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Cheats and Secrets

Cheats and Secrets
In the Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo, Dream Shards unlock floor panels, allowing access to more powerful magic and gifts. Early floor panels will only unlock weaker attacks like Fireworks. However, hunting down and gathering more shards will grant …
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The Runescape Grand Exchange Secrets

Runescape players complain that they will never be able to make money because of the introduction of trade limits, which limit the amount of cash you can gain in Runescape in a trade. I have seen many players do so and in their anger, they became blind to the fact that Jagex had already solved the problem by the introduction of The Grand Exchange, a feature that changed the game and the way it is played.

The Runescape Players were angry at the makers of the game because they had spoiled it with the removal of wilderness and free trading. They looked at jagex as their enemy who took all the fun from the game. Why? Because most of them made money by merchanting.
What is Merchanting?

Earlier, Players made a lot of moment by following a simple concept: Buying For Low, Selling for High But by the removal of free trade, a limit was put to how much gold a player could profit (while trading) every 15 minutes. But the players didn’t notice that jagex had very cleverly stopped Real World Trading (Selling gold for real cash) and also introduced a system where people could make a lot of money in Runescape, without spending lots of time. Yes, it was the introduction of The Grand Exchange.

Concept of the Grand Exchange is simple. Every item has a market price. This item can be bought between a range of 5% below the market price and 5 % above the market price. So if an item costs 100 gold, you can buy it between 95 – 105 gold. Now the middle price of the item rarely stays constant. This is governed by the simple law of Demand and Supply . Now you can sell or buy an item globally. Once you set up an offer in the Grand Exchange, the system will try to find the closest match as soon as possible. Once it is found, your offer will be complete and you can have the item you bought or the amount of gold you sold it for.

But there are certain limits in the Grand Exchange too. This has been done by jagex to prevent rich players to ‘corner the market’ by putting up a buy offer for buying thousands of quantity of that item, hence increasing the demand by a lot and raising the price of the item. Even though you can put a buy offer for as many items as you want ( or can afford) in the grand exchange, it will treat the offer as a limited one. Suppose the limit for an item at 100 gp is 1000. If you decide to buy 5000 amount of that item, The Grand Exchange will treat it as an offer for 1000 numbers of item and match it. It is only after four Hours that the Grand Exchange will try to find matches for another 1000 copies of that item and it will continue till all of your offer is complete. Therefore you will have to wait at least 20 hours till the offer is complete. The item limit depends on the type of item it is. The limit for bows is around 1000 bows (of the same kind) per four hours, armor is 100 armor per four hours (of the same kind). Potions are nearly 500 and other stuff depends on their prices. But there is no limit at all on the number of items that you can sell per hour.

How to Merchant Using The Grand Exchange

Merchanting in the grand exchange is easy if you know how. There are many different ways. Some of them are simple: Buying the item for lowest and then selling it for maximum. But this isn’t efficient at all. Whenever you merchant, you should allow yourself 7-8% profit. No More, No less. This ensures a steady income, yet a good one and without major time loss. One thing very important in merchanting is to add your profit everyday to your capital. This will make you a lot more money than just merchanting with the same amount of money.

Example: Allowing a 10% profit (just as an example), a person merchants using 10million gold and doesn’t add his profits to the merchant capital. He will achieve 20 million gold in 10 days. But if he adds his profits to the merchant he will achieve 20 million gold in just 6 daysHence in this case, it was 40% more efficient to add profit to merchant capital.

Deciding what to merchant is perhaps the most challenging prospect. Ask yourself, is this item in demand, will people be willing to sell this item for a low price and still people buying it high for too? Is this item good enough? What impact does it have on the game?

Ask these questions and you will understand what item to merchant in. I have explained this in much more detail in my guide. I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you have understood some concepts of the Grand Exchange. I will be writing many more articles on merchanting investing and the Grand exchange.

Swayam Narain is an expert on the Runescape grand exchange and reveals secrets on how to make millions of gp profit everyday using simple techniques and by reading item graphs. Author of Runescape merchanting and Investing Guide which you can use to make millions of gp in Runescape. Visit his website: http://www.RunescapeInvesting.com

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Metal Gear Solid 5: 30 essential tips, tricks and secrets
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Tips On How To Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating Online – 3 Secrets She Does Not Want You To Know

The more ways we get to stay in touch and stay connected, there are also more and more opportunities for people to cheat on each other. Is it any surprise that in the last 10 years since online sites and cell phones have become so common place, that the statistics show that the number of people cheating on each other is rising? Hey, years ago, if you lost track of an old friend, it took forever and a day to try and reconnect with them. Now, you just have to type their name into Facebook and you will find them.

So, it’s pretty easy for your girlfriend to find an old guy “friend” and reconnect and carry on an affair of some kind. Of course, just because your girlfriend is going online does not mean that she definitely is, but it does mean that it certainly is not hard at all for her to find someone, right?

Here are some tips on how to catch your girlfriend cheating online:

1. She has secret accounts on social sites like Facebook and Myspace.

You might be surprised at how many people have more than one account on these sites, and some of them are “hidden” from their boyfriend all so that she can do what she wants without him knowing about it. If you find that your girlfriend has secret accounts on these sites, meaning accounts that she never told you about or does not want you to know about, that should get your wheels turning and suspect that she might be hiding something.

2. When you walk into a room, she shuts down the computer.

Most of the time, a guy would assume that this just means that she wants to spend time with him and give him all of her attention. And many times that is just what it is. However, some of the time, it is because she is carrying on a conversation with someone that she does not want you to know about. Like, maybe that ex boyfriend of hers or that guy she is just “friends” with but you know he really wants her.

3. Scan the dating sites to see if she has a membership on one of them.

Unlike social sites, which can be used for friendships and family, there is only one use for dating sites and it is not to make friends. If you find that she has a profile or membership that is still active on one of these sites, you might want to face the stark reality that she probably is a lot more “open” than you thought she was.

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