventing wallet theft. If the person knows some techniques or is aware of how to prevent wallet theft during shopping then the chances of wallet theft can be minimized. The cases of wallet theft can also occur at other places like offices, during travelling or at home.

The most important thing is to keep lesser things while going for shopping because it will be easier to keep an eye on few things. All belongings should be kept in the pockets instead of handbags but if these are kept in bags then bag should be placed at a suitable place. Some people place the bag in the cart that can be stolen very easily. In the shopping cart it is better to place the wallet or bag at the back of grocery items so that it would not be easier for the thieves to steal the bag or wallet.

Important credit cards, identity card or ATM cards should not be kept in wallet because wallets are usually stolen by pick pocketing. A very advantageous facility for how to prevent wallet theft is introduced that makes it possible to open the wallet by just the owner. It has the system that detects the finger prints of the person so it cannot be opened by anyone else. These sorts of high tech wallets can be paired with mobile phones and they give signal when they are kept at particular distance away from the mobile phones. Thus the mobile phone cannot be forgotten at home.

All the tips about how to prevent wallet theft can be helpful but the most important thing that works best is to be careful while moving outside at any place. It is preferred to keep fewer belongings so that it would be easier to take care of all of them. Nobody should be trusted and the attention should be focused at the personal possessions.


iWallet Corp introduces the new technology hard case wallet named iWallet. This wallet uses bluetooth technology as well as biometric fingerprint reader to prevent identity theft. Find more details online

Car Theft Prevention

Auto theft is one of the fastest growing organized crimes in the United States, increasing nationally by almost 50 percent in the past three years. It is an estimated $ 7.5 billion business and continues to grow despite the declining theft rate in America. While the car theft rate dropped about 8.4 percent in 1998, the value of the vehicles stolen increased by 11 percent in the following years.


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a vehicle is stolen every 23 to 33 seconds in the United States, a sad thought given that only about 57 percent of those are recovered. Auto theft frequency also varies according to region. Thirty-five percent of car owners in the Southern states lose their vehicles. Western states experience 28 percent auto theft rate; Midwestern states account for 20 percent of the total auto theft rate; and Northeastern states have a 17 percent auto theft rate.


Keep your doors locked and windows rolled up when driving. A car stopped at a red light is a sitting duck for “hit and run” thieves who can grab your purse and take off before the light changes. When dropping off passengers, always lock the door behind them. If you are going out of your car, always take your keys with you. Twenty percent of vehicles stolen have the keys inside them.


Park in your cars in Edmonton in the garage or behind locked gates. Most cars are stolen off of the street or from parking areas. This not only spares the finish from scratches but deters auto thieves as well. Car thieves risk detection by dogs, burglar alarms, and even the homeowners themselves by coming into the property. If you don’t have a garage, park in a well-lit public place.


Keep in mind that thieves are after your car parts, too. Given that thieves make a huge amount of money selling car parts, it’s no wonder that they will often target cars and dealers in Edmonton simply for their components. It is interesting to note that some of the most frequently stolen cars were also the most frequently sold cars a few years prior, leading one to believe that they are being stolen for their parts.


When buying a car from dealers Edmonton vehicle owners should likewise have car alarms installed. An auto alarm system might not fully stop car thieves, but it might alert someone. Car alarms are notorious for emitting long warning sounds when the doors, hood, or trunk are suddenly opened.

If you have questions, please visit us at www.WestEdmontonHyundai.com for complete details and answers.

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How to Shut Down Auto Theft With GPS Vehicle Tracking

Automobile theft has always been a lucrative “business.” The profit margin is a high as it can be on stolen goods. Efforts to deter these activities have had varying degrees of success. Technology has aided in the prevention, but wary thieves are good at getting around those methods.

The element of surprise is what helps in recovery efforts of stolen vehicles. But police only have so much time to spend in keeping track on suspected auto theft rings. So, a more proactive approach must be chosen.
GPS vehicle tracking systems provide the ability to hide a device and emit a signal to alert authorities to the location at which the vehicle is being held. One of these devices can be placed into any vehicle including those from manufacturers that do not have a factory GPS navigation system which provides a tracking option. And, there are GPS vehicle tracking systems that have an integrated “cut off” switch that can be activated should the vehicle become stolen.
Police are inundated with cases involving theft. Frankly, these cases are less important than those involving violent crime. And that fact alone makes it worth the small investment by owners in placing these units in their cars. Police would much rather be involved in recovering stolen vehicles while the cases are still brand new rather than to have to follow up for months and months on cases that will probably never be solved.
These auto thieves are smart. They take these cars to chop shops instantly to be parted out to the highest bidder. Then, the vehicle ends up as parts in a foreign country where there are little efforts in identifying them as stolen goods.
Once a vehicle is stolen the first few hours are the most critical time in which recovery is possible. Even if the vehicle is not stolen for the purpose of being parted out, the thieves can be caught much sooner and will be behind bars before they know what hit them. That alone is worth the price of a GPS vehicle tracking system.
Then, there is the topic of money savings from lower insurance premiums. If you have a vehicle that is high on the list of priorities for thieves, then GPS Tracking is mandatory otherwise, insurance costs will be more than you can imagine.

A total effort to keep thieving bands from profiting from their actions is necessary. But the most important component is your own efforts. Make it a priority to obtain a GPS vehicle tracking system today to protect your investment.

James Neely, Writer and Entrepreneur
…is a freelance writer who writes about GPS Tracking systems. Visit this link: tracking devices to find the right system to meet your needs.

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New Grand Theft Auto Cell Phone Cheat For 2016 Emerges

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