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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Ultralisks Grim Reaper Of The Swarm

In Starcraft 2 Ultralisks are classified as the greatest unit a Zerg player will get in a match. They may be very difficult to tech up to and mutate but upon having them the match will transform to your advantage. The following information will reveal the way to make use of them effectively and whether it is a terrible idea to mutate these animals.

Ultralisks cost 300 minerals and 200 vespene gas as well as draining a whopping 6 supply per Ultralisk, therefore they aren’t economical and lastly they take a long time to tech up to as you need to be upgraded with a Hive prior to be able to construct the Ultralisk Cavern. They are able to also burrow which can be extremely useful and they’ve got an armor upgrade to allow them to take brutal amounts of damage with thier massive 500 hit points. Their physical attacks are AoE attacks, which means that they can target multiple targets all at once.

At this point lets discuss when you should acquire Ultralisks then when to avoid mutating them. Ultralisks just target ground targets and prosper in opposition to multiple small units so obviously they’re effective versus armies of Marines and Marauders or Zealots and Stalkers but in general they tear through mostly any ground unit the enemy can send your way quite easily. Therefore it’s a wise decision to produce them if the enemy lacks any air units (typically Banshees or Void Rays). Needless to say Do Not produce them if you’re getting bombarded through the air, unless of course you’ve got a reasonable amount of corruptors to deal with the sky.

I’d also suggest obtaining the armor and attack upgrades (via Evolution Chamber) for your Ultralisks because they are absolutely well worth investing the minerals and vespene on.

A team of upgraded Ultralisks is really a vision that could cause your opponent to panic with fear and anxiety, until they have air units in which particular case they’d most likely just laugh.

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