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Dragon Age Review And StarCraft Reviews Show Striking Similarities

Buy StarCraft today to start enjoying the amazing graphic design and plot development that is provided by this outstanding gaming title. Reviews of StarCraft and StarCraft II are generally fairly similar to a Dragon Age review. Both of these games provide wonderful storylines and immerse gamers into a virtual environment that is full of detail, intense strife, and endless excitement.

StarCraft titles are unique though, because they give gamers complete control over the Universe they are interacting with. In this way, gamers can command large groups of armies and they can combat with competing foes to prove their superiority over other gamers and artificial intelligence. In order to do this though, players must take advantage of the most advanced and unique strategies they can possibly conjure to outsmart their opponents and ultimately dominate the entire StarCraft Universe.

The Original StarCraft Title Introduces Players To The Excitement Of The 26th Century

If you want to enjoy the exciting experiences that are found within the StarCraft Universe, you should get started by purchasing the original StarCraft title developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In the original StarCraft title, three races, the Terran, the Protoss, and the Zerg, compete against each other for dominance over the Milky Way Galaxy. Complete dominance over the Milky Way would give each race access to abundant resources that are available throughout the galaxy.

Compete Over Scarce Resources To Dominate The Galaxy

All three races within the StarCraft Universe must mine for minerals before they can build structures or new units to fight battles. For this reason, the minerals and natural resources that prevail throughout the Universe are incredibly important to each race. Due to the importance of minerals, each race continually harvests these resources to sustain their survival and also ultimately promote their expansion throughout the galaxy.

So, if you are interested in playing within this fascinating and enthralling Universe, you should certainly expect to enter into numerous engaging battles over the natural resources that are scattered throughout this virtual world. These titles do not only provide excellent gaming experiences involving competition over valuable and scarce resources though, but they also provide an intriguing storyline that completely immerses gamers within the intense rivalry that exists between the Protoss, Zerg, and the Terran races.

Command Armies And Complete Vital Missions To Make Progress Towards Your Ultimate Goals

The original StarCraft title also introduces gamers to a style of gaming that has truly changed the entire world of video games. StarCraft players start their gaming experience by accepting orders and recommendations from superiors within the StarCraft Universe. These orders and recommendations guide players through a web of important missions that ultimately lead to more intense conflicts between the primary races in the game.

This gaming title is incredibly intriguing from the perspective of players though, because it lets players enjoy the diverse experiences of commanding all three races. In this way, the player gets to see the StarCraft Universe from every perspective. Ultimately, from the multiple perspectives the players gets to experience through the original StarCraft title, the player gains and understanding as to how these races view each other as a whole.

From the player’s perspective, these experiences are very fun and entertaining overall, because the player has absolute control over the troops that are relevant to the storyline. Also, the player must make choices that can ultimately affect the outcome of the battles between these races. If the player makes poor choices, the troops they are commanding ultimately perish. On the other hand, if they make wise decisions while they compete with the artificial intelligence present within the game, they give their troops an opportunity to dominate the other races living in the galaxy.

Continue Enjoying Your Epic Adventures In The StarCraft Sequel Wings Of Liberty

The fun and excitement does not end with the original title though, because a new StarCraft title has now been released to gaming fans. Of course, players got to enjoy the three expansion packs that were released following the release of the original title, but fans get to truly enjoy the StarCraft experience through the use of the sequel to the original title, StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty.

StarCraft II is an excellent title that has also received rave reviews around the gaming community. This title is excellent, because it is based on the original StarCraft Universe. It comes with all of the intrigue and turmoil that is present within the original Universe too. In this way, players get to enjoy the rivalry that exists between the Protoss, the Zerg, and the Terran. Plus, players get to enjoy updated graphics and an updated multiplayer network by purchasing this title.

So, if you found the original StarCraft title to be outstanding overall, you will likely find this title to be outstanding as well. The graphics within this title provide a more appealing three-dimensional viewpoint of the StarCraft Universe and it also provides more detail for players to enjoy. Even though the graphics may have changed in this title, and the multiplayer network has been updated, the storyline remains to be very intriguing.

Follow Jim Raynor Through Life Altering Missions Within The StarCraft Universe

In the first sequel title released by Blizzard Entertainment, Wings Of Liberty, players get to enjoy the exploits of Jim Raynor as they traverse the StarCraft Universe. In the two expansion packs that will be released after the debut of Wings Of Liberty, players will get to enjoy the experience of commanding both the Zerg and the Protoss races. Also, new additions will be added to the game that will create more diverse multiplayer experiences for gamers to enjoy.

Conquest The Galaxy And Enjoy Diverse Battles By Purchasing A StarCraft Title

Overall, the gaming experience the StarCraft Universe provides for players are extremely entertaining. Millions of gamers purchased and enjoyed the magnificent exploits of the original StarCraft title. StarCraft II starts off four years later within the StarCraft Universe to continue the epic exploits of the Terran, the Protoss, and the Zerg races. As a gamer, if you have enjoyed the legendary battles Jim Raynor has participated in, or you have enjoyed many unforgettable moments during multiplayer play in the StarCraft Universe, you will likely enjoy all of the new titles that are being released today.

If you are a gamer, and you are interested in enjoying a role-playing game that also gives you an opportunity to develop your ability to command and guide troops away from and into harm’s way, you will likely find StarCraft and StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty to be excellent titles all around. If you buy both of these titles, you will get to enjoy the exhilarating battles that take place between the races of the StarCraft Universe and you will also get to deploy three powerful armies to fight against your friends for dominance over the StarCraft Universe. If epic battles for dominance over the futuristic StarCraft Universe sound interesting to you, you should definitely buy StarCraft.

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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Protoss vs. Terran – Stopping The Marine Marauder Build 1v1

When playing as Protoss in Starcraft 2 I find the most difficulty fending off that pesky early game Marine Marauder push used by hundreds if not thousands of Terran players on Battle.net. In the following article I’m going to reveal a good build order and what you (the Protoss player) can do to stop the Terran from destroying you 10 minutes into the match. Here is what works best versus Terran.

First off you want to harvest minerals and produce Probes until 9 supply. Warp in your first Pylon and then produce an additional 3 probes (Chronoboosting after the Pylon is completed). At 12 or 13 supply you want to start your first Gateway. Now right here you want to continue producing Probes as normal, but for this strategies timing to be most effective you will want to postpone your second Pylon until you have started your Cybernetics Core. The Reason for this is you will NEED sentries they are one of the most crucial pieces to this technique and you want to get them before your opponent reaches your base (just a little sidenote you will want to be Chronoboosting your Gateway units IF you’ve been scouted, if not you generally can preserve it for the production of Probes). After your Cybernetics Core is started you want to grab that 2nd Pylon and build 2 more Gateways. Once your Cybernetics Core is finished you will want to begin a Robotics Facility then begin Warp Gate research. Build a 4th Gateway and save for your Robotics Support Bay. Remember to build Pylons as needed to avoid becoming supply blocked and once you have that your buildings are setup.

Now meanwhile you want to get 2 or 3 Sentries out as fast as you can because they are going to delay the Terran from gaining access to your base. What you can do with these Sentries is place a Force Field (not to be confused with Guardian Shield) down at the BOTTOM of your ramp so that A) they can’t come up into your base and B) they can’t see up your ramp into your base (at least without wasting energy on a scan). Basically you want to leverage this ability to your advantage and use this time to produce Stalkers and Immortals as you wait for your Robotics Support Bay to finish. Also its good practice to produce 3 or 4 Zealots and keep them in front of your army to soak up incoming damage should the Terran army get a unit or two up the ramp. Once your Robotics Support Bay is done i highly recommend you upgrade Thermal Lances (increased range with Colossi) as this will aid you taking out a portion of their army while you’re still in your base.

Once your 2nd Colossus is finished it is this moment that you want to shift from defensive to offensive. If you did this correctly you should have your 2-3 Sentries 3-4 Immortals 6-7 Stalkers a couple Zealots and your 2 Colossi. Coupled with a little micro skill this attack force should be a plenty big enough army to completely overwhelm the Terran player’s army of Marines and Marauders as well as completely ravaging his main base. Using this technique you could easily overpower players of all skill levels.

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world sc2 Starcraft 2 Patch note 1.1.2

Blizzard continuously indeed working actively to make her little gem even more competitive in terms of multiplayer. Even if the firm has announced it does not happen in a game “perfect” for a year, it nevertheless provides the means to get there and maybe even sooner than we think. Here are the patch notes 1.1.2.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – Patch 1.1.2


* Players will no longer receive notifications about the deeds when they are in status “busy”.
* The message to load a replay of another version of the game has been clarified.
* Adjustment of points won and lost at random team from the level of your ally.


o Building
Life and buckler Nexus are increased to 750/750 1000/1000
o Void Ray
Damage level 1 pass from 5 to 6 (4 Armored cons).
Damage level 2 pass from 10 (15 Shielded cons) to 8 (8 Shielded cons).
Search time bonus rate drop from 1125 to 0703.

o Buildings
The prerequisite for building a hut Exchange Command Center at a supply depot.
The life of the Supply Depot increases from 350 to 400.
o Medivac
The acceleration was reduced by 2,315 to 2.25.
The speed was reduced from 2.75 to 2.5.
o Reaper
The speed improvement Nitro-thrusters now requires to have a plant.
o Thor
There is more energy bar.
250mm Cannons Strike now has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

o Building
The incubator now has 1500 points of life (before 1250).
The terrier is now 2000 points of life (before 1800).
The gene pool has now 1000 points of life (before 750).
The needle now has 850 points of life (before 600).
The cave now has 850 points Ultralisks life (before 600).
o Corruptor
The energy bar has been removed.
The Corruption spell now has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
o Infesteur
The spell “Fungal Growth” now prevents the Blink.
o Cockroach
Attack range from 3 to 4.


* Fixed bug when the player casts the spell “Impact” on defense points Drone.
* Fixed bug which remained in Phoenix mode field of gravity so that the target was dead.
* Fixed bug where larvae appeared behind the eggs.
* Fixed bug that prevented players to navigate the pages solo download after canceling a card.
* Fixed a desync on custom games.

Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Zerg vs. Terran 1v1 PvP Tips

All of us Zerg players can’t stand playing against a solid Terran player that makes use of Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs. All of our armies of Roaches and Hydralisks get tore to shreds from the Marauders becoming continually recovered from the Medivacs. As a result we ask exactly how can we control this apparently unbeatable power? The following information will reveal how to destroy the famous Marine, Marauder, Medivac build that a lot of Terran pros are utilizing on Battle.net at the moment.

The important thing to becoming victorious in one of these matches is returning to the strategies that most people learn in the very beginning, Zerglings and its relatives the Baneling. Banelings will always make life easy against a mass of Marines and Marauders and also the Speedlings are certain to get up close and ravage the Marauders who intend to stay away at range. Once you begin a match versus Terran I’d suggest heading directly to Speedlings rather than even screw with opting for Roaches or Hydralisks. By doing this you’ll be prepared utilizing your Speedlings in the event the Terran player chooses to employ a couple of Reapers to harass you. As soon as the Reaper rush does not work out the average Terran player will change to their main army and you should start mutating many Banelings. Once you meet up with their army deliver your Banelings right after the largest number of Marines or Marauders standing next to one another, with this approach you are trying to eliminate the greatest amount of Marines and Marauders as possible with your Banelings. After that simply make use of Speedlings to destroy the others.

It requires just a little practice but once you get used to it the Terran’s military will fall down every time. The one thing you have to look out for is when the Terran player techs up to Banshees. If you notice this on its way upgrade your base as quickly as you are able to making Hydralisks and Corrupters to counter. You’ll have no difficulty dealing with an excellent Terran player making use of these techniques.

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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Zerg Units Vs. Protoss and Terran Units and How To Counter

What exactly are the Zerg’s finest units when planning on taking down marines or marauders, what about stalkers or zealots or perhaps the immortal. This article will highlight what Zerg units to make so that you can counter whatever your challenger can toss your way.

Trying to play versus Terran: Whenever performing versus an excellent Terran player you need to prepare yourself to shift the units you are utilizing immediately. The important thing to know about conquering decent Terran players is by using the proper units at the proper time. The Following information is the key units that most Terran gamers will attempt to play and the Zerg units that are the most effective against them

Vs. Marines and Marauders – you want to go with metabolic boosted speedlings and banelings.
Vs. Siege Tanks and Thors – Precisely why you should mutate infestors and utilize the neural parasite in order to mind control the heavy artiliry against themselves.
Vs. Banshees and Vikings – Mutate hydralisks and corruptors as this really is zergs only solution to anti-air.

Trying to play versus Protoss: Whenever performing versus a Protoss player you must always scout and be aware of the colossus on its way and stay prepared whenever it turns up. The colossus can cause damage to a Zerg player if you are not completely ready. Here I’ve incorporated the key units that most Protoss gamers attempt to utilize and the Zerg units that are the most effective against them.

Vs. Zealots and Stalkers – Mutate speedlings and banelings, roaches and hydralisks will even work.
Vs. Immortals – The true secret to beating an immortal is hands down a speedling assault.
Vs. Colossus – Choose to acquire infestors or corruptors try not to attack the colossus with any zerg ground units, as you will have wasted your time, efforts, and resources.

Should you stick to these pointers you should have absolutely no difficulty getting a great Protoss or Terran player to give that long awaited “gg”.

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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Zerg Vs. Terran – Bring Your Reaper Rush With All You Got, I Dare You!

Whenever you play the game in opposition to Terran you have to be equipped for the extremely hated reaper rush. The reaper rush is something that is used consistently on battle.net right now and for obvious reasons since most Zerg gamers have no clue the way to prevent it completely. The following information will reveal how you can conquer a reaper rush with little to no difficulty at all.

The worst type of reaction you can have is to create spine crawlers when the Terran player will simply have his reapers work solely away from range of them and single out your drones and buildings. The main element to winning over a reaper rush is definitely the metabolic boost for zerglings. One thing you need to accomplish is as soon as you obtain 100 gas is begin upgrading metabolic boost with the spawning pool as well as mutating a handful of zerglings. Any reapers should arrive precisely on time to receive a beat down by your speedlings. You should definitely run after the reapers unless of course you destroy all of them as you’re going to be quicker and capable of mowing all of them over. It’s also possible to move directly to roaches but they aren’t as efficient since they’re sluggish compared to speedlings and roaches are extremely poor while fighting marauders so that won’t be useful to you when the match advances.

I’d additionally suggest acquiring anti-air once you could simply because numerous Terran gamers harass a person with reapers when they’re teching to banshees and definately will strike your drones the moment they buy just one. Secure yourself a couple of corruptors and avoid mutalisks as marines crank out rapid damage on a gaggle of mutalisks (That is what it is..is it not?). Using the corruptors, search the actual Terran base to determine if he’s choosing air tech or planning ground tech. When you utilize these types of strategies you won’t need to worry about the scary reaper rush but rather request it.


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Double Thor Fast Expand Terran Build Order – Starcraft 2 TvT Strategy

If you’re having trouble with early Banshees in your base harassing your workers and killing your Marines, then you need to try this build out. It will allow you to get 2 Thors out very early in the game to defend your base against any kind of air attack and even ground attacks. Then you can take the lead fast by expanding early and making a huge army.

Start off with the Standard Terran build order: Depot at 10, Barracks at 12, Refinery at 13, Orbital Command and your first Marine at 15, then a Supply Depot. Then you’ll want to lay down your Factory right when you get 100 gas. When the Factory is done make a Hellion then add a Tech Lab onto it. Also build an Armory as fast as you can to get access to Thors.

When your Hellion is done you can push out and do an early attack against your opponent to kill off as much of their army as you can. This will force a stalemate and give you time to expand. After your first Thor is being made, start building a Command Center so you can expand.

Build another Thor right away so you can defend against attacks on your Expansion. When your Command Center is done, transfer some of your workers and start mining out of your new base. Soon you’ll have an enormous income so you’ve got to build a lot of structures to be able to spend all those resources.

You can afford to add on around 4-5 Barracks and a Starport, depending on what units you’re making. Start making Marauders and Siege Tanks to help defend and you’ll have a good force to push out with soon. When you make your attack, expand to a third base so your economy stays nice and high.

The key to making this build work is practicing it a few times and focusing on having very good macro during the whole game. Without macro your income will start to fall behind and you’ll likely get out-numbered by your opponents forces.

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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Protoss Vs. Protoss PvP Tips

In a Protoss vs Protoss match it really is a traditional clash of inteligence. Trying to play as being the Protoss race is focused on countering the other person’s assaults using the ideal units. Needless to say if you are competing in opposition to one particular Protoss player you need to continually be a single action quicker than them to succeed. The following information will provide you with techniques of defeating a Protoss player in a 1v1 game heads up.

Your basic unit shall be the Zealot and you should develop following that based on what units your opponent tosses your way. You should definitely scout as often as you are able to and determine if they are producing air units for instance Void Rays or Phoenix. In the event that they are you definitely need to produce a considerable amount of Stalkers and you’ll have no difficulty eliminating them. If they’re making use of a great deal of Zealots and Stalkers then produce several Colossus to deal with this, make absolutely certain you preserve a handful Zealots to protect the Colossus from destruction. When they made a plan to make use of Colossus themselves it’s best to produce a couple of Immortals because they can really make a rampaging Colossus short lived. Constantly make an effort to scout them and find out what exactly is on its way.If you notice Dark Templars arriving then you simply must produce an Observer as quickly as you are able to so you can detect these. In the event that they are foolish enough in an attempt to produce Carriers then simply develop your army and invade thier base while they’re poor on defense due to the fact most of the resources are going to constructing the Carriers.

Beating Protoss is fairly simple, since you simply need to assemble the proper counters to take care of what they’re executing. Should you stick to the guide and discover the advantages of the units, you’ll have no difficulty defeating an excellent Protoss player.

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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Protoss vs. Zerg – Learning The Proper Time To Strike

Being the Protoss, your most effective edge over a Zerg player is by the clever usage of your tools. When being successful is the best and main goal, then to be able to become successful against your Zerg defender, you simply must produce wise build order selections. You should speedily expand your vision on the map, and prolong each and every one of your units right up until their final stand. Your own ideal timing and options of builds for every single stage of combat will assist you to take advantage of your Zerg opponent’s weakness.

Soon after your Zerg challenger has introduced his initial wave of assault, which you purposely wait for , the very first state of weakness is going to be presented and you’ll have the chance to counter. Zerg need probably the most time and energy to mutate their particular structures and armies, which means you need to rapidly react using a little army of Zealots and Stalkers. In case your Zerg foe is offered the opportunity to expand without having you benefiting from this weakness, the game is determined to go on for more time than you thought.

An additional method to utilize is as simple as creating an air assault while the Zerg opponent’s Lair continues to be along the way of becoming established. Or perhaps, you might like to simply deliver out a mass of Zealots to attack the Zerg base. However, be mindful if you opt to undertake this counter technique, it might backfire for you if he has mutated Spine Crawlers to protect his base.

Since the first rush and counter are unsuccessful, begin preparing your late game build methods and execute rapidly. The aim with this technique is always to minimize the other person’s units and resources by eliminating any constant Zerg rushes after which countering any time they could be positioned as somewhat insecure at their base.

To be able to do that you have to begin with building a choke that forces your Zerg opponent’s units along just one route in the direction of your base’s ramp. After that, begin producing ground units to foresee them arriving, and place them alongside your own Pylon and Gateway on the entrance ramp of the base. This will assist in completely stopping any kind of Zerg assault targeted to your economy. Above all, you mustn’t disregard the quickness of Zerglings, if offered the chance, they are going to easily turn out to be a pain to any build order you attempt to carry out.

Ultimately, make certain you are continuously scouting the terrain on the map and organizing the next idea. Should you lose view of the opponent’s production selections, it could present you with a significant threat. If he decides to mutate a swarm of Zerg units that you aren’t alert to, it may imply a loss. Therefore, if he’s been able to get this done, you have to match in amount with what he’s produced or upgrade your base’s security. The thing you don’t want is being overpowered so late in the match.

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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Want To Learn the Most Economical Way To Scout As Terran

Frequently when trying to play Terran soon after you send your very first SCV to scout you simply will not be capable of getting an additional unit in to the opponents base to determine exactly what they will be constructing, which means that your tied to a common rational choice which is to Scanner Sweep, or is it?! This is actually the very last thing it is advisable to do earlier on in the match since making use of your M.U.L.E. is one is the most essential abilities considering that the M.U.L.E. provides close to 300 minerals per usage.

Now the most important part when wanting to see the other players base mid-game would be to construct a barracks within close proximity of their base after which take flight above their base to investigate. A Barracks will only cost you 150 minerals so you can find yourself conserving 150 minerals by never scanning plus a barracks offers quite a bit of health points that allows you to hover it above their base for an extended period of time prior to them destroying this situation.

Whenever you construct your scouting Barracks you would like to construct it on the side of the cliff of their base using an area wherever they’re not going to scout or notice right up until it’s constructed, despite the fact that you need to make it exactly where it’s going to have the fastest way inside their base so that it has no need to travel quite a distance to expose their plans.

As soon as the Barracks is finished you should Lift Off and send it above their base to determine what units they’ve got and exactly what structures they’ve got in order to counter no matter what build order they choose to implement. Frequently they’re going to have a couple of anti air units even though it certainly won’t be good enough to destroy the Barracks. Once you have scouted their base and received any of the details you require then drift the Barracks away from thier base and secure it with a cliff not far from where you could utilize it later in the match.

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