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Guide to Preventing Risks of Bloodborne Pathogens

Health is our most precious possession and all care must be taken to safeguard it. In this article, we will discuss about the health risks caused due to the bloodborne pathogens, but before going any further, it is important for us to understand what bloodborne pathogens are and determine how harmful they can be. These are basically pathogenic microorganisms which can be easily transmitted through human blood and cause life threatening disease in humans. Some of the life-endangering risks are human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B, however it may not be limited to these alone.

When we talk about microorganisms, it takes us back to the old high school days when we used to learn these in science classes or health awareness programs. However, I am sure no one would like to go back to those days, so let me simply put it in this way – the bloodborne pathogens refers to the harmful stuff that have the potential of making us very sick, and even kill us, if we get gravely contaminated. Thus, it is important for all individuals as well as medical facilities to be highly cautious and avoid any possible infections.  

Many times, people come across situation such as road accidents when they take impulsive decisions and act according to the need of the hour. However, they don’t take into account the possible risks of their actions. The blood in an accident spot may be contaminated and cause health hazards. The medical professionals comply with various regulations and standards to ensure they are safe from such risks.

Hence, if you need to help accident victims, be careful to not let the blood or any other body fluid contaminate you. It is recommended that you immediately call emergency medical help in such cases, but never consider handling blood stains or giving mouth-to-mouth without any breathing barrier. The emergency responders are well aware of the possible risks caused by the bloodborne pathogens, and they are trained to protect themselves.

The American Heart Association has come up with some important guidelines to help individuals from any possible contact to bloodborne pathogens or body fluids. As an employer or employee, you must take into account the following points:

Protect: You must take all precautions to avoid blood or blood stained materials. Wearing protective equipments such as goggles, gloves, and breathing barrier is absolutely essential.

Act quickly: If you happen to come to contact with blood or body fluids of another person by mistake then you must immediately act for your safety. You must clean the area with hot and soapy water for about a minute before washing it off with water.

If there’s no water available at the spot, you must immediately ask someone to get water for you. If you suspect that your eyes have been contaminated then splash water to your eyes for at least 5 minutes. You can also get additional helps from paramedics or firefighters.

Clean: You must clean the contaminated area infected by blood or body fluids with the help of a solution made of Clorox and water. When cleaning the area, always remember to wear the right protective equipments. With these safety measures, you can easily safeguard yourself from the risk of bloodborne pathogens.

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