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The Shape Shifting Article Ghost Writer ? How To Successfully Write Using Different Voices

One of the most important skills for an article ghost writer to have is the ability to shift into different voices.  Your articles need to create a connection to the reader.  To do this, you need to speak their language.  The tone has to be appropriate to the niche.  Here are some examples of some different niches to illustrate my point.


– Forex Trading.  You’re writing for people who are trading global currencies; they’re business savvy and into making money.

– Truck Covers.  These articles should speak the language of a guy who thinks the world of his truck.

– Breast Cancer.  This is a sensitive topic and you need a woman’s voice.  Lots of care should be taken to make it soft.

– Student Loans.  You’re talking to 18 year olds who are clueless about their loans and lots of other things.  You need to sound friendly and hip.

– Deep Breathing Meditation Exercises.  Imagine the soothing voice and new age music in the background!

– Cooking The Perfect Steak.  Listen to it sizzle, let it fill your nostrils.  Have a steak ready to cook for when you finish these articles.

– Botox Injections.  Who wants Botox?  Women who want to turn back the clock a few years.


…And so on.  I could go on forever, and I will get carried away, so I’ll stop there.


How do you manage to have 300 different personalities at once?  It’s not easy and some people are institutionalized for it.  All joking aside, it just takes practice and experience.  Here are some tips.


Do Some Reading.  When you’re writing for a new niche and you need a new voice, do some surfing and read websites in the niche.  Even better, check out some forums and pay attention to how the people there (potential readers and customers) talk and think.


Imagine The Reader.  Maybe you know somebody who fits into the niche’s intended audience.  I used to write loads of catfish fishing articles.  I’ve never been fishing in my life, but I just imagined I was writing for my grandpa and uncles.


The More You Write, The Better You’ll Get.  It goes without saying probably, but the more writing you do in a niche, the better you’ll get.  You’ll start to internalize the info and become an expert, and then it’ll get easier.  Of course, some niches are easier to write for voice-wise, but if you follow these tips, you’ll always be able to shift tones.  This is an essential skill for any article ghost writer who wants to go beyond the just ordinary.


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Getting Into Game Winning Shape For Basetball

While everyone knows that practice is essential for improving basketball skills, there are different ideas about which drills are best and how the sessions should be conducted. The most effective drills are created according to the team and individual players the drills are for. You need to see where each player’s experience level is, and what skill sets they need to improve on. If you want to create the best basketball drills, use the following tips and techniques.

Basketball is a quick game that requires you to shift, move and pivot. It doesn’t matter where you see the ball one second, in another second it could be somewhere else entirely. Players have to be ready to change from offense to defense without warning. That is why you need to practice your footwork during specific drills like shooting and dribbling the basketball. Players must be trained to take the proper stance, how to pivot and how to develop fast reaction time. Players must also learn to stop quickly while also keeping their balance. You are able to see where players need the most work by watching them play basketball, but you can only improve at basketball by practicing the proper footwork.

Just like all other sports, players must develop their minds as well as their bodies. Even though drills are used to improve skills, it’s also important to work on the players’ motivations so that they can play at their best. If one player, or an entire team, plays poorly during a game, this must not carry over into the drills. Each practice session needs to be used as a way to attain a new level. It is also crucial that players give it their all when going through drills. If players become lazy or unmotivated during drills, this will be evident when they play games as well. Players must be serious about drills at all times if they hope to get the most out of them.

Basketball drills must be organized with the team’s needs in mind. Of course, the players such as professionals and those on the college level will have to do more advanced drills than little kids that are just learning how to do the basics of basketball. It is essential to flag potential weak spots of both the team overall and members of the team so that drills can be designed to get rid of these weaknesses. When you look at players play during a game, you can usually tell which areas they need to get the most help on. For example, you may notice that the team has to work on their footwork and pivoting skills, so then you can design drills where they repeat pivoting over and over. The best basketball drills to focus on are the ones that teach the team the skills they most need to work on. To sum it all up, basketball drills will help team members work together as a team better and they will also improve any weaknesses they may have in their game. The drills are very important to improving a basketball team and so players need to understand that they must show up for every scheduled practice. The techniques we just discussed will help any basketball team become better than ever. Lots of practice is the only way to get better at basketball.

Abousamra Noureddine has been a professional basketball coach for almost half a century. His team has won been been winning almost 80% of their games. His secret: The Stamina training unit