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Phantom Power Loads and the Environment

You can reduce your electricity bills by as much as 10% – simply by unplugging appliances or switching devices off at the power point they are connected to when not in use. It’s good for your wallet and for our planet.

Standby, also known as phantom power loads, are responsible for an incredible amount of electricity consumption nationally. Practically every electronic device that you plug into a socket continues to consume electricity after you’ve switched the device off. Examples include phone chargers, notebook power adaptors, microwave ovens, game consoles CD, video and dvd players

If an appliance or device has an adaptor, the easiest way to tell if it’s still drawing power when the device is switched off is if the adaptor is warm.

While the amount of power being drawn by each of these appliances in standby mode usually isn’t huge – anything from .5 – 5 watts per hour; when you consider the number of electronics devices in the average home these days and multiply that by the number of hours in a year; then multiply that by the number of households in your country – it really adds up. The average home in the USA consumers about 50 watts of standby power an hour.

I’ve read that the annual collective standby power draw from households in the USA is around 8 gigawatts – equivalent to the electricity production of eight large power plants. Globally, standby power consumption is estimated to be responsible for about 1% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a gas that contributes to global warming.

Imagine that – we could knock off 1% of the amount of carbon dioxide being spewed into the environment just by switching appliances and devices off at the wall when not in use; and all save a few bucks on each power bill in the process!

Michael Bloch is the author and owner of Green Living Tips.com, an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of earth friendly tips, green guides, advice and environment related news to help consumers and business reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact on the planet.

Want to Save Money and Electricity? Eliminate “Phantom Power” Drain!

Today, many of the appliances, both large and small, and electronic devices in our homes draw a small amount of power even while they are switched off. This “phantom power” drain comes from VCRs, televisions, satellite and cable boxes and DVRs, stereos, computers, printers, kitchen appliances, clocks and clock radios, cell phone and portable music player chargers, and laptop chargers, almost anything plugged into wall power. This is especially true if the device has a remote control; the circuitry that responds to the remote must ALWAYS be on or the remote will not work. As much as three quarters of the electricity used to power many of these devices goes through these devices while the devices are off.

It’s easy to cut this costly power draw by unplugging these devices when they’re off. Of course, for some electronics, like clocks, televisions and the other devices related to them, cordless phones and the like, this can be very inconvenient. If your cordless phone is unplugged, you have no phone, you will have to reset all your clocks when you plug them back in, and the satellite and cable boxes always need power. But many devices like cell phone chargers, printers, print servers, fax machines, laptop charging cords, power supplies for computer speakers, etc., really don’t need to be on or even in “sleep mode” (where they still draw some power) overnight. Even leaving your computer on overnight consumes power needlessly.

The easy solution? Simply plug the electronics that can be left unpowered for a while into switchable power strips, and turn the power strips off when the devices will not be needed for several hours, like overnight.

Plug your computers, monitors, printers, speakers, external hard drives, USB hubs, etc. into a switchable power strip (preferably one with surge protection built in) and turn it off when you leave for the night, and then turn it back on in the morning.
On the other hand, some chargers do their work overnight, for instance the ones for your cell phone or MP3 player. So, to charge these devices, plug the chargers into another power strip that you turn on when you plug in your “daytime devices” to charge at night. Then, in the morning to start your day, turn off the power strip with the chargers for the cell phone and other “rechargeable daytime devices” and turn on the daytime working devices like the computer, etc.
The important thing is always think about power use and unplug … don’t just turn off – unplug or switch off with a power strip …  anything you’re not using. You’ll save a great deal of power, lower your electric bill, and save resources used to create the power that will not have to be generated. Even if you create the power with your own wind and solar generators, if you use less washing dishes, you will have more for other things.

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Power Black Electronic Cigarette

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Star Power On The Catwalk

Hardly anyone in the Canadian fashion world could have failed to hear about the controversial dressing down given to Toronto Fashion Week by celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch.
The man known most famously for dressing Halle Berry in her brown Elie Saab Oscar gown was invited to town by the Fashion Design Council of Canada, the organizers of the event. But they also got more than they bargained for. The mouthy Hollywood stylist pulled no punches in critiquing the presentations and offering advice. He took his role as imported fashion critic seriously, showing up at scores of shows and granting interviews everywhere he went. He has even vowed to come back next Latex Stockingsseason and see if his advice has been heeded.
“I feel like the Beyonc of Toronto Fashion Week,” he told a seminar of designers who had come to hear him speak.
There were harsh words that suggested Toronto Fashion Week is still undergoing growing pains “This runway is dirty,” he said, pointing to the floor beneath him. He beseeched designers to scrape egregious price tags off the bottom of shoes in their shows. “It’s all in the details.” And he sounded a plea to add the right kind of glamour to the week. Why not all-expenses-paid appearances by Canadian superstars like model Linda Evangelista or actor Kim Cattrall?
But even Bloch acknowledged that quite a number of things were being done right.
He heaped praise on many designers, including Ashish, Joeffer Caoc, Rosa Constanzo, Hilary Radley, Mackage, Lida Baday and Arthur Mendona, whom he said line up with the best. What are they doing right? They’re editing themselves, and they’re in tune with what women want to wear, he said.
Ashish Gupta’s presentation at Toronto boutique I-cii, with mannequins costumed in Ashish’s quirky, but beautifully detailed beaded coats, crocheted granny-square skirts and tutu-like dresses, was one of the creative highlights of the week.
Gupta divides his time among Toronto, London and New Delhi. And it is his decidedly cosmopolitan take on fashion that is refreshing. Like the best of what the fashion world has to offer, his clothes shun a nationality They just work.
A focused collection, with all the details attended to, is the holy grail of Fashion Week. Just look at Arthur Mendona. After just four seasons, his ready-to-wear is assuming a sharp, -like sexiness. For example, take his jet-black Tibetan-lamb jacket, which was cinched at the waist with a corset-like leather belt and worn with a pegged skirt.
Said Bloch “You have to step out of your ego, out of your mind, and ask, ‘Are people going to look at this dress and think it’s amazing?’ A fashion show is not an ego boost. It’s about business. You can all learn from Arthur Mendona. He can compete because he’s focused.”
Other glamorous details like the Swarovski crystal zentai suit at Farley Chatto’s men’s wear show, the ruched sleeves of David Dixon’s Tiffany blue satin jacket, and the decadent collar linings at Pink Tartan were lessons in why a designer should sweat the small stuff.
Chatto’s decision to unveil his fall collection at the Carlu, the city’s art deco landmark, was a perfect one given his debonair Rubber Clothingclothes. He dressed his bronzed and buffed gentlemen in elegant lounge pants and nude short shorts splashed with sparkle. For more formal affairs, there were the designer’s form-fitting velvet tuxedos.
One could easily envision Joeffer’s Caoc’s muse of the moment, a woman, part Tallulah Bankhead, part Gwen Stefani, on the arm of one of Chado’s ladies’ men. Stellar details at Caoc’s Misura show included a wicked skirt suit with seams carved out in zippers, full fluid pinstriped trousers that featured sexy diagonals instead of ho-hum verticals, and a deliciously skinny gold dress that was sliced down the front with a dramatic V and leather insets.
After building a reputation as Canada’s “Queen of Coats” over the past two decades, Montreal-based Hilary Radley ramped up her offerings to include a full-fledged ready-to-wear line. Her fort, however, remained with sportswear that looked most outerwear-like a sumptuous fur vest over cropped tweed trousers, or an espresso-hued sweater coat over matching day dress.
Given the rich history of handicraft in this country’s aboriginal culture, it’s no wonder that some of the details in the FashionNation show were also standouts. Obi-sashed ponchos by Tammy Beauvais sported beautiful hand-appliqud patterns. (One could easily imagine a Hollywood ingnue sporting one with her Earl jeans and Jimmy Choos.) Pam Baker’s midnight-blue coat flew down the runway, a mass of feathers. Then there were the beaded spring flowers that danced across Angela DeMontigny’s sporty doeskin shirt.
Bloch didn’t want to miss Paul Hardy’s show Wednesday, having just fawned over fellow Calgarian Haithem Elkadiki’s men’s wear collection. (He had also given him numbers for several Los Angeles boutiques.) Mid-event, he nudged his neighbour as he spotted tweed trumpet skirts, an abbreviated grey puffy coat over a tie-dye-esque evening gown, and a cool faux-broadtail white dress.
“It’s not over-styled. It’s beautiful. This is what I expect to see,” he said.
But it was a deep red silk gown that sent Bloch into paroxysms of joy. “That’s the first thing I’ve seen all week that could go to the Oscars!” he said, clapping madly.

Ubuntu vs Windows: The Power War

The most recent information revealed by the results right from Statcounter that merely 0.79 % of the planets human population operate Ubuntu OS, which can be far behind from Windows 7 that aim 19.43 % with the international customers. Mac OS, Windows Vista and Windows XP have 5.66 %, 17.68 % and 55.38 percent respectively. Make an effort to study more to find out more details on Ubuntu vs Windows.

When enquired why Linux isn’t a challenger of Windows 7, Paul Holt, who’s a corporate sales director at Ubuntu-backer Canonical in London, stated that this is because Linux draw in cloud generation who like to reach software through web browser that is definitely what tends to make it distinct from the different operating system worldwide. The president of the Free Software Foundation Europe agrees to Holt and explained, “I am disheartened to hear [Canonical is] not competing with Microsoft in the desktop space”.

“Most of adoption of Linux on the desktop is mainly folks who previously had duplicates of unlicensed OSes, or had other methods of using their OS onto their pc. We aren’t consequently competing with people that may well be using Windows 7,” Paul Holt expressed at the Westminster eForum on open-source software in enterprise and government. “In my day-to-day part, am I usually [dealing] head-on with people hoping to shift away from Microsoft environments? Yes-ish.”

Holt also stated that the Web 2.0 corporations have indicated wonderful interest in Linux and also the workers of these firms do not like for OS at all. He shared his finding at the meet and mentioned that in UK, public sector could have not favored Linux but alternatively desktop Linux has been an impressive experience for a few of the firms who advertise free technology.

Exclusive firms have devoted tons in nations like UK in which you will find greater possibilities of earning money.

Holt is of viewpoint that it really is actually challenging to contest with Microsoft for Ubuntu as Microsoft is undeniably a top firm which has got dollars to advance their goods, which are without a doubt quality but nonetheless he likes to make use of Linux because it provides value to coming technologies. Thanks a lot for perusing this Ubuntu vs Windows 8 article. I really do hope you understand and informed about Ubuntu vs Windows.

Mandy Hathaway is a computer wizard, who writes about the most-up-to date information on Ubuntu vs Windows 8, her latest review is Ubuntu vs Windows.

Abuse The Power Of MMM Mobility – Starcraft 2 TvP Strategy

Beating a good Protoss player in Starcraft 2 can be a very difficult task so you’ll need all the advantages you can get to claim the victory. Try out this Terran vs Protoss strategy in your next game to get in your opponent’s head and take the win.

If you’re using infantry against Protoss then you’re definitely going to want to back them up with Medivacs to keep them alive for as long as possible. And since you have Medivacs you might as well abuse the mobility that you have with them.

Instead of just following your troops around with your Medivacs, load up 8 Marines into 1 and move it into position to attack your opponent’s mineral line. Then attack the front door of the Protoss base with your ground army and drop your Marines into his mineral line at the same time. This will force your opponent to split his attention and try to defend 2 attacks at the same time.

Many times your opponent won’t notice the Marine drop until it’s too late and you’ve crippled their economy. Or they’ll see it right away and pull their army back, giving your ground army a chance to get in and do some damage.

As the game continues, keep abusing your opponent with the mobility of your Medivacs. Hit him in 2 or more locations at once. This also works especially good if you launch a Nuke at the same time. The more you do to attack your opponent the more overwhelmed and split his forces will become, allowing you to split his army and take him out.

Just don’t let yourself get too distracted with all you’re doing. It’s very important to keep your macro up while you do this so you don’t fall behind in economy if your attack fails.

Discover how to macro like the pros to produce a massive economy and monstrous army that will crush your opponents with my Starcraft 2 Macro Guide.

Then find even more Starcraft 2 Terran strategies at my blog.

PS3 No Power – How to Fix My Playstation 3 That Has No Power

Got the PS3 no power problem? And now, you are wondering how you can possibly fix your Playstation 3 that has no power? Well, basically you’ve got 2 options. You can either send your console over to Sony, or you will perform a fix by yourself with the step by step help from a repair guide.

Some tips that might fix the PS3 no power error

1) Restart your console.
2) Check for loose cables.
3) Try to unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug them back in.
4) Take out the hard-drive and put it back in.

Didn’t these tips fix the PS3 no power error? Than it’s time for you to either send your Playstation 3 that has no power to Sony, or to fix it yourself with the step by step help from a repair guide.

PS3 no power fix by Sony?

First of all I have to say that this option sound very good… Right? But the truth says it’s not. You see, when you do this, you will have to pay $ 150 if your warranty has been expired.

Another downside is that you’ll have to wait 3-8 weeks before the PS3 no power error is fixed and you can get back playing your favourite games. Quite expensive and time consuming… Right?

PS3 no power fix by myself with the step by step Playstation 3 repair guide?

Actually, this is your best option if you ask me… This is because it’s cheap and fast. But now you are probably wondering how you can actually do a Ps3 no power fix by yourself… Right? Well, it’s very simple… Because you are going to use a Playstation 3 repair guide… So why should you use one…?

A Playstation 3 repair guide will basically give you step by step instructions and that’s also coming along with highly detailed photo’s.

This way, the repair will be easy.

A great thing about fixing your Playstation 3 that has no power by yourself, is the fact that it’s cheap and fast.

There’s no need to pay 0 and there’s no need to wait for weeks either. In fact, it’s high likely that you’ll be done within a couple of hours… Take a look at the Playstation 3 Repair Guide