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A Rising Star Revitalizes the Poetry World

Poetry may be taken to the level of mainstream again with the emergence of the internet.  It hasn’t been this popular since the advent of radio.  Countless websites are popping up every day dedicated to the writing and appreciation of poetry.  One writer in particular is getting the attention of the academic as well as the commercial world. Jerry Browning is one of the most talented wordsmiths of our time and has been writing poems and lyrics for over thirty years. His newly release book of poetry, Emotionography, may be the finest volume of American poetry since Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”.  Jerry paints pictures of loneliness, destiny, heart ache, passion, and glory that are unmatched. He takes life head on and is fearless when it comes to weighing in on political (“The Window”) and religious issues (“After the Rapture”).

If we were to describe Jerry’s talent as a poet and lyricist using baseball terminology, he would be classified a five tool player. He can speak of love like Elizabeth Barrett Browning (“Becoming a Browning”), write beauty like Robert Frost (“Savannah”), tell a story like Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“Sandscript”), terror like Edgar Allan Poe (“The B, B, and G”), and simple truth like Dylan Thomas (“Tools”). Jerry has always noted the year and where he happens to be at the time he writes. Leading into the compilation with his rough, early work takes courage. It is amazing and enlightening to watch how his style develops over time. The title is brilliant because it is truly a biography not of documented events, but of an emotional sojourn.

Jerry’s life story is more along the liking of an adventurer than a poet. He has led a full, interesting life and captured it in verse. His escapades include hitch hiking cross country, rock climbing, the “Urban Cowboy” type Texas barroom scene (Book 1), life in the armed services (Book 2 – United States Navy where he served onboard the USS Yorktown), and finally settling down to raise a family (Book 3). His style is his own and the way he uses the modern world in his descriptions will brand him as a man of his time. Yet, that being said, the way he writes about his era is timeless. Jerry’s poetry should definitely be considered modernist.

His passion for mechanics, electronics, and science come through in his writing as evident in “Stark Reality” and “Hoedown at the Robot Farm”. His humor is dry and sometimes bawdy but usually makes a point (“Bigot”). His love poetry and lyrics are full of feeling, passion, and at times extremely erotic (“Route 69”). Some of the songs he’s written could easily be popular on the music charts (see “Sleepytown” and “Lyin’ in the Dark”).

His influences include Harlan Howard, Jim Croce, Bob Dylan, and Jim Morrison. Although he has a famous last name in the poetry world, he thinks if he were to be compared to a classic poet, it would probably be Robert Burns. Jerry’s given name is Gerald Dwain Browning. He was born in Man, West Virginia on November 29th, 1958 and now resides just outside of Des Moines, Iowa.

Anyone interested in poetry for whatever reason should visit Emotionography.net and bookmark it!
Solomon Weiss
Columbian Review of American Poetry

Islamic Caliphate Rising: Wars And Rumors Of Wars

MAZAR-I-SHARIF, Afghan protesters angered by the burning of a Koran by an obscure U.S. pastor killed up to 20 U.N. staff, beheading two foreigners, when they over-ran a compound in a normally peaceful northern city on Friday in the worst ever attack on the U.N. in Afghanistan.

Call it the beginning of the End of U.S. involvement in the central Asia and prelude to greater Christian/Muslim War.

10 Years of countless lives, Trillions of Dollars, and mountains of humanitarian aid have just vanished. The U.S. and the west just lost the Muslim world and particularly central Asia. Afghanistan has been a lost cause for years and the real nightmare of a radical oriented Pakistani government is becoming a reality.

The Great Red Eastern Dragon is sitting quietly by as U.S. influence in the region crumbles. China is Pakistan’s new benefactor and largest arms supplier. China is and will continue to supply radical Islam in an effort to swing the influence their way. China has Trillions of Dollars and no conscience as long as it gets unfettered access to the great energy and mineral wealth of central Asia. The formation of a new Mongol Islamic coalition in the region is worrisome. Again and again the media and officials totally avoid the topic of China’s influence in destabilising the region.

From western Mongolia through the STAN countries all the way to Turkey the Muslim horde is being primed for battle. The latest Koran burning is just the first in many matches that will ignite the powder-keg.

There is no good move for the west and the United States, once you are in bed with the devil you had best wish he is not on top. Get the heck out is the only sensible move, get out and let them kill each other. In the absence of a foreign target they will kill each other.

The perfect storm is a coalition of Persian and Arab radicals that can bury the hatchet for long enough to mount a campaign, all liberal Muslim Governments will fall like dominoes. If the U.S. puts boots on the ground in Saudi Arabia they are politically done and exposed as anti-democratic hypocrites, if the U.S. does not and Arabia falls then the price of oil will hit $ 300 and the entire western glass house economy crashes. The choices are very bad and beyond worse.

Asia and Russia have the weapons and technology that the Muslims want so U.S. influence is diminished more and more. To make matters worse the U.S. can pull back and reorganise but it cannot save the European economy from Oil Blackmail. With every move the U.S. is being pushed back and isolated. Nobody will engage the mighty U.S. Military but there is no reason to, biding their time and wearing the west down has been far more effective than a direct confrontation for the Muslims.

Israel can beat any Islamic country right now, but Israel would be hard pressed to defeat the onslaught of Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt and 20 million foot soldiers pouring over the Euphrates river. What took 20 years to build and equip before may only take a few years now. A new Muslim Caliphate could come into formation by the end of 2011.

The U.S. will abandon Israel. It is the inevitable conclusion to 60 years of failed Mid-east policy and a bankrupt empire. India will be hard pressed between China and Pakistan. Europe will go right wing protectionist as they always do in times of crisis and Russia will return to the world stage rearmed and flush with cash. In trying to save all of its empire the U.S. is going to lose all of it. They should have learned from the U.K. who bowed out gracefully while still retaining massive influence and territory.

America is out of cash and can’t pay for shock and awe. Nobody wants them any more.

Muslims look at the great east/west conflict as a matter of destiny. They cannot escape it. They will sacrifice 100 million for the sake of honor and Allah. In their minds all roads lead to Jerusalem, they will not stop even if the blood flows to the bridle of the horse.

Globalism would have us believe we need to live in tolerance of other cultures and toss flowers at those who want to kill us. Globalism and multiculturalism is the embrace of death. The Military exist to defend the nation and its people… not force our way of life on others. Why any nation would spend trillions of dollars and its sons to help an enemy culture that slaughters innocents for burning a book is beyond all wonder. People fought and died for the right to speak freely, burn books and defend their way of life. Muslims can burn the Bible by the truck load and it would mean nothing. Why we debase ourselves with such people is unfathomable. Not only do we waste resources on these people but we bring them over here by the millions and promote the spread of their intolerable beliefs.

Quin Etiam. Above, beyond and around. Surviving the Meltdown.


Buy DEAD RISING 2 And Other Cheap PS3 Games Online

Dead Rising 2, an action – adventure packed video game, was developed by Capcom, in collaboration with Blue Castle Games. This video games was launched this year, for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 games and Sony PlayStation 3 video gaming consoles.

The plot is scripted on the United States, which is under continuous zombie outbreaks. Even though years had passed since Frank West saved America from a zombie cataclysm, the root cause could not be identified or removed. In ‘Dead Rising 2’ the action is switched from the day – to – day world to the glamorous Fortune city, where people are flocking from around the globe, hoping to escape reality.

Chuck Greene, the former National Motocross champion, enters, fighting off legions of zombies, and accomplishing other missions simultaneously. Before he hits the big time with a backing squad, Chuck had to repair the bikes on his own, which made him a real odd – job man.

With the zombies running havoc in the city, the protagonist Chuck green, played by you, is on a mission to save his only daughter as well as other survivors of the Fortune – city.

Apart from guns, you have weapons like swords and other traditional stuff like the Paddle – saw, etc. with which you can attack the masses of zombies. As the zombies start crowding in on you, shooting them all off does not seem to work and you can resort to these weapons.

Dead rising 2 can be now bought at cheap rates at various online stores, where you can also buy many other cheap PS3 games, cheap PSP games and much more. Now, you do not have to scan through the local stores Sony PlayStation 3 games or games for your Xbox or any gaming consoles, as you can get all these online, by just a few clicks of the mouse and have it delivered at your doorsteps, within no time at all.


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Star wars – Rising Trend in Online Gaming

Star wars -SWTOR is the newest MMORPG being urbanized by Lucas Arts and Bio Ware. Theplay is developed bottom on the large screen movie as well as offers eight playable lessons. Four of lessons will be individuals available to players choosing to face with Sith Empire. Players of the murky force obtain to choose flanked by playing Sith Inquisitor, the Sith Warrior, and the Bounty Hunter plus as Imperial Agent. By the huge focal point on the Darth Vader, lone of the major roles in Star Wars film, lots of fan closely follows the growth of Sith Warrior category. The similar is seeing for Bounty Hunter set which is portrayed as a murderer for employ to take downwards important persons inside Galactic Republic.


If one chooses to occupy them as the SWTOR Sith Warrior, one will be appearing at brute power as the main weapon. Taught in the skill of battle, Sith Warrior is natural murderer and a formidable enemy. In contrast to the conventional role of MMORPG lessons, the SWTOR Sith soldier carries two significant roles as a reservoir and damage trader. Expertises players can anticipate from this group are those that agree critical damage like Impale, hit a group of aim in one go as well as stunning targets. Alike to Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior’s major weapon is the beam sabre. The two obtainable advanced lessons for SWTOR Sith Warrior, or else also recognized as specializations comprise the Sith Juggernaut as well as Sith Marauder. Specific ability for every of the specialization vary to a certain amount, allowing gamers to additional modify the Sith Warrior to fit their perfect.


The erstwhile Sith Empire group that is quickly mounting in fame is SWTOR, portrayed by Boba Fett in the real movie.

Because of the many attractive gadgets and the hi-tech armours and arms used by this group, it is literally an attraction to Star Wars admirer with a machinery flare. Refined in the arts of hunt down targets no issue how far as well as discretely hidden, Bounty Hunter never be unsuccessful to take down their allocate targets. Alongside the conservative MMORPG lessons, the best difference would be the killer class.


The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for Star Wars The Old Republic and SWTOR Guides