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League of War: Mercenaries Tips, Cheats and Strategies

League of War: Mercenaries Tips, Cheats and Strategies
League of War: Mercenaries will have you raising an army of mercenaries and sending them off to fight other mercenary armies put together by the developers and other players. The game requires a good deal of careful strategic planning, some careful …
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Card King: Dragon Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Image from page 68 of “History of Missouri in words of one syllable” (1889)
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Identifier: historyofmissour00macn
Title: History of Missouri in words of one syllable
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: MacNamara, Emily R. (Steinestel) [from old catalog]
Publisher: Chicago, New York [etc.] Belford, Clarke and co
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
R AND PAUL S CHURCH, ST. LOU-IS o ne night History of Daniel Boone. 65 go- made a plan to join some of the tribes in a war onthe whites in his old home. He must risk all andgo from here and warn them of their per-il. The next day he told the old chief that he hadheard of some fine game so far from the camp thatit would take him all day to go there and back, butthat he and his ma might look for some choicebit for their meal that night. The chief told himBoone just so muchtime to get clear erethe In-dians wouldthink he had run off.What speed he madewhen it was safe forhim to race for his lifeand that of his folks !And with what joyhis wife and friendsmust have met him whom they thought long sincedead ! It was years ere he saw some of the Reds of thattribe once more, for they did not make war on thewhites just then; they knew, when they found outthat Boone had got clear, that he would put themon their guard, and they would get the worst of it. One day in the last year Boone spent in Ken-

Text Appearing After Image:
ST. MARK S ENG-LISH LU-THER-AN CHURCH, ST.LOU-IS. 66 History of Missouri. tuck-y, he was at work in his barn where tiers of to-bac-co hung in rows to dry. He stood high up onone of the poles to take down the crisp leaves of theweed that hung on the pole oer his head, when agruff voice at the door rang out with the words : ^- Ugh! Me know ^^^_- you, Boone! One glance, andDan-i-el saw that thewords came from thelips of one of two bigIn-dians of the Shaw-nee tribe, and that theyknew him. They came andstood where he couldook right down atthem, and said: Now, Boone, we gotyou. You no git wayno more. We takeyou to Chil-li-cothe andkeep you this time.You no cheat us more. Damn ! Boone did not show the least fear; he gave themgood words, and spoke as if he was more than gladto see them. Just wait a bit, Ill be down in no

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Card King: Dragon Wars Tips, Cheats and Strategies
Card King: Dragon Wars is a new card game that blends in elements of monster capturing, and while card games are nothing new on mobile devices, this one plays out a little bit differently. With some twists, Card King: Dragon Wars offers players a …
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Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Fantasy War Tactics Tips, Cheats and Strategies
Fantasy War Tactics is a turn-based strategy game from Nexon. It's a colorful and somewhat twisted story where you play the bad guy and try to “Pinky and the Brain” the rest of the world, but that's easier said than done — even with an army of elite …
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Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Star Wars: Uprising Tips, Cheats and Strategies
Star Wars: Uprising is an online RPG from Kabam. In this game, you take on the role of a smuggler who's trying to earn a profit and work off his debt even as the Empire strengthens its hold on the galaxy via an “iron blockade.” Gamezebo's Star Wars …
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World of Tanks Generals Tips, Cheats and Strategies

World of Tanks Generals Tips, Cheats and Strategies
World of Tanks Generals is an engaging multiplayer card game from Wargaming.net, the makers of World of Tanks and World of Warships. For their mobile card game, Wargaming focused on World War 2 era tanks, similar to other games in their franchise.
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Early Game Mineral Harassment – Terran vs Terran Strategies

In Starcraft 2, Terran vs Terran games are known for being long and having a lot of stalemates in them. Because of this, some players opt for early sneaky tactics to take out their opponents economy and get out to an early lead. Use this guide to harass your opponents economy early in the game so you can take them out later on.

You won’t use the standard Terran build order for this strategy. Instead, go for an early Barracks built at 10 supply near your opponents base. Build a Refinery right away so you can get a Tech Lab right when the Barracks is done. When the Tech Lab is done build a Reaper and research Nitro Packs as soon as you can.

Send the Reaper into your opponents base to take out SCVs and Marines. Kite both Marines and SCVs that are attacking you to make the most out of your Reapers. Keep producing Reapers until you gain a lead over the other player or you get repelled by a Bunker or lots of Marines.

While you’re harassing tech up to a Starport and put a Tech Lab on it. Right when your Reaper harass is done you want to transition right away into Banshee harass. This will keep your opponent pinned in his base to fight off your Banshees. Research Cloak to make him use his Orbital Command scans to find you. This will lower his income by taking away his ability to call down MULEs. Keep your Banshees alive and harassing as long as possible.

From here expand and transition into a solid macro heavy style of play. Get your income up there, build a lot of structures and start making a massive army. All your early harassment should have put the other player behind which will help you crush him in the mid and late game.

Learn how to win more games of Starcraft 2 by focusing on the 3 simple steps in my Starcraft 2 Macro Guide. It will give you more income and a bigger army to crush your opponents.

For more Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran> strategies check out my blog.