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Lego Darth Vader – An Iconic Lego Figurine For 10 Years and Still Going

The Lego Group had humble beginnings in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark. In 1916, he purchased a woodworking shop in Billund which had been in business since 1895. His workshop burned down in 1924 when a fire, lit by two of his young sons, ignited some wood shavings. Ole’ Kirk took the disaster as an opportunity to construct a larger workshop, and worked towards expanding his business even further.

It was in 1934 that the company name Lego was used following a contest held amongst the staff members. Later the Lego Group discovered that “Lego” can be loosely interpreted as “I put together” or “I assemble” in Latin.

The Lego Star Wars series was introduced in 1999 and has been continually added to since then. The Lego line of toys began with figurines and vehicles from the trilogy(Episodes IV-VI). Since then new sets and releases have been added to cover the earlier prequel trilogy (Episodes I-III).

All the main elements of the Star Wars movies have been recreated in Lego form. The characters are typical Lego figures with square heads and bodies. Variations in color and the headwear and costumes help to distinguish the characters. Since there is wide variation in the size,shape and heads of many star wars characters, Lego made special molds for the heads which are true to the characters. Original molds were created for the Lego Star Wars line. Darth Vader is a good example of this. Star Wars would not be the same without the light sabers so Lego made these also.

One of the first lego minifigures to be released was lego Darth Vader in 1999, there are several versions but the most common is the one of LEGO’s first version. (before the 2009 redesigned torso). A red version of Darth Vader’s helmet was produced and sold by Lego, however it was not included in any sets. This version was available via BrickLink but has since been removed from their item listings.

Anakin Skywalker is a Star Wars minifigure that has been released in six different versions and was first seen in The Phantom Menace sets in 1999. He also becomes Darth Vader in the Episode III set 7251 Darth Vader Transformation produced in 2005. Some versions have been released with different accessories.

– (Padawan) (with and without cape)
– Jedi Knight (Original one from Episode III and burned Anakin with no hair
– Anakin Skywalker Jedi Knight (Original one from Episode III and burned Anakin with no hair
– Figurine with light-up lightsaber and Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)

Lego Darthvader features in a number of lego sets, including Tie fighter sets, Final Duel 1, Tie Fighter advanced, imperial inspection, darth vader transformation, imperial star destroyer, rogue shadow and death star.

The 4547551 Chrome Darth Vader is a bag containing the Chrome Darth Vader minifigure Alongside LEGO Star Wars’ 10th anniversary, LEGO produced Chrome Darth Vader minifigures to promote the event. 10,000 were randomly inserted into 2009 Star Wars sets in the US. (differing to LEGO’s 2007 Gold C-3PO promotion for Star War’s 30th anniversary, it was decided to include the battle packs in the list of sets that these special minifigures would be inserted into.) They were also given away as promotional in some stores, or with a purchase of Lego Star Wars in other countries. There was also a toy fair in new York in 2009 containing the chrome minifigure.

Indeed, Star wars Lego has been one of the real success stories of the lego series, with lego darth vader being a favourite with both adults and children alike.

Jared Bannister is a Lego star wars collector and enthusiast. He has produced a range of websites and blogs on the various star wars minifigures. To learn more about Lego Darth Vader visit the website at http://www.legodarthvader.com.

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NYT Backs Up NBC: McCain Was Not In “Cone Of Silence” Before Saddleback
Games of War cheats
Image by Renegade98
Huffington Post

Last night, John McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis sent a strongly-worded letter to NBC News president Steve Capus, complaining about "unsubstantiated, partisan claims" on the network made "in order to undercut John McCain."

The claim in question was made by Andrea Mitchell on yesterday’s broadcast of "Meet the Press," while discussing McCain and Obama’s respective performance during the Saddlebeck Forum on Faith led by Pastor Rick Warren. The full quote is as follows:

MITCHELL: The Obama people must feel that he didn’t do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because that — what they’re putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama…. He seemed so well-prepared.

In the letter, reprinted by Mike Allen of Politico, Davis claimed that the claim was "completely unsubstantiated" and a "blatant falsehood."

However, the New York Times’ Kit Seelye has boldly backed up Mitchell’s claim in today’s story, "Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn’t in a ‘Cone of Silence’." Per Seelye:

Senator John McCain was not in a "cone of silence" on Saturday night while his rival, Senator Barack Obama, was being interviewed at the Saddleback Church in California… The matter is of interest because Mr. McCain, who followed Mr. Obama’s hourlong appearance in the forum, was asked virtually the same questions as Mr. Obama. Mr. McCain’s performance was well received, raising speculation among some viewers, especially supporters of Mr. Obama, that he was not as isolated during the Obama interview as Mr. Warren implied.


Mr. Warren, the pastor of Saddleback, had assured the audience while he was interviewing Mr. Obama that "we have safely placed Senator McCain in a cone of silence" and that he could not hear the questions… Interviewed Sunday on CNN, Mr. Warren seemed surprised to learn that Mr. McCain was not in the building during the Obama interview.

This corroborates Mitchell’s report, which was "McCain may not have been in the cone of silence" (he wasn’t, at least not for the duration) and "may have some ability to overhear" the question (unclear, but if the purpose of the ‘cone of silence’ is to guard against that, then presumably being outside it might have afforded that opportunity.

But even without Seelye, Mitchell was corroborated…by Davis. He wrote, "The fact is that during Senator Obama’s segment at Saddleback last night, Senator McCain was in a motorcade to the event and then held in a green room with no broadcast feed." That means that he was not in the cone of silence during the Obama questioning, confirming Mitchell’s report.

The issue, of course, isn’t whether or not he cheated, but whether he could have cheated. The cone of silence was meant to ensure that the second candidate had no possible advantage over the first. It is a time-honored tradition, from its coinage on TV show Get Smart to a reference on Everybody Loves Raymond to numerous game shows through history.

McCain spokeswoman Nicolle Wallace, told the NYT that McCain had not heard the broadcast while in the motorcade, nor had he any of the questions. That neatly accounts for just one way McCain might have learned the content of the questions; the event was being broadcast live, and presumably his aides have Blackberries. Coaching could have taken place without McCain hearing anything directly from the broadcast at all.

This is not meant to make the claim that McCain received information relating to Warren’s questions to Obama, just that he could have done, since the constraints of the cone of silence were not in effect. Those constraints were pointedly put in place by Pastor Warren to provide an excplicit safeguard of fairness, and it was reported to the audience as such. The fact that such a safeguard might not have been universally applied is a relevant fact, one which Mitchell reported dispassionately, citing the source (the Obama campaign), providing caveats ("may have") and providing the context (that McCain had performed very well). Today, Kit Seelye and the NYT back that up.

This, incidentally, is the third letter of complaint Capus has received this year relating to perceived bias by presidential figures. In February, presidential contender Hillary Clinton wrote to Capus complaining about David Shuster’s use of the term "pimped out" to describe daughter Chelsea Clinton’s campaigning on her behalf. In May, White House Counselor Ed Gillespie took issue with the editing of an interview conducted by Richard Engel, including in his complaint to Capus a suggestion of overall liberal bias at NBC from cable sibling MSNBC. Davis made a similar allegation in his letter, expressing concern that "your News Division is following MSNBC’s lead in abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race" and requesting a meeting to discuss the McCain campaign’s "deep concerns about the news standards and level of objectivity at NBC."

It’s a claim that tends to rally the GOP base; after the NYT’s front-page story implying improper relations with a young blonde lobbyist, McCain vowed "war" against the paper; his supporters responded with a surge in donations. McCain’s and he has continued to fan those flames.

This, like the Gillespie letter, may be the real reason for the complaint: Airing the grievance that NBC is being corrupted as a news organization, and tilting liberal under the weight of MSNBC. It’s what AP television writer David Bauder called "the soft white underbelly" of NBC News, and it’s an easy target for Team McCain, whose base is no fan of the so-called "liberal" media — and more and more, conservative elements have been including NBC in that grouping (cf. Bill O’Reilly).

Whatever motivation McCain and Davis have, they picked a bad battle to fight here, because Mitchell was right: McCain was not in the Cone of Silence for the duration of Obama’s questioning.

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Why People Cheat and How You Can Still Survive Following Infidelity

Only half of all marriages survive in this country and there are many different reasons that result in these breakups. One of the most frequent things that happens to marriages is the act of infidelity. The statistics are extremely as high as close to 80% of men cheat as over 50% of women cheat. This often leads to divorce but this article will discuss why infidelity occurs and how your marriage can recover from it using Scottsdale marriage counseling and getting your kids help through Scottsdale children’s therapy to deal with this sad event in many marriages.

What leads someone to cheat on their spouse and to go outside their marriage into the arms of someone else? There are several reasons to this behavior but the main point to them all is it is about the person who does the cheating not about the person they are cheating on. Many people find themselves in an extramarital affair when in fact they never thought they would be the ones to do such a thing. How do you go from being someone who loves your husband or wife and pledges to be faithful to them to being someone who is lying to them and sneaking around behind their back?

One big reason someone cheats is that they are under an enormous amount of stress or have gone through something that was emotionally difficult. For example, losing a job or having financial difficulties can be especially hard on the husband who values himself on being able to take care of his family. When this is taken away from him he may find solace in a distraction which often times is another woman. Usually he does not have any intention of staying with the woman but he likes the distraction she provides and how she makes him feel when he is with her.

Another reason someone cheats on their spouse is due to a lack of confidence. Many women feel that they lose their sex appeal once they get married and have children and many put on some unwanted weight or let themselves go a bit while they are taking care of everyone else. This creates a self esteem issue and sometimes it is also pointed out by their husbands which makes them feel even worse. Then a man enters their life, often through work, and makes them feel beautiful and sexy and they like the way that makes them feel. This helps their self esteem issues and that is why they become unfaithful.

Some people have a zero tolerance in regards to infidelity and once they find out their spouse cheated on them, they file for divorce. Having a spouse be unfaithful is a devastating blow but it is not your fault and something that can be worked on through marriage counseling if both parties want to try to heal the marriage. Finding a good counselor is imperative and once you do, the therapist can guide you individually as well as a couple to recognizing how their marriage landed them in their office in the first place.

Chuck R Stewart recently studied new Scottsdale marriage counseling concepts while conducting research for an article. The new book out in bookstores will provide insight regarding Scottsdale childrens therapy practices and the level of support provided during a crisis.

Can You Still Save Your Marriage If You Had Been a Cheating Spouse?

If you study the statistic, you will notice that the divorce rate has increased over the years. Couples have cited a variety of reasons for the cause of divorce and one of the most common one is none other than cheating. If you are a cheating spouse but you still want to save your marriage, it that possible?

If you have cheated on your spouse, the most important thing that you need to realize is that you have hurt your partner badly and whether your spouse is willing to forgive you or otherwise depends on how sincere you are. You need to ask yourself if you really want to save your marriage and whether you are willing to change. However, it is useless to simply beg your spouse for forgiveness and promise to change as your spouse will most probably not believe you as you have betrayed that trust in the first place. That said, it does not mean that you simply give up. No, you can accept the responsibility by admitting your mistake and make the change instead of just simply saying it.

You must be well aware that “actions speak louder than words” so show your spouse your sincerity. Nobody wants a cheating spouse so do not give your partner any chance of doubting your faithfulness again. It is not going to be easy to win back that trust again but over time and if you been sincere enough, your spouse will forgive you. Hopefully you have not hurt your spouse so much that he or she had given up all hopes on you, although the truth is that you do not deserve to be trusted again!

Remember that the process of gaining trust again is not going to be easy but if you remain faithful, it will assure your spouse that you are really changing. Take precaution not to get mad and try to justify your mistake. A broken trust is a broken trust, not matter how you try to justify yourself. If you try to argue or force your spouse to accept you, you are just asking for a divorce! You will not be able to save your marriage by getting angry and refusing to accept responsibility for your mistake.

It might help if you put yourself in the shoes of your partner and ask yourself if you would give your spouse a chance if you were the one being betrayed? It might help you to understand why your problem cannot be resolved right away. Be prepared for some forms of depression to set in for either you or your spouse. If you feel that you are unable to handle the stress, seek professional help such as getting the help of a psychologist.

At this point you will need to look for various sources as to how you can improve your marriage. One suggestion is to ask friends or relatives who had been in your shoes. Alternatively, you can also seek help from marriage counselors but both ways mean you will have to let a third party know of the problems which you are facing.

If you do not want anybody to know that you had been a cheating spouse, one suggestion for you is to look for relationship advice online. I recommend that you check out Stella’s ebook “15 Steps Towards Improving Your Marriage” at http://www.stellamak.com/recommend/savemarriagetips.html as the strategies taught in the ebook can help you to rekindle your love and save your marriage. Apply the strategies together with your sincerity and you should be able to win back the trust of your spouse again. However, if you really love your partner, do not be a cheating spouse again for I don’t believe anyone can forgive infidelity the second time round!

How to Cheat on Your Diet?and Still Lose Weight

There is cheating and then there is cheating. The first cheating is eating snack foods, candy bars or sodas. Foods you know are bad for your diet and health. The second cheating is more subtle and usually tastes better. The second cheating usually happens when eating at a restaurant. You need to be ready for the types of food and understand how they are cooked. Usually the waiter knows how they are cooked and what they are cooked with.

Have you ever been dieting only to fall off the wagon and cheat on your diet? Ever wonder why dieting for the first couple weeks goes great and then you hit a wall? Understanding the hormone Leptin and how it functions in your body is the key to unlocking your bodies fat loss potential and breaking through any plateaus that stand in your way.

Many successful dieters know that while being true to a diet is important, being overly strict can often backfire. Not only are severely restrictive diets difficult to stick with, those who follow them often find that after a while they get so frustrated that they either set themselves up for a binge or they abandon the diet altogether. To make matters worse, the dieter often ends up gaining all the lost weight back, and often even more.

Fake it till you make it. Go buy some industrial strength foundation garments. All the celebrities use them even when they are at their fighting weight. Shape wear is a well kept secret. It tucks in all those lumps and bumps so you look sleeker and smoother even while you are shrinking. It is heart warming to suddenly see a waist line appear where there was none. The psychological boost is huge. Also when you wear them you feel less inclined to eat too much. Oh yes shape wear is a very good thing.

The problem with most diets is that they inherently make you stay and feel hungry which is setting you up to be defeated. Most people do not have the willpower to deal with these feelings of hunger. Hunger is a normal function which is our body telling us that it needs something.

By planning ahead, you’ll know exactly what you should be doing for fat loss at every minute of the day. That way you won’t have to make any snap decisions on the spot, and you won’t give into temptation. Make a plan and stick to it and you will lose fat fast!

Now stop right there do you really think you will get very far with this type of thinking. Okay, now is the time to do some releasing of your emotions and educate yourself that cheating is part of your plan. The do of cheating; decide when you cheat you will not beat yourself up. When you cheat; make a list of items you can cheat with which are less fattening or caloric. List exercises you like doing you can do when you over cheat for balance. Like bike riding, swimming, jumping rope, a brisk walk.

How Do I Tell My Husband I Still Love Him After His Cheating But Am Afraid He’ll Cheat Again?

I recently heard from a wife who very much wanted to save her marriage after her husband had briefly been unfaithful. That’s not to say that she wasn’t devastated, struggling, or angry. She was all of these things. And, she was very reluctant to place her heart and her trust on the line again when this might have meant risking him cheating on her once more sometime in the future. And, these fears were really weighing on her and keeping her from really moving forward. She felt that she could not (and would not) ever go through this again. And these concerns made her somewhat reluctant to even try to save the marriage for fear of disappointment and more pain.

She wanted to somehow tell or warn her husband that this was going to be his one chance, but she wasn’t sure how to go about this. She worried about how quickly he was driven to cheat when they reached little road bumps in their marriage. With the blink of an eye, he’d made a very unfortunate decision, so what was to stop him from doing it again the next time they struggled? She couldn’t come up with an acceptable answer to this question. And, this is where she kept getting stuck.

Her husband kept asking her for support, acceptance, and reassurance. But, she was having a hard time pretending that she didn’t have any doubts. This was certainly understandable and no one should pretend to be completely on board and without doubts when this isn’t the truth. The husband had placed himself in a position where she was justified in doubting him. She just needed to find the words to express this. I will offer some suggestions in the following article.

The wife in this scenario was making all sorts of apologies and actually felt guilty for her distrust. This is actually very common, which may surprise you. But many times, your reaction to a husband’s affair may not be what how you thought that you might respond. I often hear women say things like: “If my husband ever cheated on me, that would be it. He would never get a second chance.” It’s easy to say this when you aren’t in this situation. But once you are, things can begin to look a bit differently and things may not be as clear as you might have thought.

By no means should the faithful spouse feel guilty for having doubts or for having trust issues. When someone betrays you once, it only makes sense that you are going to doubt them until they prove themselves trustworthy again. And, this just takes some time. You have to view their actions and behaviors for some time to come. It’s not fair for you to be pressured into rushing this process

A Dialog To Tell Your Husband That You Love Him And You Want To Work Things Out After His Cheating, (But That You Have Doubts And Worry That He Will Cheat Again:) Other than the doubts and concerns that the wife had about the husband’s ability to fix this and to be faithful in the future, another huge problem for her was how to communicate her feelings to her husband. Because every time she asked questions or expressed doubts, her husband turned on the water works and began with his apologies and accounts of how much hated himself for putting the marriage at risk.

So, the wife hesitated every time she thought about being honest. But, this really wasn’t getting her anywhere. She needed to be able to release her feelings and this couple was going to need to be able to be honest with one another from this point on. Honestly going forward is one of the things that safeguards your marriage from another affair.

So, I suggested a dialog that went went something like this: “I’m listening to you when you say that love you me, that you want to work things out, and that you will make this up to me. I do appreciate your eagerness to fix this. But, I have to tell you that I’m struggling a bit right now. This is a difficult issue which has made a difficult situation. I’m just going to need some time to sort through this. My taking this time doesn’t mean that I don’t love you or that I’m not committed to our marriage. I am. I can not stress enough how much I want to save the marriage and how much I love you. But, neither of these things mean that I don’t have real concerns moving forward. I need to know that you will never cheat on me again and this is something that is just going to take time. So, please allow me this time and don’t rush or pressure me. I do love you and I am willing to fight for our marriage, but we both have some work to do to address both of our concerns so that we can create a marriage that means we don’t have to worry about this again in the future.”

Of course, these are just suggestions. You know which words are likely to work best for your husband. But basically, you’ve not lashed out or been punishing or mean. You’ve said what you needed to say. You’ve reassured him that you still love him and want to save the marriage. But, you’ve also asked for the time, patience, and reassurances that you need. And, you’ve been honest about your concerns and doubts. Since his mistakes are the reason for this situation, he will usually understand that it’s only fair (and very much in his own best interest) to provide you with what you have asked for.

Once he understands that he needs to be patient and he has some work to do to show you that you can trust him again, then you can begin working on the issues that will safeguard your marriage in the future. Because if you able to address these things, your doubts and worries should lessen.

There was a time when I thought I would never get over my husband’s affair and that I could never trust him again, but this is in the past. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is at an all time high. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Can I Still Save My Relationship After Cheating?

The answer to your question is yes. You can actually save your relationship after cheating on your partner. This will require a lot from you. But it is only your determination that will be able to keep you going. You will have to also understand things from your partner’s point of view. You should be ready to take responsibility for what you have done and be ready to take the right steps towards rebuilding your relationship.

The only thing that will register on the mind of the other partner is that: Once a cheater, always a cheater. Your partner will find it difficult to believe that you will ever have a permanent change of heart. The onus is now on you to make them believe that you are actually ready to change permanently for the better.

Please, don’t try to argue things with your partner. Argument only destroys things further. It is better for you to accept your fault without any reservation and humbly apologize to your partner (Your partner really deserves it, even more). Of course, you should not expect your partner to straight away accept your apology. A change of heart on their part will come with time.

You must be ready to do more than just apologizing. Take the next step of showing remorse on what happened and be ready to repent. Let your partner see your sincere remorse and gradually, you will find their heart coming to accept you again.

You also will need to make your partner feel as if they are the best of partners in the whole world. Give them all the attention you can muster. Care for them like never before. You will need to do it with sincerity, or else your partner will notice the falsehood in what you do and they will not like that at all.

It takes time to build trust, it takes even a longer time to rebuild a broken down trust. This means that you will need to be patient with your partner. It will take some time for them to trust you again. But with time, you will be able to save your relationship after cheating.

Whether you are still together and trying to deal with infidelity or you are already seperated and want to save your relationship or marriage… the next step is absolutely crucial! Don’t make the mistake of saying or doing something that will kill your chances of getting back together with your partner. Find out what you need to do to give your relationship or marriage a second chance and emotionally reconnect with your partner again.