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Tug of War Safely!

Tug of War has been around for hundreds of years, it went from an Olympic sport to being used as entertainment at business picnics.   It is used in just about every schools field day across the country and for most people it is taken for granted.  What you may not know is that tug of war can be very dangerous.  If someone wraps the rope around their hands to get a better grip on the rope their hands could be pulled off.  Sound crazy but there are reports of this happening.  Also if the rope ever breaks internal injury could result if the rope hits one of the participants.

There is a new style rope out there that helps keep tug of war safe.  That rope is the Powerpull ®tug of war rope. The Powerpull® ropes are made from high quality durable webbing that can withstand over 5,000 lbs. of force.  Each rope also has 2 loop handles every 28″ along the rope.  These handles are sewn in and can also withstand over 5,000 lbs. of force.  Since these are made out of such strong material you do not have to worry about them breaking.  This takes out the risk of internal injury from the rope breaking.  They also have individual handles separated at a good distance for each participant.  This takes out the risk of someone wrapping the rope around their hands for a better grip which could result in some pretty bad hand and arm accidents.

Powerpull® tug of war ropes come in a few different sizes and configurations there is the 39′ with 20 hand loops, 48′ with 28 hand loops, and the 58′ with 36 hand loops.  You can also get a 4-way tug of war rope with each leg having 5 sets of hand loops.  And if you need more of an Olympic strength tug of war rope you can get the Powerpull® Olympic Pro tug of war rope that test at 20,000 lb pull test on the line and 10,000 pull test on the loops.  That is some serious strength!  Powerpull® products are made in the United States which is always a nice thing.

If you need a new tug of war rope I would highly suggest the Powerpull® line of tug of war ropes.  You won’t have to worry about the major injuries that could put a damper on your fun day.  For more information and pricing on the Powerpull® go to www.morleyathletic.com.

Morley Athletic Supply Company Inc. has been in business since 1931. As a fourth generation family member involved in the company, team sports is more than a job it’s an obsession. With thousands of new products being developed and marketed every year it is important to keep coaches and players updated on what’s new for their sport. I write articles to provide them with this information.

How to Approach a Cheating Spouse Safely

If you recently discovered your spouse has been cheating, you may be asking, “how do I approach my spouse safely?” It is okay to approach your spouse, but use caution. Some spouses when approached or accused of cheating can get very upset or may even become violent.

You may want to confront your cheating spouse by yourself but if you do so, do it with calmness and caution. If your spouse is known for having a bad temper or gets physically abusive, then you may want to hold off on the confrontation. In this case, you may want to have someone with you when you do confront him or her about the infidelity.

If you plan to break up or ask for a divorce, you may want to have a friend, relative or even a police officer close at hand. This could help keep the confrontation to a civil and non-physical event.

Even though you may not want to be alone when approaching your cheating spouse with evidence, there are those you do not want with you, your children. Never confront your spouse with accusations or even positive proof of his or her cheating in front of your children. It does not matter the child’s age. It is not a good idea to have them around while talking about cheating.

Even slightly raised voices can upset a toddler or newborn. Teenagers sometimes already know about the aspect of cheating from other families of friends, and you do not want to drag them through the agony and pain of an affair and the trouble it can cause in your marriage.

If your spouse has been physically or verbally abusive in the past, approach him or her with extreme caution. If this is the case, have someone with you and end the marriage all at once. Otherwise, there could be a disastrous outcome. If your spouse gets violent when you approach him or her about cheating, then it would be in your best interests to leave immediately. Do not go back alone or when your spouse is at home. Do not put yourself in harms way.

It is not a good idea to confront your spouse unless you are sure that he or she is cheating and you are ready to walk out the door. Even if you feel that you deserve the house and to stay in it, you may want to leave for a while to let things cool down. If you are sure that cheating has taken place and you want to separate, ask your spouse to leave but be prepared to do so yourself if he or she refuses to leave. If you do plan to end the marriage, make sure you have a plan for you and your children’s safety.

Do you have suspicion that you spouse is cheating, but you have no proof? Have you witnessed your spouse with someone else? Have you checked telephone records or credit card bills and found evidence? If you have not found real evidence, then you may want to wait before accusing your spouse of cheating. With no proof, your spouse will probably deny cheating and even worse they may not be cheating at all.

There are sure-fire methods for gathering evidence to help prove that your spouse is cheating and ways to approach him or her with that evidence.

This is just a few tips to help catch a cheating partner. You can learn more and know for sure if your partner is cheating or not and help save your relationship at To Catch A Cheating Partner Receive a free report at http://ToCatchACheating.com