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Minecraft Wii U World Size Confirmed: Sadly, It's Smaller Than PS4

Minecraft Wii U World Size Confirmed: Sadly, It's Smaller Than PS4
Minecraft Wii U is now, finally, after a devastatingly long wait (since it came out on other systems, not since it was announced for Wii U—which was just this month), available to Nintendo fans around the world. And guess what—it's Minecraft on Wii U …
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Ps3 Consoles – Smaller? Yes, Better? Maybe

+ slim -> takes less space
+ light -> obviously much lighter than the fat
+ more efficient -> consumes less power due to improvements in the CPU manufacturing process (45nm vs 65nm)
+ supports blu-ray playback with the best upgradeable blu-ray player available
+ free online psn subscription unlike Xbox360 live gold
+ bluetooth support (can hook up keyboard and mouse; some games even support them)
+ built-in charger for ps3 controller (no need to buy batteries or use external charger)
+ free demo download from the ps store without paying a premium subscription like for Xbox360 gold
+ free access to Playstation Home, a 3d online social community world
+ quiet optical operation (blu-ray) unlike the xbox360 drive that sounds like a vacuum cleaner
+ dual voltage, supports 110-240v (although the external label lists 110 only) so you can take it overseas and hook it to a compatible NTSC TV (all HDTV that are sold overseas are NTSC compatible whereas the TVs sold in US aren’t PAL compatible) – on the Xbox360 you have to find and buy a compatible 220v power supply that would work on your model of xbox360 (falcon, jasper which use different connectors)
+ humble community, very friendly unlike xbox360: everyone I met behaved uber-cool and “ultra 3l33t”
+ built-in wireless adapter unlike the xbox360 which comes with none – xbox360 wireless adapter costs $ 100
+ comes with 120gb hdd (xbox360 arcade comes with no hdd, costs $ 100+ to get one which is also proprietary meaning you can’t upgrade to bigger hdd than 120gb official xbox360 hdd)
+ has dedicated audio optical output unlike the xbox360 (Xbox360 has optical output on the component cable only which is a major drawback for people with av receivers that have hdmi passthrus that don’t decode the audio signal, the only way being via optical cable. this means one can not use optical out on the xbox360 component cable to get audio and hdmi for video)

Overall, the PS3 Console (slim or not) costs less than the xbox360 and has better multimedia capability: blu-ray player, divx certified, better connectivity: built-in wireless, built-in bluetooth at the cost of a smaller gaming community and game titles.

Xbox360 arcade: $ 199
Xbox360 Wireless adapter: $ 99
Xbox360 120GB HDD: $ 134
Xbox360 Live Gold membership: $ 49.99 (annual fee)

Total: $ 481.99

PS3 slim: $ 299
PS3 Wireless adapter: 0$
PS3 120GB HDD: 0$
PS3 PSN membership: 0$

Total: $ 299

Conclusion: The Xbox 360 costs $ 182.99 more than the PS3 Console slim providing less or put the other way the PS3 Console slim is $ 182.99 cheaper than the Xbox360 providing more.

Pro Xbox360: some exclusive games I like are only xbox360/pc but not PS3 Consoles (mass effect is one of them); jasper xbox360 is very reliable and runs cool too (had it for one year and worked wonderfully), the xbox360 controller is much comfortable than the PS3 Consoles but I do not game a lot, xbox360 graphics are on par with the PS3 Console.

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Ps3 Consoles – Love The Smaller Size– No Finger Prints!


The first thing I immediately liked about it is the exterior casing. All of my friends have the older PS3 Consoles models and their systems have finger prints and scratches all over them– simply by carrying them around. However, this new version doesn’t appear to attract finger prints on the top of the case at all (but finger prints are attracted to the sides).

The second thing I noticed (even though it’s NO WHERE in Sony’s documentation) is that the wireless signal strength is about 15 to 20% greater. For example one of my friends plays his PS3 Consoles 80 at my home just about every weekend. I set it up to my living room television (which is about 100 feet from my router). The PS3 Consoles 80 would get a wireless signal strength of 63/64% The PS3 Consoles slim in the same location gives me a 82 to 85% signal strength.

The size is awesome– very light. Very small.


CANNOT STAND SIDEWAYS: It cannot stand on its side since it’s so skinny. I like sideways instead of flat. I stood it up, but if I move anything around the television at all it wobbles, so I do not want to risk it.

NO HD CABLES: This is a bluray machine. I assumed it would come with a component cable or an HDMI. It comes with neither. It comes with the old school composite (yellow, red and white). I should have order the HDMI cable when I ordered this system. Now I have to wait while one is shipped to me, because they’re too expensive to buy locally.

NO DEMOS AT ALL: Why doesn’t the system include any PLAYABLE demos??? All it comes with is some video that shows what the system can do.

HORRIBLE ONLINE MARKETPLACE: I created an account on Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) and saw some games for purchase and download, but there are NO DEMOS for the games I wanted! And, for the DEMOS that I did see online, MOST OF THEM WERE VOID SCREEN SHOTS! I love multiplayer games. PSN had a cheap game called Bomberman. My first issue is that it did not tell you HOW MANY PLAYERS it allowed. The second thing I noticed is that THERE WAS NO DEMO of it.

So, I had to turn on my Xbox 360, 20gb, get on Xbox Live, download the demo, try it out, and THEN get back on the Playstation Network and buy the game.I would have purchased it for the Xbox, but I only have a 20 gig drive for that system that it’s almost full. The Playstation Network had many of the SAME games that Xbox Live had. I am very disappointed that the Playstation Network only had about half the demos that Xbox Live had. And, I am completely baffled about how you can advertise a game for purchase and download but not have a screen shot or inform a person of the number of players!

Final verdict: awesome graphics. Large hard drive, bluray player, but for demos, I have to stick with my Xbox 360.

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