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Super Mario Maker's Title Screen Is Full Of Easter Eggs

Super Mario Maker's Title Screen Is Full Of Easter Eggs
Early copies of Super Mario Maker are beginning to land in the hands of press outlets (look for more from Kotaku very soon!), which means we're about to learn way more about the game. I personally don't have a copy of the game yet, so I've found myself …
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Super Mario Maker revisits Mario Paint with a playable title screen full of

Super Mario Maker revisits Mario Paint with a playable title screen full of
Long-time Nintendo fans might be delighted with this fun tidbit featured in Super Mario Maker. The game's title screen itself is playable and loaded with eleven known Easter eggs, one for the general logo and one for each letter in "Mario Maker". This …
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Black Screen Function of green laser pointer

Laser technology began in the 1960s, has only a few decades, there has been a rapid development, is widely used in many technical fields, showing strong vitality. At present, China has formed a complete range of advanced level, the application of a wide range of laser research, development and application of the broad field of laser communications, laser medical treatment, laser processing, military laser research and applications, aerospace, etc. have made great progress. The high-powered green laser pointeris not suitable to the children.

In this paper, non-metallic materials, laser processing, the theory and practice from a systematic and extensive analysis. Analysis of the effect of laser radiation and the mechanism of non-metallic materials and affect the processing of the results are all due to arrive depending on the laser processing method chosen the principle of laser parameters. This article for promoting the application of laser processing and laser machining to improve understanding of a certain reference value. Laser is the largest of this century, is the most practical invention. With thermonuclear technology, semiconductor, computer and aerospace technology comparable to a remarkable major technological achievement. From May 1960 the first human to obtain a laser beam to now, 40 years later, laser technology has gradually penetrated into scientific research, defense, industrial and agricultural production as well as all aspects of people’s lives. The child only can use the  green laser pointerunder the supervision of the parents.

Laser materials processing in the field of processing technology, its unique advantages, and become the main manufacturing process means, known as “the 21st century processing technology laser processing technology has been supported by the state and to promote the use of a high-tech, especially the government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which gives the laser processing technology brings opportunities for development in the countries to develop medium to long term development plans, in turn laser processing as a key supporting technology, which involves national security , national defense, cutting-edge high-tech industrialization and technological development, so the state of the laser processing technology has given high priority, which is bound for the manufacture of laser products and product upgrades bring enormous business opportunities. The green laser pointershouldn’t contact the eyes directly.

China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association Laser Branch of the annual statistics show that China’s laser processing equipment sales has shown a rapid growth. In 2006, sales of laser processing equipment more than 20 billion yuan, which fully shows that the laser processing technology has come out in our research and experiments to explore the ivory tower and into the practical development. Laser has been the development of industrial scale, the rise of a group of a certain size and strength of the laser processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, which produce thousands of units to meet market demand for laser processing machine, to maintain its sales growth rate around 20%. On the domestic market through various promotional, display, universal and user-training, so that the laser processing market expanded continuously expand, giving domestic users of advanced manufacturing technology using this confidence and determination, led to more laser processing to the more widely used in the external environment, which is often said that the market affects. The warning tag should added to the laser body of green laser pointer.

They can affect the driving laser processing machine is hot, this interaction to form a chain reaction, the size of the laser processing market increases every year. China’s laser processing machine now has more than 200 manufacturing enterprises, employing nearly 20,000, of which about 50% of the scientific and technical personnel with senior professional titles account for about 30% of employees, has formed a team with considerable strength of the industry. It also attracted many global manufacturers of laser processing equipment concerns and follow-up, the domestic market has been international. According to industry statistics and analysis of the laser, this article introduces recent years, laser technology and its products.  green laser pointerhas the special application scope.

led to more laser processing to the more widely used in the external environment, which is often said that the market affects. The warning tag should added to the laser body of green laser pointer.

Use of HDMI Converter while connecting your PC or Laptop to LCD screen

Everyone likes to see a movie on a big screen and for that you require to connect your Laptop with your Television screen. Whether you have Notebook, desktop, laptop and tablet PC or Smartphone you need some cables for connecting the two devices namely, VGA, HDMI converter, S-Video or Mini Display Port or maybe you require a wireless dongle kit for your USB port.

There are numerous things that we should require while making the connections and such things are VGA cable, 3.5mm Mini Jack etc. If you are connecting your device with television with the help of VGA cable, then the VGA cable will only help you to see the video and not help you to hear the audio. To solve this problem and to have a complete audio video picture you have to make use of a 3.5 mm audio jack and have to connect it with the RCA cable. This will help you to enjoy the movie clearly in high quality sound. The same procedure will be applicable for the DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I cables.

Additionally, these combinations of these cables believe that both the devices that you are going to connect have same sockets of input For example we can say if you are connecting your laptop and TV then the input sockets will be VGA laptop to VGA T.V. Also we can say that if your TV has HDMI converter and your computer has VGA 15 pin socket the to make a connection you need a HDMI cable, VGA cable, 3.5mm jack to RCA cable and at last a VGA+ audio to HDMI converter.

Apart from this, the use of wireless connectivity has increased now days and this has been increased because almost all the devices has now come up either with USB port or mini USB and with the help of these ports you can easily connect your OC and TV with a wireless connection from a distance of around 30 feet.

Also you can connect your devices with the help of wireless network – WiFi. Today many new products have also introduced for this purpose and one of this is Digital media Adapters which supports fully fledged connectivity with quality sound. Another such kind of product which is used for the connectivity is the D-Link Boxee Box Digital media player it is a kind of a computer and can be used with the help of WiFi wireless network.

To connect your device with your high definition television you are required to have a VGA cable and VGA to HDMI converter, 3.5mm mini jack and many more.

Watch War Horse before it Hits the Big Screen

War Horse has been one of the most talked about shows of recent times with audiences and critics around the world raving about this moving story of love and tragedy. The show has relocated from an incredibly successful stint at the National Theatre in London to the New London Theatre and the theatreoffers the general public an even better chance to see this amazing epic play, which is based on a novel by Michael Morpugo, and adapted by Nick Stafford. War Horse is the moving story of a young boy called Albert, who wants to retrieve his beloved horse that has been sold to the cavalry and sent to France. Albert’s harrowing search soon turns into an odyssey leading the young boy to a desolation land. Thankfully his efforts will not be in vain and he will be able to bring his horse back home once again.

All of this powerful emotion and gripping drama is also told in a unique way as a large puppet is used to play the epic journey of the horse. On the face of it, the thought of a large puppet being used to convey the emotions of an animal seems obscured but the life like movements portrayed by the puppet are incredibly life like with puppeteers from the world famous Handspring Puppet Company pulling the strings.

With the puppet working so well in the show, War Horse conjures up the perfect mix of emotion, adventure and art to create a theatrical masterpiece suitable for both adults and children, a spectacular scenography enriched by the use of astonishing life-size puppets. The Sunday Times says that “War Horse only confirms the National’s extraordinary knack of turning children’s literature into the finest drama”. The success of the War Horse show has also been acknowledged by the rest of the theatre winning a variety of prestigious awards including the Olivier, Critics’ Circle and Evening Standard Awards. Even the film industry has jumped on board with a film of the show currently in production with the legendary director, Steven Spielberg. The much anticipated release is bound to increase the theatre ticket sales for the show so it’s worth grabbing the War Horse tickets now.

Make sure that you don’t miss the theatre’s magic and book your tickets through our website to watch War Horse before it hits the big screen! To find out further information about how to get your hands War Horse tickets and a wide range of London Theatre Store‘s offers by contacting our London theatre ticket specialists.

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4 Tips to Fix the PS3 Red Screen of Death

Below are 4 tips that may help you to get a PS3 red screen of death fix:

PS3 Red Screen of Death Fix- Tips

1) Try turning it on and off again. This mysteriously works…sometimes.

2) If that method fails then try resetting your console- Place your console in standby mode (when it shows the red light) then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until you hear 2 beeps. This will reset your console settings however it should affect your hard drive data.

3) Turn off your console, unplug all the cables except the power cord then plug them back in. The PS3 red screen maybe caused by a loose cable.

4) Try taking out the hard drive and putting it back in. The instructions to do this are in your user’s manual. Maybe the hard drive isn’t properly connected.

Hopefully one of the tips above can fix the PS3. However ff none of the tips above give you a PS3 red screen of death fix then you are left with 2 options: Send your PS3 to Sony or get a good PS3 repair guide and fix the PS3 yourself.

Sending your PS3 to Sony
-The creators will be giving you a PS3 red screen of death fix 
-You shouldn’t be charged for a PS3 red screen of death fix if your console is under warranty 
-You will get a 3 month warranty when you get your console back

-If you have run out of warranty then you will be charged $ 150 to get a ps3 red screen of death fix. That’s half the price of a new slim! 
-Everyone (whether their console is under warranty or not) will have to wait around 4-6 weeks to get their console back. That’s a major problem especially if you are only on vacation for a few weeks. Think of the playing time you’ll be missing out on! 
-When you do get your console back you’ll find that the hard drive has been wiped. Yes Sony wipes the drive clean!

Note: If your PS3 is still under warranty, I recommend that you send it to Sony. If open your console, you will void the warranty.

Getting a good PS3 repair guide to fix the PS3 yourself

-Many good PS3 repair guides cost under $ 50. 
-You will determine how long the repair takes. Some repairs can be done in as little as 1 hour. 
-You will determine how much it costs for your PS3 red screen of death fix since you have a greater choice in what materials you can use

-You will have fix the PS3 red screen of death yourself

Most good repair guides come with features such as: 
-step by step instructions with pictures and videos, so that you have a better understanding of what to do 
-some sort of support like email support or a members’ area…or both so that you can ask for help if you get stuck trying to fix the PS3 
-money back guarantee: this shows that they creators stand behind the product and, if it doesn’t fix the PS3 red screen of death you have a chance to get your money back

If forking over half the cost of a new PS3 and waiting 4-6 weeks to get your console back from Sony isn’t for you. Then you need to get a good PS3 repair guide to get a PS3 red screen of death fix otherwise you risk damaging your console further. Make sure you get a good repair guide if you want to fix the PS3 yourself


Identifying Your Xbox 360 Problem – Red Rings of Death, E74, Black Screen

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner, you’ve probably heard of the term “Red Rings of Death”. Unfortunately for most of you, that means your console has succumbed and is displaying them, or you might have one of several other issues such as E74, hardware failures or sound but no picture.

If you’re wondering exactly what your problem is, how it eventuated and how it can be fixed, then read on.

Identifying the Problem
There are many issues plaguing the Xbox 360 console, so much so that it will actually try to tell you what’s wrong. The first step is to check how many (if any) red lights are flashing on the front of the console. This is where green lights would appear if all was well.

1 Red Light: Hardware failure – If you see this error, chances are you’ll also see an error code displayed on-screen. See below
2 Red Lights: Overheating – Something is causing your Xbox 360 to overheat
3 Red Lights: General hardware failure – Congratulations, you have the infamous Red Rings of Death (RROD)
4 Red Lights: AV cable problem – Chances are the AV cable simply isn’t plugged in properly. Occasionally, it can be damaged and needs to be replaced

When 1 light is flashing, the Xbox 360 may display a code on-screen. The most common codes are explained below:
E74 – This usually means there is a problem with either the GPU or scaler chip. See below
E67-70 – There is a problem with the hard drive, try booting the console without it. If it works, try formatting the hard drive, otherwise replace it
E64-66 – There is a problem with the DVD drive. This can be caused by a bad flash or a loose connection. The drive may need to be replaced

Another common problem involves the Xbox 360 booting with sound, but no picture. There are no red lights in this case. It is a similar error to E74 above and is handled the same way.

Causes of the Problems
An overheating error can be caused by a number of things, but usually the culprit is poor contact between the CPU and/or GPU and their respective heatsinks. The best way to fix this follows the same process as the errors that are about to be discussed, with a few key omissions that simplify the process.

E74 and RROD errors are caused by cold or bridged solder connections between components and the Xbox 360 motherboard. This results from a combination of poor quality solder, excessive heat and motherboard flex caused by the X-clamps that hold the heatsinks in place.

What to Do About It
There simply isn’t enough space in this article to explain the repair process in detail or post pictures and video. Be sure to check out the links below to see my free guide as well as my personal recommendation for the best paid repair guide out there. It truly is worth every penny.

Please resist the temptation to wrap your Xbox 360 in a towel or put it in the fridge. If it sounds ridiculous, it probably is. I promise you’ll be doing more harm than good.

Thanks for reading my article! Check out my free guides on how to repair Xbox 360 consoles and how to prevent RROD right now! You’ll be glad you did!

Fix the PS3 Red Screen -Tips

Have you fallen to the PS3 red screen of death? That sucks especially seeing that Sony will charge you around $ 150, if your warranty has run out. So what can you do to get a PS3 red screen fix? Well you can try one of the tips below!

Tips to Get a PS3 Red Screen Fix

Check for any loose cables if you find any push them back in
Unplug all the cables but the power cord, then plug them back in
Take out the hard drive and put it back in (Instructions to do this is in the user’s manual)
Try resetting the console’s settings- Place the console in standby mode, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until it beeps twice

If none of those things work, you have a more serious problem. In order to get a PS3 red screen fix, you are left with two options: 
1) Send you console to Sony for repairs 
2) Get a good PS3 repair guide and fix the PS3 red screen yourself

Send your PS3 to Sony- This is a good idea if your console is under warranty since Sony shouldn’t charge you for a PS3 red screen fix and if you open your console, you will void the warranty. However if your warranty has expired then you will be charged $ 150 – half the price of a new slim! Also everyone who sends their console to Sony, (whether under warranty or not), will have to wait 4-6 weeks to get their PS3 back. Additionally it will come back with its memory wiped…there goes your saves, music, videos, etc.

Fix the PS3 yourself- The cheaper and faster for a person whose console is out of warranty is to get a good PS3 repair guide to get a PS3 red screen fix. Many good guides cost under $ 50 and offer things like:

-step by step instructions with pictures and videos so even those who have never dealt with electronics can understand what to do 
-some sort of support (email support, members’ area or both) so you can ask for help if you encounter difficulties when trying to fix the console 
-money back guarantee so you can get your money back if it doesn’t work.

Also some PS3 repair guides also allow you to retain you PS3 hard disc data!

If forking over half the cost of a new slim and waiting 4-6 weeks to get your console back from Sony isn’t for you.

Then you need to get a good PS3 repair guide to get a PS3 red screen fix otherwise you risk damaging your PS3 further. So get a good PS3 repair guide and fix the PS3 yourself!