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The Sony Playstation Move Played And Reviewed

The PlayStation’s motion controller looks more like the Wii’s than Microsoft’s effort called Kinect and is aiming to beat the Wii on accuracy, precision and games. The technology of the PlayStation Move is similar to the Wii but instead of having a sensor bar sitting by the television which gives out infrared lights that a camera in the remote picks up, the Move changes this around and has a camera that sits next to the television that picks up the ball on the end of the controller. The PS3 then measures the distance from the controller, using the size of the ball as a reference.

The most noticeable thing about the Move’s controller is the glowing ball on top of it. When the controller is off it looks like a ping-pong ball as it’s white but when it is in use it has a variety of colours. It’s also soft which is handy if you bash it accidently against a wall or someone else’s head. The controller also has the familiar PlayStation buttons but arranged in a square instead of a diamond shape, and this can be a bit confusing for anyone who’s used to the usual PS3 controllers formation.

The controller feels more comfortable than the Wii controller with it’s round shape but I found that if you played long periods of time, it became less comfortable than the Wii’s controller. The light on top looks stupid, to be honest but that is the price that you pay if you want a higher level of accuracy than the Wii. The main problem I found was that you need to create more playing space around you with the Move than the Wii and it’s a nightmare if 4 people want to play as you all need to keep within the confines of the camera, which might be easy for 4 children but for 4 fully grown adults, this proved a problem.

In summarizing, the PlayStation Move is a worthwhile add on to a fabulous games console but it’s not cheap, but like most things I expect the price to fall as more games get developed but why develop it at all? I bought a PS3 to play console games, I bought a Wii for playing fun, family motion sensing games. The average family will prefer to spend less money and buy a Wii and get as much fun out of the console as they would spending far more and buying a PS3, then buying Move, controllers and games.

It is good but is it really needed? Not in my opinion. I am going to stick with my Wii for now and play games with the family and in my other room, I will be using the PS3 the way that I use it already, playing non-motion sensing games. It is a lot easier handing a Wii controller to your Gran and explaining what to do with it than the Playstation Move but the lights on the Move would only hypnotize the poor dear.

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