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How to Talk to Spirits – 3 Electrifying Ways to Communicate With Ghosts (100% Free)

Who else wants to learn how to talk to ghosts, spirits or the energies of people who have passed over? Does the idea of spirit communication excite you… but you simply have no idea how to get started? Are you curious whether there even IS a “spirit world” or whether that’s a silly idea we like to believe because it makes us feel better? If you are curious… but NOT convinced like me, the simple truth is, exploring these sorts of things first hand is the BEST way to get evidence that they’re real.

And no amount of books… or articles like this one can give you the kind of evidence (or experience) that at heart, each of us truly craves to “know” what happens after we die.

Here are 3 VERY simple, very straightforward and actually… quite scientific ways of talking to ghosts, communicating with spirits, and actually validating and verifying that the experience was authentic.

1 – EVP (electronic voice phenomena) Recording

Ever seen those folks on the ghost hunting programs walking around with little recorders for the purposes of capturing spirit communication in action? The truth is, and this sounds far fetched but it’s TRUE, Thomas Edison, the great inventor was actually one of the pioneers of this crazy (and controversial) idea. (Edison was actually working on a “phone” to communicate with the dead right up to the point of his own death) EVP is now a pretty simple, and standard way of capturing ghosts, and anyone with a digital recorder and at least a little bit of understanding of how they work, can capture voices that have a seemingly paranormal origin. Believe it or not there are actually devices now that you can use to have TWO way conversation… and while it sounds far fetched and I’m NOT 100% convinced, the evidence is very persuasive… very impressive, and quite mind boggling to behold.

2 – Spirits and The Psychomanteum

Sounds like a hard word to wrap your brain around, but a psychomanteum is actually a dark, mirrored room that is thought to facilitate spirit communication, and in a very powerful way. You can actually emulate this in your own house, with a few candles or dim lighting and a mirror. Sound nuts? Believe it or not, there are significant scientific studies of using this method for GRIEF recovery, as they often bring about powerful experiences with re-unions with loved one’s who have crossed over. Pioneering Dr. Raymond Moody (who wrote the famous book “Life After Life”) has long been experimenting with this approach, and doctors at the well respected Institute for Transpersonal Psychology have been using it for years with amazing results as well. (and you DON’T need to travel miles to do this, you CAN try it in your own home)

3 – Mediums and Messages

The best way to communicate with spirit for beginners, or skeptics, or people on the fence is to talk to a medium. The truth is, most mediums aren’t great… but if you find one that is, it’s hard to explain away the experience as anything LESS than genuine psychic communication with the spirit, energy or “ghost” of your family, friends or loved ones. (and occasionally even complete strangers)

Of course there are lots of other ways to communicate with spirit… but the 3 above are easy to learn, a lot of fun and quit simply, if you have an extraordinary experience like I have, potentially life changing as well! Try it – especially if you are skeptic!


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Ghosts And Spirits And Ghost Walking Tours In Lousiana

Ghosts and Spirits have intrigued and puzzled individuals and researchers for centuries. What exactly are they? Why are they here? How many and what kinds of forms can these apparitions take on? Where and why do they make their presence known? These are but a few of the primary questions of those who have seen a ghost or spirit and those who haven’t, as well as by investigators and skeptics. Let’s briefly examine how A. ghosts are commonly encountered and B. which forms are most commonly observed.


To set the record straight, the terms ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ are sometimes used as separate, distinguishable terms; more commonly, though, they’re used interchangeably. However, ghosts are usually viewed as visible manifestations of deceased individuals’ souls or spirits. Spirits, when the term is used explicitly, may refer to either ghosts or any other non-corporeal material or entity–including, but not limited to: deceased persons, demons, angels, and so forth.

Encounters with Ghosts

Encounters with ghosts and spirits can take place in nearly any location, at any time, and for many reasons. Most of the time they are unexpected chance encounters, other times they are heard making noises or “seen” slamming doors or throwing objects. In addition, those who dabble in the occult side of the paranormal routinely practice necromancy and/or with séances (spiritism) in attempts to evoke spirits of those deceased and even non-human entities such as demons and deities.

First-hand reports of ghosts and spirits take place, perhaps, most frequently in places or on sites that have less-than-favorable histories. Many of them are old homes, small motels or B&B’s, and other historic places that have experienced macabre things in the past like murders, suicides, and other tragic happenings.

Typical Forms of Ghosts

Ghosts manifest themselves in a myriad of forms; only a few are well-known, though. Ghosts and spirits are typically reported to range in form from near invisible, to translucent full-bodied, to orb-like, to ‘wispy’. It’s also very common for them to be completely invisible, but to make eerie, low-pitched or screeching noises. Footsteps, especially on wooden floors, seem to be a favorite scare tactic and objects being thrown or pushed are also experienced.

New Orleans Ghost Walking Tours

New Orleans, the southern American city that’s been dubbed “Most Haunted City in America”, is definitely no stranger to ghost sightings and other highly paranormal phenomena. The occurrences like those at the celebrated Bourbon Orleans Hotel or Pat O’Briens bar are so numerous and some–so seemingly legit–that even documentaries are routinely published on haunted New Orleans by organizations such as The History and Discovery channels. Ghost walking tours of New Orleans are offered daily.

Just north of New Orleans, in Folsom Louisiana, there have been numerous sprit and orb sightings. Ghost walking tours are offered there as well.

Audrey Montgomery offers Ghost Walking Tours in Folsom, Louisiana, where numerous Orb and Spirit sitings have occurred. For more information on Ghosts, Orbs, and Spirits, check out the Folsom Spirits website, http://www.folsomspirits.com, where you will also find more information on Ghost walking tours in New Orleans and surrounding areas.