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There were some pretty odd game news stories in 2015

There were some pretty odd game news stories in 2015
He then feathered in the means of shooting while punching, and finally added a motor to move his thumbstick so the actions don't appear as a bot to Destiny's anti-cheat patrol. "I started at level 16.5 yesterday afternoon, and reached 20 sometime while …
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Ghost Stories are Just as Scary at the Picnic Table

Once again, it’s time for donning costumes, trick-or-treating, and telling ghost stories, while sitting around bonfires.  That’s what’s going to be happening everywhere, very soon, as people gather for Halloween parties; and, even though it’s the end of October, many of these get-togethers will be held outdoors.  So, a lot of folks will be firing up their grills, and eating at their picnic tables this weekend.


Sure, it may be a little chilly at this time of the year; but, so what?  After all, people go to football games, and sit outside, tailgating for hours, even when it’s snowing.  Moreover, a lot of folks will be dressed in costumes, which will keep them warm; and there will probably be a lot of bonfires burning as well.  In fact, the latter is practically a must; not only is it a great way to heat things up, but it’s an ancient ritual that has been an integral part of Halloween, since it was first observed, more than 2,000 years ago.


It is believed to have been originated by the Druids, a Celtic people who lived in and around Ireland and Northern Europe.  It started out as a celebration, called Samhain, which meant “summer’s end,” or “November.”  Actually, it was a huge New Year’s Eve party – except that it was “November Eve” – because it was held on October 31st, which was the last day of the Celtic year.


Samhain was an enormous harvest festival, which was full of rituals, including sacrificial fires that were built on hilltops.  The Druids believed that these fires would pacify their gods and ensure that the sun would shine brightly, once again, after the long, dark winter.  Because they would throw in the bones of slaughtered cattle, they began calling them “bone fires,” which, it is thought, is the origin of the word, bonfire.  To this day, on Halloween night, hundreds of these traditional fires can still be seen all over the countryside in Ireland.


Other parts of the ceremonies involved story-telling, dancing, and singing.  It was also customary for the participants to dress in the skins and heads of animals, disguising themselves as spirits and demons, in order that the actual spirits and demons wouldn’t be able to tell that they were human.  This, of course, is supposed to be why people dress in costumes on Halloween.


Trick-or-treating is another Halloween practice that began in Ireland.  To prepare for the holiday, which was changed to All Hallow’s Eve, by the church, poor people would visit the homes of the rich, and ask for food, money, and gifts, which they would put together for an enormous celebratory feast.


Naturally, it’s no surprise that those highly-imaginative Celts also began the tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns.  As legend has it, a terrible man named Jack (O’Lantern, perhaps?) deceived the devil.  When he died, he was not allowed in either heaven or hell, and so, was cursed to walk the earth forever.  To keep evil spirits away from him, he is said to have made a lantern by carving out a turnip, and placing a piece of burning coal into it.  Now, of course, we use pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns; but they are, purportedly, used for the same purpose, which is why they are placed outside of doorways.


Today, fortunately, we don’t have to worry about all of the terrifying myths of Halloween.  Instead, we’re left with all of the fun parts, which include many entertaining stories that we can tell, while sitting around fires, or around our picnic tables.

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Spooky Snowdonia: Two Snowdonia Ghost Stories For Halloween

The mythology of Snowdonia stretches back many hundreds of years. The deeds of King Arthur and his knights, mythical beasts like giants and the Gwiber, warring dragons – all are common themes in Snowdonia’s mythology.

But spooky stories abound, too. Caernarfon residents describe visitations from Roman legionaries and ghostly nuns, Gwydir Castle boasts a number of resident ghosts – including the spectre of a long-dead dog – and shadowy figures in period costume have been reported at Conwy Castle.

The following are two of our favourite Snowdonia ghost stories.

The Landlord of Beddgelert

According to legend, in the late 18th century the villagers of Beddgelert, led by a David Pritchard, landlord of the Goat Inn, concocted the legend of Gelert, the faithful hound killed while protecting his master’s baby son.

Times were hard in those days, and the village, like many others, relied on passing trade to keep the local economy thriving. Having a local legend, the villagers thought, would bring more tourists and pilgrims to the area. And sure enough, Gelert’s grave drew in the tourists, and David Pritchard’s wealth increased as his inn prospered.

In 1821 David Pritchard died suddenly without leaving a will. Shortly after his funeral, ghostly footsteps started to be heard at night in the Goat Inn. Strange noises were regularly heard, including sounds of the fire being raked, and the rattling of fire irons – a habit of Pritchard’s – which terrified the guests.

After a while, people started reporting seeing David Pritchard wandering around the village. Others saw his ghost tapping at the stable door. And he was also seen near Gelert’s grave.

Everyone in the village was terrified, except Pritchard’s old friend, a farmer called Huw, who was eventually visited by Pritchard’s ghost. Huw asked Pritchard why he haunted the village instead of lying at peace. Pritchard’s ghost explained that he had unfinished business, and gave Huw a message for his widow. Pritchard’s widow accepted the message and followed her late husband’s instructions, lifting the hearthstone in the bar room most affected by the fire raking noises. There she found a pouch containing a hundred gold guineas, Pritchard’s legacy to his wife and children.

Its unfinished business now dealt with, David Pritchard’s ghost was never seen again.

The Tragedy at Plas Mawr

One of Snowdonia’s most beautiful – and famous – buildings is Plas Mawr in Conwy, which was built by Robert Wynne towards the end of the 16th century.

Robert Wynne was expected home after months away at war, and his return was eagerly anticipated by his pregnant wife and three year old son. On the day that Wynne was due to return home, his wife and child kept lookout at the top of the watchtower.

After hours of waiting and still no sign of Wynne, his wife decided it was too late to keep the child up, and started to take him down the steps of the watchtower back to the warmth of the house. But she slipped and fell, with her son, down to the bottom of the stairs, and both were badly injured.

Mrs Wynne and the child were taken to the Lantern Room and the local doctor was summoned. Soon afterwards, there was a knock at the door; but in place of the usual doctor was a young stranger. He introduced himself as Doctor Dick and explained that the family doctor was with another patient, and that he had been sent in the doctor’s place.

When Doctor Dick examined the patients, he told the servants that he was not sufficiently skilled to treat them, and so the servants sent another messenger to fetch the family doctor. In the meantime, the servants refused to let Doctor Dick go, and locked him in the Lantern Room.

After many hours of waiting, there was a knock at the door. Standing there was Robert Wynne, home from the wars. The servants told him what had happened and he burst into the Lantern Room to be met by his wife, son and premature baby, all lying dead on the floor.

Enraged, Wynne looked for Doctor Dick, but the young stranger had completely disappeared. Wynne locked himself in the Lantern Room and refused to come out until he had found the doctor.

The next morning, the servants let themselves into the room and found Wynne dead; in his grief he’d stabbed himself in the throat with his dagger.

Doctor Dick was never seen or heard of again. Legend says that he had tried to escape by climbing up the chimney, and that his bones, blackened with soot, are still hidden somewhere in the house.

And Robert Wynne’s ghost, still looking to avenge the untimely deaths of his young family, is said to still haunt the Lantern Room to this day.

Steven Jones is Senior Tourism Services Officer at Cyngor Gwynedd Council, a Welsh local authority whose not-for-profit Snowdonia Mountains and Coast website provides visitors to Snowdonia with a wealth of useful information about the region, including activities, attractions, history and culture. The site also enables visitors to search an extensive database of Snowdonia accommodation, and to plan their holidays in some of Snowdonia’s most popular towns and villages.

Hollywood celebrities? real ghost stories

Whether ghost existence or not is always a myth to human beings, even scientists cannot explain this phenomenon. Not only normal people but also Hollywood celebrities sometimes say that they have ever seen ghosts and taken photos of them.


Taylor Momsen

This Gossip Girl has got photographic evidence of her ghostly encounter. Her mom grew up in Devil’s Lake and her next door neighbor had died. The neighbor was wealthy and her belongings got put in a museum. Curiously, the superstar went ghost hunting to take pictures and talk to her. As a result, there were actually two images that the lady took, one of a hand on a typewriter and one of her entire body in a window.


Taylor Momsen and her story of a ghost


She took two images of the ghost


Maroon 5

While Adam Levine and his band-mates recorded their album namely “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” at Harry Houdini’s allegedly haunted home in Los Angeles, guitarist James Valentine even claimed he saw a ghost on the stairs and never felt any bad vibes like that.


Maroom 5 – American rock band from Los Angeles, California


Harry Houdini was a famous American magician in the previous century


Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek thought her 16-month-old daughter, Valentina, can see dead people. The 42-year-old actress told the Rachael Ray Show that Valentina woke up and her eyes were open. Then she was looking at one specific point and she was going, even she was looking at someone, but there’s no one there. Salma felt terrified and analyzed her daughter was trying in different languages to see what nationality this ghost was to go away.


Salma Hayek and her daughter, Valentina


Keanu Reeves

Actor Keanu Reeves was very shocked after seeing this vision as a child. This ghost was living in New Jersey when I saw and felt it. Keanu remembered just staring at this suit which had no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing. Consequently, the actor couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards and still saw the figure in his dreams and nightmares.


Keanu Reeves is best known for his role in the science fiction-action trilogy “The Matrix”.



The singer of hit song “TiK Tok” often tried to convince her friends to spend the night because she wouldn’t get haunted on if they were there. However, Kesha fortunately moved to a new house without ghost fearing.


Kesha was born on March 1st, 1987


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, who claimed she was visited by ex-fiancé Heath Ledger‘s ghost on several occasions. According to Michelle, Heath saw her three months after his death at 3 a.m. At that moment, she awoke and felt her bedroom furniture being moved before seeing a shadowy figure that looked like Heath. The second time he visited, she said that he apologized for not helping her to raise their daughter Matilda.


Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger when Heath was alive



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How to Tell Good Ghost Stories

Whether it is on Halloween night or simply sitting around a campfire with your closest friends, telling ghost stories is a popular American tradition that goes way back. The idea of course is to tell a story that terrifies the listeners in a frightening yet entertaining way. Typically, these short stories center on a supernatural being or occurrence such as haunted house, vampires, white gliding ghosts, monsters and psychotic humans. While most stories are fictional or urban legends, many listeners still believe some of these as they hear them from a lot of sources. Telling scary stories is a fun thing to especially if you’re already good at it as your young relatives and friends will ask you to tell them your ghost stories over and over again. To be good at telling ghost stories you have to keep three things in mind.


Before you start looking for good ghost stories to tell, you should be aware of who your audience is first. Knowing who you’re going to tell the story to is crucial because people have different opinions and takes on topics. If you’re planning to tell a story with gruesome images, telling it to teenagers and young adults would be a safe bet, but not to children as imagining horrible and repugnant scenes may be too much for their innocent little brains. That said, always remember to match the level of horror your story has to the level of tolerance your audience has. Now, there are plenty of urban legends out there that you can use. These include the “Mothman” in West Virginia, or the “Hunted Railroad Tracks” in San Antonio, Texas, or the local “Big Foot” sightings, which always works well with the kids. There are far more short stories that can be found in the internet.

Just visit your favorite search engine and type the kind of story you have in mind.

Choose the right venue and have props ready

To be honest, setting the ambience is more important than the story itself. If you told a really scary story during breakfast, none of your listeners would get scared. In fact, laughter would probably be the more appropriate reaction than getting scared. The point is you have to set the right mood in order to tell a scary story effectively. You will need a dark room or dark outdoors, candles, firewood (if applicable), flashlights, atonal music, and a really low voice. The more props the better. Getting a partner to help you out in delivering the story is even better as he can help you with the effects. For instance, you can have your partner turn a fan on the room briefly so the candles would flicker, or have him slam a door during suspenseful point in the story. Be creative.

Practice makes perfect

Once you’re done with the setting and props, it’s now time to practice telling the story. Ideally, you should practice in front of a mirror with all the props present so that actually telling the story will be automatic. This also helps you identify the right voice tonalities on the parts of the story that matter. Most importantly, learn the story by heart. Believe it, or at least make your audience believe you believe it. GP

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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Stories

Pokemon HGSS takes place three years after the events of Pokemon RGBY (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow). Red became the Kanto Pokemon Champion and then quickly disappears. Team Rocket has disbanded and a new day has dawned. To the west of Kanto (the location of Pokemon RGBY) is a land known as Johto. Here you take the part of a tweener about to set out on their own Pokemon journey.

You have a choice of three starts: Totodile, Cyndaquil or Chikorita. After you’ve chosen your Pokemon, it’s time to cover the Johto circuit and take down their eight gym leaders. Along the way you’ll discover Apricorns, the return of Team Rocket, Baby Pokemon, the Elite Four and so much more. After you defeat the Johto Pokemon Champion, you get the surprise of a lifetime (unless you’ve played the original): you can travel to Kanto and encounter the eight gym leaders there. After getting all 16 badges, you can encounter Red in a battle of champions.

Besides all of that, there’s also things like the Johto Bug Catching contest and several brand new things added that weren’t in the originals. These include the new Pokethlon that takes the place of Pokemon contests, Gym Leader rematches, radio stations that attract Pokemon from either Hoehn or Sinnoh, the return of Giovanni, a Battle Frontier area, over half a dozen new areas, a Safari Zone, the ability to take commemorative photos of your team, a special new Arceus event, a special new notched-eared Pichu event, the revelation of who your Rival’s father is, and so much more.

Best of all is the fact that the HG and SS remakes contains the Suicune storyline originally only found in Pokemon Crystal. It’s a lot of fun in many ways, HG&SS are more remakes of the Crystal GBC cart than the original GB games. I’m still shocked that neither the Ruby/Sapphire or Diamond/Pearl games offered you the ability to return to the previous game’s region. In this regard, and many other, the little old GBC carts of Pokemon Gold and Silver were far ahead of the GBA and DS games and these remakes make that more apparent than ever.

As the 24/7 function of the original games have almost certainly killed the battery in those original carts, this DS upgrade is well worth it. You’re getting to return to the best generation of Pokemon games, now with even more stuff thrown in and more depth given to the adventure. I’m still ecstatic the game contains the Crystal storyline and this truly makes HG & SS head and shoulders above not only the original versions of these games, but every Pokemon game EVER.

Whether this is your first time playing a Pokemon game, or you’ve done all four regions, the upgrades AND the Fire Red & Leaf Green remakes, you’ll quickly see why Heart Gold and Soul Silver’s storyline is not only a portable gaming classic, but remembered so fondly by Pokemon fans the world over.

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